Sweets for my sweet…

I stumbled upon this stall in Sungai Wang, KL selling nyonya kuihs…but I was not sure whether they were nice and worth the calories or not, so I just bought this serimuka/tinggi salad

Tinggi salad

…and the ang koo kuih

Ang koo kuih

Both turned out to be very nice, much better than the ones I had bought once at a stall at Mid Valley. These were really worth buying though I cannot remember now how much they cost exactly – I think it was RM3 something for the two…

Nyonya kuehs...

Then I came across this stall…

Durian dessert stall KL

I loved the durian pastry that I had at the dim sum place at the Mitsu Tea House here in Sibu and I loved the durian cake (the tall sponge cake, not the cheesecake) that I had at Secret Recipe in Sungai Petani (Village Mall outlet)…and here was a stall selling durian swiss rolls…

Durain swiss rolls KL

I bought some to try (RM5.00) and good Lord! They were absolutely heavenly! And just when I thought that there couldn’t be anything better, I tried their cream puffs (RM7.00)…

Durian cream puffs

…with real durian cream inside…

Durian cream puff

…but wait a minute! The best is yet to come! I remember I first saw these durian pancakes in somebody’s blog sometime ago and he was raving over them so when I spotted them at the stall, I knew I just HAD to buy some to try…

Durian pancakes

Ooo…they were simply out of this world – with their fresh durian filling…

Durian pancake

…at RM4.00 for two and RM10.00 for six. I bought the former to try and after sampling, I really regretted not buying the pack of six!

Well, should I happen to go to KL again, I’m sure you all can guess where I’ll be heading FIRST thing upon arrival. Gosh! Just the mere thought of how good it was can trigger my craving and start me drooling plus-plus… LMAO!!!

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Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

33 thoughts on “Sweets for my sweet…”

  1. durian!!!
    been craving it for few months already!!!
    still not satiated yet 😦

    I don’t really like durian…but I love cooked unripe durian and prawn or fish mask tempuyak, but these durian desserts are really like heaven on earth, I tell you! Expensive though…but never mind! I don’t have it every day!

  2. ohayo btw 😀 chop!

    Chop! Tekkaus, give up liao, I think…not very regular these few days! I do see him in other people’s blogs though. Must be getting to be very sombong… LOL!!!

  3. Yer…no FC for me. LOL 😀 I where got sombong? It is just that Annant is faster than me mah! I am regular here ler. Every post I also got comment. 🙂

    Got kah? Hahahahahahaha!!!!

  4. Hmmm…Durian filling? I have never tried such food before. But the outside of it is really yummy o! 🙂

    They’re all nice, inside and out…but especially inside! The creamy durian filling’s to die for, I tell you!!!

  5. ooh la la look at the durian pancakes. so tempting and oozing wilth filling! yummy

    They’re really very nice! Seen them in Robb Chew’s blog sometime ago…did not look that appealling! But one bite into one…and you go to seventh heaven!! LOL!!!

  6. Sweet for my sweet, sugar for my honey….love this song, but donno who the singer is. Didn’t even step into Sungei Wang,previous trip to KL, shld get the stall address from u next time I go,me got sweet tooth too. I bet u have sweet teeth or must be sweet tooth now! Lol! Angkoo n serimuka better than Kuching’s?

    More or less, just as nice…BUT they’re VERY VERY small!!! Can’t see how small in the photos…maybe half the sizes of what we get in Kuching. Of course, you towkay-neo will not step in Sg Wang one, go Pavilion… Hahahahahaha!!!!

  7. Yum yum.. my oh my, the way you described them already made me want to go over to Sungei wang and buy a pack of six!!! Seems that you did found durian delicacy over in KL here… hehe!

    Ya…first time trying and really really satisfying! Wanna go back and get some more! LOL!!!

  8. Yes! Durian pancake! I first had it at Mandarin Oriental Hotel in KL and fell in love with it immediately (They’re heavenly but expensive). Then I saw it at Sumptuous Desserts, The Gardens (cheaper than Mandarin Oriental, I think) and had never failed to buy a packet (of six) every time I went to KL. *drool drool*

    They had a charity drive at The Federal KL – Lions Club selling durian desserts. When we went, only durian cheesecake available, durian cream puffs not ready yet…so we just left. Not keen on the durian cheesecake – Secret Recipe also selling that but I did not try. Not too keen on the combination…

    1. Yalor! The thought of durian and cheese combination put me off. I never tried them also. But some friends vouched for Secret Recipe’s durian cheesecake. Eeee… I rather take them separately thank you. Hahahaha!

      Now I just remembered I have not blogged about durian pancakes before. Hmm…where did I put the photos… *wanders off*

      My sentiments exactly! Each with its own special unique taste and somehow, I don’t think they’ll go well together…

  9. You mean, err… you eat all these sweet delights in a day?

    Ooops! Blush! Blush! Hahahahaha! Not going KL anymore so not going to have those again for a long, long while! *self-consoling thought

  10. which part of mid valley? really want to try this durian pancakes also laa,

    This was at Sg Wang…the basement level where they usually hold the stage shows, the stalls in front of the KFC outlet… But I’m sure they have these stalls all over KL and kawasan2 yang sewaktu dengannya – maybe they have at the basement level as well where there are lots of stalls selling popiah, nyonya kuihs etc… Btw, welcome to my blog and do drop by again…often! I’ll link you in my blogroll…

    1. The place at Mid Valley that I know sure got this durian pancake is The Gardens.

      Yup…that’s newer! I’ve never been there… Not that keen on shopping and don’t really like the crowd in that area… Old man gets headache! LOL!!!

  11. drat.. now the thought of the Chow sisters Durian Kueh Lapis came to mind… anyway, am amazed that you could finish all that… surely not in one sitting right? right? lmao

    Durian kuih lapis…? In Kuching? Good Lord!!! When will this madness end? Hahahahahaha!!!! Ask no questions and I’ll tell no lies!!!

    1. that was years ago….. she was still the Director of Sales for Holiday Inn… but man.. the cake was heaven

      Haiz…ain’t no wonder at all that we are this shape and size! We know what IS good and appreciate it too much… LOL!!

  12. The durian pancakes/pillows are pretty awesome eh? Custardy, creamy texture with real durian filling. I love them too! It’s available at most places now, I first had it in Shanghai 10 and then at a stall outside Jusco.

    Looks like they’re all over these days eh?…Hmmmm….now you know what to do, should you be coming back to Sibu, eh? Hint! Hint! Muahahahahaha!!!!

  13. STP.. u er… early early morning put up so much sweeties here.. torturing.. i also have sweet tooth.. the pillow durians, i posted them before in my blog, got them from The Curve KL, tasted heavenly as u said… too bad ipoh here doesnt have these.. but in a way, a blessing in disguise too, otherwise, i will end up eating those often! lol…

    Ya, bless my lucky stars too!!! So happy that I can’t buy these in Sibu. So expensive, never mind…but my sugar level will be shooting through my head! Hahahahahaha!

  14. yesh really like those durian pillows too!! 🙂

    Ya, they certainly are very popular! Imagine…I’m not really crazy over durians but I really really love these!!!

  15. so many food post in your blog….

    Lucky i’m not durian fans nor i eat durian, so i don’t drool over this. 😛

    LOL!!! It certainly looks like I was on a food marathon! But tomorrow’s post will not be on food – I’ll post on my meet-up with a KL blogger-friend…a beautiful, sexy one!…I don’t really care for durians either but I’ve a soft spot for nice desserts and these are really nice!

  16. Hehe…I have tried ALL the durian desserts you mentioned, my favourites being the durian swiss roll and the crepes/pancakes. There’s also this lady who makes durian fresh cream cakes…but alas, the only time one gets to eat it is when she makes it, AND one is invited to that particular get-together…haha.

    Ya…crepes would be a more appropriate word than pancakes, I would think. I thought the cream puffs were nicer than the swiss roll – too much cake, not enough durian…but it was also nice. Ya…looks like Secret Recipe’s not making those durian fresh cream cakes anymore…only the durian cheesecake, and in a way, thank goodness we can’t get them here. Thank God for small mercies! LOL!!!

  17. I had the durian pancakes at the Gardens. And yes, they were really wonderful! My father-in-law who is a baba spent like RM50 on them to treat us!

    Hah!!! Another fan!….Oooo…lucky you, got FIL to pay!

  18. I’ve yet to try the kuih.. but the durian pancakes are really really really NICE!.. Why is it that we’ve durian season in sarawak.. but there’s no such season in KL????

    And yet another one who likes the durian pancakes!…The durians in Sarawak grow wild and will fruit depending on the weather/season…but these days, they’re also very confused – many times in a year. I think in West Malaysia, they are cultivated…and they have all kinds of hybrids….and they also get them from Thailand.

    P.S. I’ve added you to my blogroll…but not very regular with your updates, I see? LOL!!!

    1. not so regular cause my classes just started.. I’ve stopped blogging when I was back home cause I was working and I’ve to find time to blog now.. mainly will be on travels.. 😛

      I added you to my blogroll too.. 😀

      Ok, thanks…and now you can get back to your studies! LOL!!!

  19. durian pau?
    never tried before..
    aiyo.. nice foooddd… =D

    Pancakes, durian pancakes. Really nice! Ya, claire says they’re not available in Ipoh. Dunno if can get them anywhere else in Malaysia…but in a way, good also. Too sweet and VERY expensive! LOL!!!

  20. Wah, how many kg you put on this trip leh? LOL!

    I don’t think I put on weight…but after I had my tooth extracted, I have to survive on porridge and things that are soft, so generally I do not feel very energetic every day…and I think I’m losing weight! LOL!!!

  21. ooooohh durian goodies!!
    my mom sure like wan la.

    Can’t find in Penang, eh? So lucky! VERY VERY nice and VERY expensive! LOL!!!

  22. OMG I fall in love with your blog I mean the food you blog about. Snacks!! gonna follow your blog with my blogger blog http://alsomommy.blogspot.com

    Welcome. Glad you like what you see… I do not post on food all the time…but I guess, I can safely say that I do that most of the time as that seems to interest more people than some of the boring things I want to share… Do drop by often…and comment. Thanks.

  23. hope to try durian puff

    You’re a KL-based blogger, right? Shouldn’t be a problem – I think they’re sold all over KL and Selangor…

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