Everybody’s talking…

Everybody’s talking about it…and there have been feature articles on  it in the Chinese dailies as well, so I’ve been told, singing its praises and extolling it for its ability to cure cancer and all kinds of sicknesses. I’m talking about what they call in layman’s terms, the Sabah snake grass or Clinacanthus

Sabah snake grass 1

However, I am not going to vouch for the truth in any of the claims as I’ve yet to encounter first hand any real-life cases where the miracle leaves have saved the day.

My missus got to know about it from my in-laws who claim that they’ve been consuming it and they feel a whole lot better in more ways than one. So she got the seedlings from them and has planted some of our own…

Sabah snake grass 2

…and every day, without fail, she would blend the leaves together with some green apples and lemon, strain it and make me drink the juice…

Sabah snake grass 3

…and when I said I did not feel anything (not that I have any ailment that would need curing, or at least, none that I know of), she insisted that I ate the pulp as well.

Sabah snake grass 4

I still do not feel anything but being very much the wiser now, I refrain from telling her in case she would decide to double or triple the dosage, Lord have mercy!

Gee! Looking at the amount of all the green stuff that I’ve been consuming, I certainly hope that it doesn’t turn me into this…

Green Man
*Photo from Facebook fan page*