Going back again…

I have not been to this place for a long long time. In the past, I would drop by once in a while and have something from the stalls here for breakfast and I would buy the kuihs (local cakes) that they sell at this coffee shop located behind the Sibu Medical Centre.

I remember that I used to enjoy these a lot…

Pulut sambal kuih

– you have the grated coconut on top of the glutinous rice wrapped in banana leaf. There are two types – one is white and sweet with the sugar added to the coconut but these orange ones are probably cooked with sambal hay bee (dried prawns) and are spicy.

I bought a few when I stopped by the shop the other day…and I noticed that somebody else is running the kampua stall now so I wouldn’t know if it is any good unless I give it a try sometime. The other stalls were not open which means that I could not be certain as to whether they are the same ones or not. There used to be one here selling mee sua in black chicken soup, not that I am particularly fond of it but I did give it a try once. Thankfully, they are still selling the kuihs at the same price – RM1.20 for two so that means they are 60 sen each and I thought they were still very nice just that they seemed less spicy than before.

I also remember that the pulut panggang here was not bad as well…

Pulut panggang 1

…but of course, there could be none better than the ones that we used to call Kate’s panggang. Unfortunately, they are no longer available. I gathered that the old folks are not able to make them anymore and the younger ones are not really keen on the business – they even turned down a huge order, I was told. If I am not mistaken and if this is the same one, the ones here are made by a Chinese lady, a Muslim convert by marriage and the ones she makes are quite lemak

Pulut panggang 2

– you can see the traces of the santan (coconut milk) on the banana leaf.

A very good pulut panggang must be very lemak and it must have the smoked fragrance that would be derived from cooking it to perfection…

Pulut panggang 3

…over some burning hot charcoal. It should not be overcooked in which case it would be rather brown and hard and if it is undercooked, it is not fragrant which means it is not very nice.

I bought a few that day at 50 sen each – I would say they’re pretty reasonably priced as the longer ones were selling for RM1.00 each. My missus would eat it plain but I would rather have it with kaya (coconut jam)…

Pulut panggang 4

…or condensed milk or sugar.

It is easy to get pulut panggang here – they’re sold all over the town but I’ve tried a few here and there and I did not think they were really worth the calories. I suppose if I feel like having any, I would just have to make do with these – they may not be the best that I’ve had but they’re quite all right, definitely better than the rest.

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29 thoughts on “Going back again…”

  1. Wow…today you post on nyonya Kuih. I love the pulut panggang too, except that it contains spicy rice with shrimps inside.

    You mean rice with spicy sambal inside? That would be similar to the ones in the first photograph then – no need to be lemak and no need to panggang too much – the taste will depend on how nice the sambal is and how much there is inside. They prefer that kind of panggang in Kuching.

  2. glutinous rice! my weakness … my favourite traditional kuih all have glutinous rice … i could eat them until i’m totally stuffed 😀

    Lucky you! Some people can’t eat or when they do, they get indigestion…or their blood sugar shoots up.

  3. I like panggang with sambal inti in it but I couldnt find here.

    Love that coconut kuih too.

    Go Bandong around 5 p.m. – the roadside stall selling panggang. I think they have a few types – kosong, sambal and dunno what else. Never bought from there though and not too sure if I’ve tried but it sure is popular – lots of people buying.

  4. Not a fan of anything with glutinous rice.. Wait !!!! Except ONE !! The one in blue, with kaya topping.. Yummzz…

    That’s serimuka or kuih salat. I like that too but must be very very very lemak – none here. All, I would not bother to buy. Some places in Kuching have really good ones, better than any that I’ve had in the peninsula.

  5. Glutinous rice wrapped in banana leaf, I prefer sweet ones whereas for pulut panggang, with fillings or kosong, both I like. For kosong ones, I like to have it with kaya.

    Same as me. Where to get really good kosong ones in Kuching? I know people there prefer the ones with sambal inside, like roseliew. My cousins would ask me to buy and bring over from here…and anything with santan is not easy to transport. A cousin’s hubby was working here for years, just got his transfer back to Kuching end of May. She said he bought some there, took a bite and threw the rest away. “Sibu better!” he said. Hehehehehe!!!! 😉

    1. There is one aunty selling pulut panggang using bicycle around Stutong area, near Fat Cat or Foody Goody kopitiam.Very nice but hard to get her cos she moves around selling, must be early and finish very fast. With sambal, RM1.50, kosong RM1.00

      Hmmm…hard to get hers, if like that.

  6. Two WOWS!! Love the first picture.. wish I could savour those now…. love the coconut fillings a lot on top… next time take me there.. remember… hahahaa..

    Hope the people making would still be alive by the time you finally decide to come. Muahahahahaha!!!!!!

    1. hey, if they not alive, I might also not be alive too la!! hahahaa… hang on, man!

      Hurry! Hurry!!! As the saying goes, time & tide wait for no man! 😀

  7. I like pulut panggang a lot. The one on top, can’t recall the name (pulut inti?) is nice if the topping is properly done. But I find glutinous rice very filling. Can’t eat too much or suffer from indigestion.

    Ahhhh!!!! So young! My father has that problem so he does not eat anything with glutinous rice. Dunno the name of that first one – I like this one, the coconut cooked with sambal hay bee. Not so crazy about the sweet plain ones.

  8. Pulut panggang only 50 sens and RM1? Cheap leh. In KT chinese stall was selling duno RM1.50 each

    You people there very the kaya mah… Muahahahahaha!!!!

  9. Yeah, I agree with you, to be good, it must have that hot charcoal taste and I don’t think a lot of vendors cook with charcoal nowadays since it’s too much of a hassle…

    My cousin was telling me about how some people do it there – cook the rice, wrap in the leaf and then panggang till the leaf outside is all burnt. Somehow, it is simply not the same – does not work out that way.

    1. Yeah, the old way is the best. I can’t believe people will cheat and burn the leaf only, then the burnt flavor won’t come through and there’s no fragrance!

      I guess that’s to be expected in this age…

      Interesting, I didn’t know that’s how they do it nowadays!

      Heard from my cousin – that’s how they do it in Kuching and that is where their panggang is not nice at all, compared to Sibu’s.

  10. oh my, all those kuih muih looks so delicious!! and is this a prelude to the coming Ramadhan Bazaar, where you can get all sorts of delicious kuih muih and local delicacies?? i just love all these pulut pulut things, haha~~ :p

    Not too fond of the Ramadhan Bazaar – so crowded, so hot…and everybody would cash in on the occasion, even those who can’t really cook. I’ve bought stuff that were not nice before…so these days, I don’t bother to go and check it out anymore…or I would just go and buy from the regulars that I know very well.

  11. Ahh I miss all these traditional kuih! The pulut panggang .. does it have and filling inside? The ones we used to have had a sort of spicy sambal filling inside, making it very appetizing. I wonder if it’s the same with yours because we certainly didn’t have to eat it with kaya…

    We have the ones with sambal filling here – can’t remember buying and eating those, not too crazy about panggang that way…and my missus would not even eat those. More popular like that in Kuching and the peninsula, I guess. Whether it’s nice or not would depend on the small filling inside – no need to be lemak or nicely panggang-ed, wouldn’t make much of a difference then.

    These are kosong – no filling – my missus loves it plain…but I’ve a sweet tooth, would eat it with kaya or condensed milk…and when there’s none in the house, I would dip in sugar.

  12. Just sent you an email. Pulut pangang looks good, but with kaya? Can’t imagine the taste, sweet and salty — not my favorite combination.

    You’re probably like my missus – will only eat it plain. Ok, will go and check.

  13. This is new to me, something I have never seen or tried before.

    Oh? You’re true-blue Canadian? Not somebody from here who has migrated over? I don’t think these may be found elsewhere, just here.

  14. Ramadhan is around the corner, and I’ve been telling my wife that I want to go out everyday to buy kuih. Never try pulut panggang with kaya before. Ours normally come with sambal inside.

    Yup, so I gathered. Nope, you can’t eat those with sambal with kaya, not the right combination. The sambal would have to be nice – some use the cheap udang kering, has a not-very-pleasant smell that puts me off.

  15. Love the first pic of pulut panggang, prefer the one cooked with sambal hay bee.
    For the second pic, I would eat it on its own….can taste the original lemak in it. RM1 each so cheap 🙂

    RM1, cheap? It’s actually 50 sen only…the long one and 60 sen, the one in the 1st pic. That one in the 1st pic is not pulut panggang, dunno the name…but one thing’s for sure, it is not panggang-ed. The one in the rest of the pics is what we call pulut panggang – my missus is just like you, will only eat it as it is.

  16. Our all time fav local delicacies especially the first one. Somehow I never like the pulut panggang..I think the smoky flavour is too intense for my liking.

    Oh? I thought everyone likes things smoked – the wok hei in their char kway teow, smoked ham and bacon and whatever…and here, we have the salai ikan, salai babi hutan – smoked fish or wild boar. Nice! Hehehehehe!!!!

  17. I love pulut panggang, there’s a stall at a hawker center here which sells very nice kuih, very cheap too!

    That’s nice. Here, we have a lot – everywhere they’re selling but most aren’t wroth buying – not really great.

  18. Yes, I am a true blue Canadian, born here and have been here all my life. If these are found only in your area this is most likely why I haven’t seen them here in Montreal; but then again, I don’t eat out very often. 🙂

    I see. I don’t think there is much of glutinous rice in western cuisine, if at all there’s any. Not so much in Chinese too – but they do make stuff out of glutinous rice flour and if you go to those yum cha/dim sum places among the Chinese restaurants, there’s lor mai kai – that’s basically glutinous rice and of course, in those Dragon Boat Festival meat dumplings (chang) as well. The Thais have their sticky rice mango dessert – I love that. I think you’d probably see it the most in Malay and nyonya kuihs (local cakes) in our part of the world.

  19. Oh my. These look like best in taste !

    Not bad. Dunno where you can get good ones in Penang – never came across any. The stalls in the malls in KL, not bad…not really great but quite good…and the prices too! I think 3 something for a pack, only two pieces inside. 😦

  20. Pulut panggang Sibu is famous! my boss always tapau a few plastic bags for the office. Best eaten with kaya, they say, but i like it plain tho. Dip in hot kopi o. 😀

    I wonder where he gets his. I’m on the look out for really good ones. Same with my cousin’s hubby – just posted back to Kuching. He thinks Sibu’s the best.

  21. i love plain pulut panggang too.. never tried it with kaya.. but i think with condensed milk should be great…

    Any good ones in Kuching. They say the best is from Sibu.

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