Don’t ask me to choose…

That is my problem whenever I go for yong tofu in Penang or elsewhere – I will have to choose what I want and most of the time, I would want everything…and the bill will go up to well over RM10.00. Tsk! Tsk!

Well, here in Sibu, we do not have many places to choose from when we feel like having  yong tofu – if I’m not mistaken, there  is only one place in town. I have  also mentioned in some  previous posts that you do not get to choose what we want – they are sold in sets and that is the only choice that we would have to make.

The other day, I stopped by the place again and I chose the RM6.00 set…

SL RM6 yong tofu 1

…which was served with a bit of tung hoon (glass noodles).

SL RM6 yong tofu 2

It was just nice that  day – I remember on a previous occasion, the smell of the seaweed in the soup was a bit too strong. I think that was the time when I went for this RM4.50 choice…

SL RM4.50 yong tofu
*recycled pic*

Then there is the RM8.50 set…

SL RM8.50 set
*recycled pic*

…in which you may get something extra – I can see the stuffed brinjal and bitter gourd which are not found in the other two sets.

So, there you are – three sets to choose from. Which one do you think you would choose…should you happen to drop by this place?

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32 thoughts on “Don’t ask me to choose…”

  1. I will choose the last one for it has everything I want like the okra, bitter gourd, eggplant etc….

    That would be my favourite too…but a bit too expensive – would settle for the medium-priced one instead. 😦

  2. now you got me thinking, is it ok to have in set like what you mentioned, or simply the choose one,,,,,,,,now looking at your pictures of RM6 per set one, i think i would go for it, reason being i take Jovial with me for yong tau fu like once or twice a week but everything the bill would go up to RM10 or more, RN6 got rice or not one?

    That was what happened everytime I took my daughter for yong tofu in Penang- she loves yong tofu! Every time over RM10…but for us, it’s ok as we seldom get the chance to eat it. No rice here…but you can order from the chu char at the back or the char siew rice stall – here, it’s RM1 a bowl now…used to be 50sen only. 😦

  3. long time not updating my blog and the layout change on my blogger dashboard since google in the process rebranding it. Btw, the Yong tau Foo you mentioned here is it near to Eon Bank at Sugar Bun there? Coz my sis told me ada ppl sell Yong Tau Foo in Sibu. Do they sell the kering one where they mix with thick sauce?

    Oh? There’s only one coffee shop in the block behind the Sugar Bun/Eon Bank block. Never went there – dunno what they have. Parking can be such a pain… Maybe one of these days, I’ll go and check it out. This particular stall used to be around Paramount Hotel area (KpgDatu) but they moved away – increased rental, I guess.

  4. Wah, everthing also choose….luckily no Chicken Feet Yong Tau Foo……ha ha ha!

    Mmmm, maybe I will come up with this….lol!

    They may have in KL or Penang? Deboned. There are always so many things to choose from…so nice! Yum! Yum!

  5. whoa! dint noe got set one ler! seems like set one more worth it eh. 🙂

    More worth it? Cheaper perhaps but can’t choose…I would prefer ladies fingers to chili or brinjal…and more fish balls instead of those.

  6. I would go for those that allowed us to choose what we want.. for like maybe 60cents or something a piece :P.

    Usually don’t get a choice if we choose this set set thingy.

    Yalor…no choice – it’s the only place in town selling. Nowhere else…so if I want to eat anything like yong tofu, this is what I will have. 😦 60 cents? Cheap leh? I hear at many places no less than RM1 an item now… 😦

    1. has it been that long I have not taken yong tau foo? >.>; now so expensive? :3

      There is another place that you can go try to have those you want to choose :P.


      Homemade! 😛

      Ya, we can do that quite easily actually. Here, we can buy the fresh pre-scraped fish meat…so we can do the stuffing ourselves. Just too lazy… Hehehehehe!!!! Maybe I’ll try one of these days – have yong tofu steamboat… Yum!!!!

  7. Yalor, nowadays yong tofu are so expensive(thx to the inflation)! Last time we often visit Ampang yong tofu, these days seldom visit liao since it might cost a fortune per visit especially whn go with in laws.:(

    Yours look great and most important reasonably cheap! Salivating…

    I love yong tofu… Would definitely go for it whenever and wherever I see people selling. Never mind expensive – once in a blue moon. Can’t get the real thing or the complete works here in Sibu… 😦

  8. All look great…but for me, I would go for the 3rd set. All my favourite inside. YUM!….YUM!…

    I would have that if I go with my missus… We can share and eat something else at the same time. 😉

  9. Penang is never famous for Yong Tau Foo as the good ones are really in KL. I eat them often in Sungai Buloh and the bill always come under RM15 for 2 persons! I loved their specially chilly sauce which is their signature home made recipe. I always pick same stuffs like White Stuffed Tao Hoo, Fried Dumplings, Fried Brinjal and Stuffed Bitter Gourd. That’s all and yum yum!

    Never mind…as long as there’s yong tofu – we don’t have that in Sibu. But I prefer the ones in clear soup – not a fan of the dry ones. RM15 for 2? Aiyor…you must be a small eater. Hehehehehe!!!! 😉

  10. Think i’ll take the first set, not a fan of brinjal or egg plant. 🙂

    Sometimes too much choices is not a good thing too 😛 Penangites are a spoilt bunch when it comes to food. LOL

    Wah…you don’t eat vegetables kah? Good for you leh? Ya…their yong tofu choices like a mountain – so many too choose and everything I want! LOL!!!

  11. Whenever we visit Malaysia, we sure will make an agonizingly drive to Ampang for their famous yong tau foo. Sekali makan, we’ll order between 30-60 pieces for 6 orang makan plus all the goreng-goreng tau-key, wanton etc and also the special har-gow etc. Sekali makan, can last for about a year…no craving whatsoever for that 1 year…hahahaha…makan until sian and mo muntah.
    Why have to order set one at that makan place? Can’t take what we want and like? Susah la macam tu as what I like may not what my son and hub like. Anyway, yong tau foo is one of my hub’s favourite…mat salleh sesat!

    That’s the way it goes here! Take it or leave it… Maybe I’ll go and check out that place that champ mentioned – hopefully, they have yong tofu the way it should be there… Otherwise, you will have to go back to that place in Ampang when in KL. 😉

  12. I prefer the ones where you get to choose what you want. Here, it costs 70 sen to 80 sen per pc 😦 But if I have to choose a set, I’ll go for the RM6.00 set.

    70-80 only? Not very expensive then… RM8, can have 10 items already.

  13. Which reminds me, I haven’t been to that Sing Along place yet, have been indulging in my kampua addiction, no time for anything else. Will try it soon. Looking forward to choosing something good tomorrow.

    Yup, looking forward to that too… Hope it will be worth your visit. 😉

    1. LOL… yea… feel weird biting onto the chilli… u ask me makan sambal belacan and stuff okay la… I will makan like nobody’s biz, but not munch on the chilli with fish paste in it. Feel pelik! LOL!

      I had that one – it was all right, not spicy hot…and has a bit of chili taste. Didn’t think it was really great… 😉

  14. I definitely will ask you to order the rm8.50 set for me.. but i pay la.. hahaha.. this one has a bit of everything.. i like the greens in them…

    Ok, no problem…but anybody dropping by – free food, everything’s free, remember? 😉

  15. Now make me think of Sibu taufu + tang hung soup.

    I will go for dried type yong tau foo, stuffed brinjal, lady fingers and stuffed taufu sheet, i think tonight at home we are having yong tau foo for dinner. 😀

    Nah! Not those in the shops. The ones my missus makes would be nicer – more meat. Oh? I hope you will not post on what you’ll be having. I know you will have your own homemade ones that will put those available at the shops to shame…and that would get me drooling away! 😦

  16. wahh.. both my favourites (stuffed brinjal and bitter gourd) are in set 3.. i need to choose set 3 lor.. but so expensive… sobssss…

    Ya…RM8.50 is a bit too steep… Can actually buy breakfast for two or more persons if opting for something else. Once in a while for a change, should be ok. 😦

  17. I know what you mean! If I had to pick, I always worry about the bill later.. I much prefer choosing sets! I think I’d choose set RM6 since I’m not a fan of brinjals anyway!

    My daughter loves brinjals. I’m ok with them but I would prefer the ladies fingers.

  18. Looks like a bowl of processed food, good ones tho. Taste wise.
    Brrr… it’s cold here, wants some warm bowl of soup.

    Or somebody to cuddle up with to keep each other warm? Wink! Wink! Hehehehehehe!!!! Wish I were there – it is so very hot here that my fat is melting. Muahahahaha!!!!

    Well, these are freshly-made using fresh ingredients – that’s why it’s expensive (by our standard), unlike those factory manufactured fish ball and stuff from the frozen section in the supermart. Those would be mostly flour, artificial flavouring and preservatives. I don’t like those – can’t stand the repulsive smell, people love to use them for steamboat/hot pot.

  19. Oh stuffed brinjal and bittergourd is a must for me, so my choice would have been simple if I were there! And thanks for reminding me that I’ve not had soupy tanghoon in a while. Must have some soon 😉

    Come on over! You can have it in Sibu. LOL!!! 😀

  20. Prefer to choose got better options. Phobia eating stuffed chilly after the last bite which burnt my tongue. Here going at 0.80sen per piece. Not a fan of glass noodles in soup but likey them fried.

    Soup better, less oily… 80sen, ok lah…reasonable…as long as freshly made. Not imitation crab sticks and stuff like that. Not worth.

  21. errr, you mean everything is fixed in those set?? you cannot choose what kind of YTF for the set you have selected?? hmmm, that is not good, i normally will take brinjal, bittergourd, toufu and maybe toufu sheet, rally like fishballs..

    You mean rarely? Oooooo….I love fish balls. The freshly made ones – usually they use bay-kay/tenggiri (mackerel)…not the frozen ones from the supermarket. Those, no, thank you very much! 😉 You boil, will swell up to the size of tennis balls – all flour! 😦

  22. me, i’ll choose the first set but i won’t eat the okra…yikes! 🙂

    No? I like! Don’t overcook – nice and crunchy…so sweet! Best with belacan (dried fermented prawn paste) dip! Yum!

  23. wah if you come to KL you’ll be spoilt for choice too! I love yong tau fu but i won’t eat the chili one. so spicy!

    Yalor…and in the end, take so much and have to pay so much. Chilies these days – big but not hot. The seller would tell me, “For decoration only!” If I want something spicy hot, have to add a bit of cili padi…

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