On the way home…

My friend, Jimmy, was in town for one night en route home to Bintulu after a working stint in Kapit. You can see him checking in at the hotel in my previous post.

Well, we met up for supper that night at the coffee shop downstairs and when I saw them selling satay at a stall in front, I just had to order a few…

SBT satay

I saw people posting photographs of the satay they had had on Facebook and in their blogs and I was wishing I could have some too – it had been so long since I last had some…not even the miserable ones that we have here as they usually open their stalls for business so very late – well past 7.00 p.m. and I would want to have dinner at around 6 something…plus I don’t usually go out at night.

And speaking of miserable, they were most disappointing. I wouldn’t want to have them again – not at this stall, that’s for sure. The BBQ chicken wings were really nice though…

SBT BBQ chicken wings

…and went really well with the Thai chili sauce.

We also had one ikan bakar…but we were so busy eating and talking that I forgot to take a photograph of it. Never mind. It was very nice so I guess I would go back there someday for the fish…and the BBQ chicken wings. I hope I will remember to take the photograph then. We also had the salad sotong, the stuffed yew char koi/yew tiau…and the fried buntut ayam (Parson’s nose) that Jimmy loved. I did not touch the latter, of course! LOL!!!

The next morning, I took him to buy some kompia to take home and then we went for dim sum at this place. I ordered the char siew pao, the siew mai and the other one with century egg that I had on my previous visit and I also ordered the chee cheong fun

HongFu chee cheong fun

…which was very good.

The lor mai kai was not anything like the real thing…

HongFu lor mai kai

…but it tasted good with all the salted egg and stuff inside.

We loved the salted egg custard buns…

HongFu salted egg custard buns

…which had so much filling that it was literally oozing out when you bite into it.

HongFu salted egg custard bun

After breakfast, I sent him back to check out at the hotel and catch the bus home to Bintulu.