Sweet thing…

Usually when I go somewhere, I would buy something to take home…and maybe give some to my parents and sister and also to my in-laws.

On this recent trip to KL, I went to the stall selling nyonya kuehs…

Lulu nyonya kueh
*recycled pic*

…located in the basement of Sungai Wang Plaza, opposite the KFC outlet there.

I’ve bought some from there before but only to eat in my hotel room. On that previous occasion, I found that they were really very nice so this time around, I decided to buy some and take home.

I bought the chai kueh

Lulu's chai kueh 1

…which were very well done. The skin is so soft like wantan skin and it simply melts in the mouth – nothing like the tough and rubbery ones that we have here.

The filling was just right…

Lulu's chai kueh 2

…the taste of Β hay bee (dried prawns) not overpowering like those from Kuching where they seem to put a whole lot of it. Sometimes, too much of a good thing may not necessarily be better.

I’ve bought the ang koo kueh before…

Lulu's ang koo 1

…and again, the skin was nicely done and there was enough filling inside…

Lulu's ang koo 2

…for it to be considered good enough. I do prefer the ones from Kuching though as they are a whole lot bigger and are very well-stuffed inside. Anyway, they’re way better than those that we can get here in Sibu…and as they say, beggars can’t be choosers.

I did not buy the kueh salad or serimuka this time but I bought these kao-teng kueh (9-layer kueh)…

Lulu's kao teng kueh 1

There are four different flavours in each pack – the green one should be the pandan (screwpine leaves) flavour and I reckon the the pink and white is the original traditional style, rich with santan (coconut milk) and made up of pink and white layers but some of us may be more familiar with the multi-coloured ones.

I guess the very colourful purple one below is yam while the golden/orange one is pumpkin…

Lulu's kao teng kueh 2

Whatever the flavour is, it is so soft, so fine, and so lemak (rich)…so out of this world.

I did not want to buy a lot as I was worried that they might spoil by the time I got home. It seemed that my fears were unfounded as they were perfectly all right the next day (after being kept in the fridge overnight) and now that I am certain of this, you can be sure that on my next trip to KL, I will definitely be buying a lot more to take home… Yum! Yum!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

19 thoughts on “Sweet thing…”

  1. Sobs… now you’re making me miss my late grandma’s 3oclock treats. 😦

    You’re in KL, no problem at all getting these sweet treats. If I’m not mistaken, they have a stall at Mid Valley…and I’m sure they have one at 1Utama too… Not like those we can get here – , stick to the teeth and make them dirty only, not worth the calories…

    1. Midvalley ones? YUCK! Not nice…. taste macam rubber onli! I can make these, actually, but i don’t have much of patience to make em. Very leceh… banyak process, and never really did turn out like the ones my late grandmother made. Mine… usually not so fragrant… dono salah do wud! Tak berapa jadi! 😦

      Prefer to buy em from the nasi lemak stall in the morning… but they don’t sell these kuih everyday, though.

      Forget the Midvalley ones… not up to nyonya standards. 😦 Makan that time, lekat to the teeth summore! Ishhh!

      Guess not the same person making. Yup…I remember buying when I was staying at Cititel and they were not much better than the ones we have here. But these from Lulu are good… Haven’t had any good ones over there at all anywhere – bought some in Penang, looked so nice…all in the litter bins on the way back to my hotel! Even our lousy ones in Sibu are better. Best nyonya kuehs, I tell you…in Kuching!

  2. These nyonya treats are the best. You didn’t get the green pandan santan ones on the glutinous rice. Absolutely yummy. Like you, I buy them and eat them in the hotel room. You’re right, you can get them in Midvalley and also 1Utama. I think they’re all from the same bakery. Same flavor, same packaging.

    Those would be the kuih salad or serimuka. I bought some the previous time, also very nice. Next trip to KL, will try some more! πŸ˜‰

  3. I do love some chai kueys every now and then. But then are you sure the kueys can last the trip? I mean, there’s no fridge on airplanes.

    Can…buy the same day…and put in fridge upon reaching home. When want to eat, boil water in steamer…and when water boiling, turn off heat and put in kuihs…wait till kuihs not cold anymore, remove from steamer and eat. Best to cool to room temperature before eating. From Kuching, can eat same day but when buying a lot, same procedure applies…

  4. LULU Kueh hahahahahaha….cant help laughing at that. When preg, i had cravings for Ang Ku…the boy inside seems to love it. Even the day b4 born also want to have ang ku.

    Ya…what a lulu! LOL!!! Hah! No wonder his head so smooth…like ang koo! Muahahaha!!! πŸ˜€

  5. Hmm….chai kueh looks like mashed kuih to me. Haha πŸ˜€ And it is oily, no? :p

    They look very good there. These flew from KL to Sibu…what do you expect? As I always say, beggars can’t be choosers… 😦

  6. Penang also sells nice mini sized angku and other kueh-s. In Ipoh, I only know of one stall so far… which sells quality kueh.. the others are so so only..

    Dunno where to buy. I saw some – so very nice…at a stall at Prangin Mall. In the end, turned out to be horrible so I threw them all away! 😦

  7. The nyonya kuehs look delicious! I saw your blog on bluedreamer’s. Just dropping by.

    Oh? Welcome…welcome, any friend of his is a friend of mine. Do drop by often. Will link you in my blogroll. Ya, the kuehs are really very nice… Yum!

  8. when at Mid Valley.. try those from Nyonya Colours.. also v nice. I usually pack a couple home for Amber’s break the next day. Keeps well too πŸ˜€

    Sigh!!! I don’t bother to go to Mid Valley anymore these days. Terrible jam! 😦

  9. next time if got chance, there is one at Mid Valley and One Utama named Nyonya Colors, should try their, very fresh and nice!

    I think somebody mentioned that…but I do not go to those places, not convenient – so far away. 😦

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