Seein’ red…

The other morning, I went back to this place to try the red wine noodles…

KongMaMa red wine noodles 1

I must say I was somewhat disappointed as it turned out to be noodles tossed in ang zhao (the red residue left over in the process of making traditional Foochow red wine) gravy  or sauce. I can’t say that I could taste any red wine in the noodles.

On top of the noodles, they had a bit of pork cooked in ang zhao

KongMaMa red wine noodles 2

…which was quite nicely done though I must say that what my missus usually cooks is a bit nicer.

As a whole, it was quite nice especially for people who seldom or never eat ang zhao pork or chicken but my missus cooks it so often that it would be quite ridiculous for me to go all the way to a coffee shop to eat the same thing all over again.

Besides, RM5.00 for that is a bit expensive, don’t you think?