From the inside…

Here, one of the options that you can choose for breakfast would be the gu tor (beef tripe) noodles…

Beef tripe noodle soup 1

I have heard of two places in town that people claim are good but I have yet to go and try myself. I had this one at the coffee shop at the back portion of the Sibu Medical Centre here…at RM3.70 a bowl.

Beef tripe noodle soup 2

This is the soup version and if I remember correctly, I had a post on it before – the dry version…which is actually kampua kosong (the noodles without meat) and the beef tripe soup served separately in a bowl.

You will need this special homemade chili sauce for the tripe…

Beef tripe noodles - chili sauce

…for it does not go so well with ordinary bottled chili sauce.

No doubt it’s a bit pricey…but it’s quite popular and at least, it is nice and something different that  one can have for a change.