My brother-in-law and his family were home over the weekend from Bintulu as my mother-in-law would be celebrating her birthday this week, so we all went out for dinner on Saturday night. Dinner was on me that night as every year, one of the sons would foot the bill and I told my missus that we should chip in this time around instead of just going for free meals every year.

We went to this place that I’ve been to several times before and of course, being a birthday dinner, it started off with the longevity noodles – the mee sua, but the fried version with the “golden” eggs by the side…

MMS fried mee sua

Then came the ship…

MMS ship of goodies

…with all the goodies on board. Everything was just great – very nice indeed.

After that, we had the sea cucumber soup…in place of the not-to-be named soup…

MMS sea cucumber soup

…followed by the steamed imported snow fish…

MMS steamed snow fish

This, of course, was the most expensive dish of the lot but it was really good.

We had their very popular ladies’ fingers for the vegetable dish…

MMS fried ladies fingers

…and the fried broccoli with mushrooms and topshells, both of which were well-received, especially the former which was all gone in a blink of an eye.

MMS fried broccoli

I had the lamb shank in the menu for the evening as I wanted to give it a try…

MMS lamb shank

…but many of my in-laws did not really fancy the cheesy gravy. I also felt it tasted kind of peculiar at first bite – kind of caramel and cheese with mint and black pepper and whatever else, something that certainly would need getting used to…but when I had some more, I thought it was not too bad. Given a choice, however, I would prefer to have something more familiar – the usual brown gravy would do fine.

The butter prawns were really good – big and fresh…

MMS butter prawns

…and nicely done.

All in all, the food came up to RM360.00 which came as no surprise as the fish would probably cost a third of that. The lady boss was kind and generous enough to treat us to this platter of fresh cut-fruits free of charge…

MMS fruit platter

Hmmmm…I wonder if she knows that I’ve been promoting her restaurant in my blog all this while. Hehehehehe!!!

It certainly was an enjoyable dinner and what can be better than spending a pleasant evening bonding with one’s outlaws…oops, I mean in-laws! Muahahahaha!!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

39 thoughts on “Mother-in-law…”

  1. Good on you for not taking the not-to-be -named thing. RM360 is a pretty good price for such a spread. Everything looks yummy and what a big boat! Eh do you exercise or not, for taking so much rich food? I’m worried for you.

    Don’t worry – I’m already 60. I’ve lived a great life – been there,done that. I don’t intend to live too long…old and infirm, bedridden, this cannot eat…that cannot eat – that would be hell on earth. Hope God is merciful…and will let me drop dead one fine day… That’s the best way to go….

    1. Book ticket liao bo? Fast fast la… go in Dec!!! Celebrate Xmas there, go vacation!

      Cakap only… People always say they want to come, but they never do…grumbling that they have no money, this problem…that problem and then I read somewhere that they’ve gone to this country, that country overseas… 😦

      1. *choke* one of my kakak oredi booked ticket to go kacau u, angkut anak and hubby summore… >.<

        Aha!!! Goody-goody… Who? When? How come never inform me?

  2. For a moment, reading the title, I thought this is gonna be some horror or suspense thriller. ROFLOL! Thank God it’s not. I prefer not to see any bloodbath… wakakaka…(duh, what a bad joke).

    I shouldn’t have come here before breakfast… tsk… *groan* Now makes me feel sooooo hungry!

    LOL!!! My in-laws are very nice people lah… No problem at all with them. Certainly not like your outlaws…oops! I mean, in-laws. 😉

  3. mother in law,,,,,,,? where go? no picture pun? somemore say birthday, cake pun tak nampak juga,, please show another round of this outing can ka? cos i love to see old folks celebrating birhtdays, they always look so happy and contented one…show ok.

    Cleff, who book ticket to go and kacau sTP ALREADY, WHO WHO WHO?

    Cake on actual day…at home lah! This dinner in advance as my brother-in-law and his family can only come on weekends – working and children studying. Ya…who’s coming? I am waiting…..

  4. oooh, not bad at all looking a the food, all are nice!! especially the fried mee sua with golden eggs, hehe, looks good.. and i also love that “treasure ship”, wow, so many varieties inside, nice nice nice!! the fish looks very fresh too..

    Yes, everything was nice. Hopefully, after eating the mee sua…will have long life and after eating the golden eggs, will have good luck- strike TOTO tonight and go back there to eat some more. Hehehehehe! 😉

  5. Just look at the big SHIP!! Very special and nicely done!! KIV that please.. just that dish and the sea cucumber will do.. cod fish, not necessary cos overly priced.. we can buy from the market and do it ourselves.. hahahaa… talking as if i m going anytime this year!

    Yes, we can do that – much cheaper…but it’s not exactly cheap either. No problem at all – this is definitely one place I will take you IF you come to town…

  6. happy birthday to ya mother in law, looks like u guys had a scrumptious birthday dinner. I love Chinese food a lot! 😀

    Thanks. Yes, it was a nice dinner. Come, come to Sibu and we can go for stuff like that! 😉

  7. Arthur,
    Strike lottery again kah? RM360 boleh tahan mahal for Sibu standard but the food very nice and quality too. However, the bendi and lamb shanks does not fit with the rest of the dishes…a bit of a misfit.
    Snow fish is cod fish is it? I wouldn’t mind the price as that is one of our favourite fish but I do wonder why it is so expensive in Malaysia?
    RM360, you bet they are going to give you a free fruit platter…after all the papaya, watermelon and pineapple they tanam belakang rumah saja…hahaha.
    Have a wonderful day.

    If only! So easy to strike all the time, no worries liao lor – become orang kaya dah! Yup…normally we will have ladies fingers when we go for ordinary meals – they’re cheap…but I heard so many people praising it so I decided to give it a try. Lamb shank at another restaurant hereis very popular…so who knows, it may soon be a permanent feature as such full-course dinners. Dunno – heard our snowfish here is cod but Alex says it’s sea bass… Just eat…and pay through the nose – so expensive. The fruits – that plate should be worth RM20 at least at such restaurants. We were given a plate of a few miserable pieces of watermelon at another restaurant and they charged RM10 – I said RM10, can buy so many watermelons at the market, eat until meletup!!! 😦

  8. no pork belly? 😀

    LOL!!! No, been featuring that in so many posts already so I decided to give it a break. Try something different for a change. 😉

  9. oh yeah now i always go to this place when i go back to sibu. the lady boss is nice, always give me bigger portions coz i know her haha.

    is ‘snow fish’ actually seabass or cod?

    I think it’s cod. Snow fish is just a direct translation of the Chinese name.

  10. RM360 only for all those mouth watering dishes.hmmm..sibu oh sibu!

    Cheap eh? It will be even cheaper if you order one of the sets. I did not want that as I wanted the liberty to order dishes that I had not had before…

  11. Now you make me hungry!! Drooling over the food especially the fish, lamb shanks and prawns.

    LOL!!! I’m sure there are nice places like this one in Kuching too…and not expensive as well. Yum! 😉

  12. Looks so g double o d GOOD!!…..from the 1st to the last. Sure everybody x’pecially MIL has a wonderful time. YUM!!!…YUM!!!….

    Happy Birthday and Good health to your MIL.

    Thanks. Well, everyone enjoyed the dinner, so that was good… 🙂

  13. LOL… I also thought exactly like cleffairy about some horror mother in law tales! I might blog about them cos it has been a hot gossip amongst my friends’ wives comparing notes.
    I like the spirit of your happy families eating together. Mine is always so fake.

    Poor thing. I guess i can say that I’m quite blessed… 🙂

  14. Do they have mee sua in soup? I would prefer that. hahahahhah

    I notice in Sibu restaurant, the four season, they love to put it on “ship”.

    Yummy food!!! Love all the foods. This is the restaurant that you mention, will bring me there when i am back right? *wink wink wink*

    Yes, of course! Waiting for you to come back to Sibu and we can go there…no problem at all. Yup…many restaurants are using the ship…and they usually have more than four seasons. Yes, they have mee sua soup…but we opted for the fried one as I guess my MIL would cook the soup version at home on the actual day so we did not want to have the same.

  15. Cod fish(snw fish)…. my all time fave, regardless the price, it’s the best fish meat I ever tasted, I personally think it even taste better than lobster!^^

    Ohhh… yeah, the lamb shank really caught my attention, we don’t usually see ths this in any decent chinese restaurant!

    Ya…I think it’s a new trend and is catching on here…served as a few places here, it seems. Lobster? I’d rather have prawns – much nicer taste…and a whole lot cheaper. For one thing, this fish doesn’t have those small bones – my BIL has this phobia of fish with bones but he’s ok with this type.

  16. AHhhh the food looks really good.. Especially the “boat”

    Nice. Still no plans to hop over to Sibu sometime. We can go for that… 😉

  17. Great selection of dishes to keep your mother-in-law alive there. Hahaha!
    Definitely not the type of selection in my birthday. ;P

    Ok…ok…got the message, doc. She does not eat much, just nibble a bit of this and a bit of that. Guess who ate the lot… LOL!! 😀 Now what would you prescribe for your birthday? 😉

  18. Thank God the ship didnt sink! haha

    I tried the snow fish at Sri Meranti in Sibu, it was fabulous!

    Sri Meranti? The one near the Sibu bus terminal? Is it good? Halal restaurant…never tried before. The food in the menu photos look great… Restaurant has karaoke, right?

    1. i dont know, the one near the parit yang selalu banjir. haha. it opens mostly at night. yes it was fab! i think so ada karaoke. its a seafood restaurant.

      Oh? That must be the main one in the town – across the road from Premier Hotel. The branch at the Sibu Bus Terminal area is nicer…

  19. Looks like a sumptuous FEAST! Super generous of you STP! So how many free meals have you eaten before you finally chipped in? LOL! It’s the same here.. just that instead of paying for the meal my mom would give my maternal grandma angpow during her birthday!

    LOL!!! How many years have I been married? So you can guess how many free dinners I have had… Muahahahaha!!!! Ya…my missus would give her an ang pao…and maybe a cake or something to that effect as well on her birthdays every year.

  20. I gotta feelin’.. the macho Ah Pek meow-ed the ticket with mom & dad hahaha..nice & yummy food..first time come across the name snow fish. Whoa Alex betul doing his homework going all out for the name.

    Ya…must be very free, no work in the office today. LOL!!! Nope, I don’t think the Meows are coming – probably somebody else.

    1. Check with my crystal ball maybe not the M’s then the Q’s haha.

      Now who are the M’s…and who are the Q’s? >.< People want to come, don't tell me….I also pretend dunno lor… Tsk! Tsk!

    1. Lol.. adui, these 2 days been down with the flu, now I’m voiceless. But still can go watch Larry Crowne movie just now. Lol! And you know what? yesterday whole day was so tired to check anyone’s blog, but I still made it a point to visit and comment on yours. So must appreciate me ya. Haahhaa

      Aiyor…not long left to the BIG day – must take care, cut down social activities…rest and make sure you’re healthy and strong. LOL!!! 😉 Ya…you always say the sweetest things… My mother used to warn me about people like that. ROTFL!!!! 😀

  21. Arthur, the towkeh-soh may well be tech-savvy. Show her your blog and perhaps you’d get a free-meal the next time you’re there, or better service at the very least 😉
    Love that love-boat!


    No need lah… She knows me very well – same one who arranged a table for me even though the place was fully booked and I did not make any prior booking. I do get preferential treatment at this place…

  22. hungry.. hungry.. bring me next time if anybody birthday again.. huhu.. :p

    Just come to Sibu and I’ll bring you there and everywhere else for the best food in town – no need for anybody’s birthday. 😉

  23. something different..I like the presentation of the mee sua.

    Purposely ordered different dishes so I have something to post here… 😉

  24. There are a lot of yummy food for 360! Now you make me want to go to Sibu:D Oh, I agree with you on not intending to live too long. I would love to exit like my late hubby. Before that, he ate his favorite meal, had a good time with his good friends on the new year’s eve and welcomed the new year. He then dropped dead in the arms of the woman he loved. No better way to exit is it?

    Happened to an ex-classmate of mine too. I also pray for the same thing – don’t let me be sickly and infirm and bedridden…or worse,in pain. Amen.

  25. Nice meal and RM360 is not pricey, lah. Seems that you’re a regular customer at the place..getting preferential treatment and all. Either that or the lady owner has the hots for you!….Gave you free fruits some more…kakaka.

    No lah…I’m such a nice, simple, humble, pleasant, friendly guy…sure everyone will be nice to me. Hehehehehehe!!!! 😀

  26. wah I’m impressed with how they arranged the fruits. Looks very good!

    Ya, the fruits look good…but I like it when they mix the fruits with ice…all jumbled up… Nice and cold.

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