The Music Man…

Well, he’s back in town…my friend, Philip, from the US – I wonder how many of you can remember the Guitar Man from my post around a year ago, the 23rd of July last year, to be exact. Gee! How time flies! It certainly did not feel that long ago.

At that time, we went to try the nasi bryani at one of the shops in town and it was quite disappointing. This time around, I took him to this place for the Kelantan specialty – the nasi kerabu

SriTanjung nasi kerabu fish

The one with fish is RM4.00 a plate but if you want to have chicken instead, you will have to pay a ringgit more.

SriTanjung nasi kerabu chicken

Now you can try and guess which one I had. LOL!!!

It certainly was really very good and other than the taste, if we consider how substantial one serving is, I would say that it is definitely not more expensive than the ones I used to buy here at RM3.50 a packet but they only have it once a week at this shop – on Saturdays.

That was lunch and after that, Philip insisted on going to that coffee shop at Sungai Merah here for the coffee. I told him that I had had the coffee there and I did not feel that it was that great. Even my relatives, when they visit Sibu, would make it a point to drop by…just for the coffee. Well, Philip told me to try the kopi-peng kau (iced coffee, strong) instead of the kopi-o-peng (iced coffee, black) that I normally would have and I did. Gosh!!! It was so so so good – all those branded coffees, all the lattes and what not can all go and take a back seat. If you don’t believe, just come to Sibu and give it a try – drinking coffee will never ever be the same again!

While we were there, chatting away and sipping our coffee, Philip also ordered the roti telur that he likes a lot – from the Malay stall at that coffee shop…

Choon Seng roti telur

I had roti telur somewhere else once before and I did not really like it as it came across to me as something like an omelette but this one was pretty good as I could taste the roti and the egg separately…and they provided some curry gravy instead of the usual dhall dip. I think usually they would charge RM2.00 for an order but we wanted to share and they served the halves separately – so what you see in the photograph cost RM1.00.

I certainly enjoyed the extended lunch and the long chat that we had…and I do hope that Philip did too. Well, if I do not hear from him again before he goes back to the states, then I would get the message loud and clear. LOL!!