And I am telling you…

Yes, yes…I heard you and you and you loud and clear! People kept telling me that they found the gu tor kampua mee here…

GTK shop

…very nice and insisted that I should drop by and try. This shop has no name or none that I’ve noticed and is located in the rows of shops beside the Sibu Gateway traffic lights junction (GPS: 2.288613,111.831361). Huo Ping Road is immediately behind the shops, the back of which faces the right hand side of Garden Hotel. The first shop is a car accessories and glass tinting shop (Ocean) and this one is the second from the left.

Well, if you don’t know what that is, gu tor is tripe in Hokkien, beef tripe to be exact and here, they serve that in a small bowl of clear soup…

GT soup

…and you can dip the strips in their very nice chili sauce…


…and eat.

This is served with a plate of kampua noodles, plain…


– without meat, that is. I suppose you can request for it to be tossed in dark soy sauce or chili sauce but I would prefer it this way so I would be able to taste it unadulterated to determine whether it was any good or not.

So, what did I think about it? If you’ve noticed, they use the original more authentic noodles which are slightly bigger and also straighter than the thinner, more curly version that we also have these days. Some people prefer this type but I don’t really mind either one though perhaps, I do like the latter a little bit more. My main concern would be the taste and yes, this one has the fragrance of the lard that has been used to fry the sliced shallots till golden brown…but it would be nicer if that had been a little bit stronger.

As for the gu tor soup, the tripe was very nicely done – not tough or rubbery but I did not really enjoy the soup as they added vinegar to it. They had vinegar on the table so they should just serve it and we can add it ourselves if we’re fond of that – I’m not. I think I prefer what I had here a long long time ago but I have not dropped by for a very long while and I don’t know it they’re still there or not and if they are, whether they are still selling this or not. Even their chili sauce dip was nicer.

It did not come cheap though – RM3.80 – I guess that was the total, adding RM1.80 for the noodles…and RM2.00 for the gu tor soup and at that price, I suppose everyone can jolly well guess whether I would be heading back there again or not.

Moving away from the tripe and noodles, perhaps some of you are familiar with the song in the title of this post – I super love the breathtaking rendition by Jennifer Holiday & Jessica Sanchez on American Idol but have you seen this before?

That Will Smith is really hilarious! LOL!!!

Have a lovely Sunday, everybody!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

24 thoughts on “And I am telling you…”

  1. da tripe is not cheap dey… had some in BKT, delicious..

    Not really a fan – don’t mind a few strips with the tendon and the meat in beef coup noodles. Melissa would not touch – she called them caterpillars. 😀

  2. That was ‘Perut Sapi’ right? Heard that the famous place serving the perut sapiis at Yah Stall, Dewan MUC.

    I know the place…but the problem is they open sooooooo very late. I heard the satay was nice and I went around 7 but nobody was ready yet. I usually have dinner at 6 so probably I would have to tapao and heat it up to eat the next day.

  3. Are those chives on the noodles? Will smith is cool I’ve always liked him. I was a huge fresh prince fan too

    Nope, chopped spring onions. Ours here are much thinner than those that I’ve seen abroad. Ya, we had Fresh Prince on our local tv channel a long time ago.

  4. beef tripe! i quite like that as an ingredient, whether it be in chinese noodle soups or in thick, creamy italian stews 😀

    Oh? They have that? Yet to see it in western cuisine, mostly just the meat.

  5. Normally, gu tor used in beef noodles, am I right? For soup, I usually use tu tor with pepper and specially good for raining seasons. Warm up the body. You too have a beautiful Sunday.

    Yup, and the tendon too besides the meat. I had peppery pig intestine soup in KL once, nice. Here, there may be a few miserable bits with liver and what not in the mixed soup, dunno of any place selling it like that.

  6. Good combination I can imagine… Over here the beef tendons etc commonly goes with koay teow… Did we taste the beef tendons last time…i cannot remember….

    No, you didn’t. It’s been way over a year so of course, you cannot remember. Time to come again… Let me know early – I may have my own plans!

  7. Aiyo, I love gu tor! I have always loved beef noodle soup that has tendons, tripe and the works. I have seen a few recipes but I am too lazy to cook it myself.

    Me too! The best thing about beef noodles – the whole works! 😉

  8. I love beef tripe also… a must have for me when I have beef noodles over here.

    What about tendons? Between the two, I think I prefer tendons but they’re getting to be mighty expensive these days.

  9. I know where is this! Easy to find. But havent try it out yet. I think my hubby would enjoy the soup

    Everyone seems to like it but I prefer the other place, the coffee shop behind the Sibu Medical Centre…if they are still there. I haven’t gone for a long long time.

  10. Been here once or twice. Not for the beef stripe kampua, but for the ‘cha ju mian’. Friend said the ‘cha ju mian’ there is good

    So was it good? I did hear they’re nice too but I have yet to try…

    1. Hmmm … good enough for me. Got the ‘wok hei’. But if you’re looking for a lot of ingredients added, you are setting yourself up for for disappointment .. hehehe

      That’s usually the case these days…but as long as it tastes good, that’s fine by me.

  11. Oh gosh.. i love this.. and this blog post just reminded me that i haven’t had my lunch O.o

    You do? Only a few places here…plus the few beef noodles stalls that we have in town, not many. 😦

  12. We pay at least rm5.50 for tripes here with noodles! So what you had seems affordable compared to KL standards lor.

    Gosh!!! That expensive? I think it used to be around RM4.00-4.50 and I thought that was expensive! Wouldn’t be able to survive on my measly pension there. 😦

  13. I love it! A lot of kampua places only has pork liver, not many has tripe, I’ll order it if I see it.

    I remember 23 years ago, at the first Chopsticks (next to HSBC) there was this stall selling awesome pork tripe noodles with lots of garlic!

    I’ve never found better noodles than that. Wonder where that old lady went…

    The old lady? You mean beef tripe… Isn’t she at the coffee shop behind the Sibu Kidney Foundation? Always sold out by 10, so I guess you wouldn’t know…probably still fast asleep at the time…

  14. I’m not a big fan of the Gu Tor but the noodle looks decent! Still prefer some of the original kampua noodles that you had posted earlier.

    Yup, my sentiments exactly…but with all the fave reviews, I just had to go and try.

  15. hmmmm…i don’t eat Gu Tor , i only take the meat. My mum knows this place too.

    Ya, seems that it is very popular. I usually dropped by for drinks when I got something done for my car at the shop next door. Never tried the food, first time.

  16. I like beef tripe… would love to have this for sure…. on another note.. yes, I love Fresh Prince… he’s pretty funny and cool at the same time!

    Ya, was entertained by the shows way back then and all the rest too. I’m fine with tripe – I think I prefer tendons.

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