I guess everybody knows what these are…

Asamboi 1

No, they’re not stones or pebbles. LOL!!! They’re what we call serng/sui boi, serng or sui meaning sour in Hokkien…and if I’m not mistaken, over in the peninsula, they are called asamboi.

I suppose they’re preserved sour plums – the dried version…as opposed to the wet ones that people use to make those sour plum drinks in the coffee shops but as far as I know, some people add one or two of these to their lime or lemon or calamansi juice and they would serve to enhance the flavour.

We also use it to eat fruits, for instance, we would rub it on these jambus before biting  into the fruit…

Jambu air
*recycled pic*

…and I think it is the powder that they sprinkle over guava slices that they sell at those cut-fruit stalls by the roadside, am I not right?

When I was young, I was given the impression that if a woman was eating it a lot, she was most probably pregnant – I don’t know but perhaps it was to appease her craving or maybe it was a remedy for morning sickness. Perhaps the ladies can help me with this one? Hehehehehe!!!!

For one thing, just  take one long good look at these in the photo below…

Asamboi 2

Do you get that sensation on your face somewhere under your ears like a mild attack of muscle cramps? Why do we get to feel that way whenever we see something sour, I wonder? Well, I do…and I’m just wondering if you do too… LOL!!!

Re. Who’s that boy post:
Well, some of you were able to guess correctly but those of you who are still in the dark as to who sent me the bak kut teh spices, here’s a photo of the boy in question

*Facebook photo*

Don’t you think he’s so handsome…and so cute? LOL!! Have a delightful Sunday, everybody…