Love me tender…

I certainly love it tender…especially now that I only have one upper molar tooth left. LOL!!! Philip, however, would prefer it a little bit less tender so that he could feel the natural texture of the meat. Well, I went out with the guitar man for dinner the other night and for some reason, Ruby was closed, so I took him to Nice House instead. I ordered the sizzling beef…

NiceHouse sizzling beef
*Oops! Blurry pic!*

…which is my daughter’s all-time favourite. I thought it was fine but Philip felt it tasted great except that to him, the meat was a bit over-tenderised.

Thank goodness, I have not reached the stage where I can only eat this – tofu

NiceHouse homemade tofu

This homemade tofu is one of the signature dishes at this restaurant. The thing that is special about the tofu is that it is really very fine and very smooth – very nice…and no offensive egg smell like that in Japanese tofu!

I also ordered this dish that is the favourite of many- their honey prawn balls…

NiceHouse honey prawn balls

…and I was really delighted with their fried midin (wild jungle fern) with belacan (dried fermented prawn paste) that night…

NiceHouse fried midin with belacan

It was really very well done – the best I have had in town.

Of course, Philip enjoyed the dinner and if anybody’s interested, the bill came up to around RM30.00, inclusive of rice and drinks, which is less than US$10.00. Eat your heart out, Philip. Bet you can’t get anything this nice at that price in the States, can you? LOL!!!

After dinner, I took him to Payung for the jelly pisang…to bring back sweet memories of those carefree teenage days at Ban Chuan Coffee Shop. I had the heavenly banana cake with ice cream…and while we were there, Peter – the proprietor, gave us this to try…

Payung nangka ice cream

– their own nangka (jackfruit) ice cream. It comprised ice cream (very light vanilla) with some nangka cream…and it was really nice. It felt a bit unusual at first but the taste kind of grew on you and the more I ate, the more I liked it. Somehow, it tasted a bit like cempedak though…and I think if they use quinee (local Sarawak mango), it would be very nice too.

Well, I certainly enjoyed the night out – great  company, great dinner and great desserts. Yum! Yum!