Every day is exactly the same…

Most of the time, hawkers will sell the same things day in, day out and one will have no choice but to buy those same things or go elsewhere for something else. Thankfully, my regular Malay kuih stall at Bandong here will have some new things every now and then so I do not get bored of dropping by practically every morning to see what they have.

They started selling this curry mee (RM2.50) recently…

Bandong's curry mee 1

…but I did not buy any to try until the other day as I had had an overdose of curry over the Chinese New Year season…so much so that I did not think I would want to eat that again or at least, not so soon.

Bandong's curry mee 2

It wasn’t anything like the curry mee that people sell in Penang or anywhere else in the peninsula – just the yellow noodles and you pour the curry gravy over it. Frankly, it was quite all right but I would think it was a bit too expensive considering that there wasn’t any meat – just those bits of fried tofu and that egg was an optical illusion. It was just a slice and not half a hardboiled egg as it might seem to an unsuspecting buyer, your truly included.

Lately, there are also these kuih renjes, 3 for RM1.00…

Bandong's kuih renjes

…which is something like roti jala but instead of giving you some curry to eat it with, they wrap some curry-flavoured vegetables inside like po piah (spring rolls). Unfortunately, I found the skin quite tasteless and there wasn’t enough filling to save the day. I dipped it in the gravy that came with the curry mee and only then did I find it quite palatable.

They sell kuih talam, brown on top and white at the bottom virtually everyday, I think, but now they also have this variety – pink on top and brown at the bottom…and for RM1.00, you can get three.

Bandong's kuih talam

I quite enjoyed this as it was lemak (rich in coconut milk) enough and while the pink layer was something like kao-teng kueh (nyonya 9-layer cake or kueh lapis), the bottom brown layer had the nice fragrance of gula Melaka (coconut/palm sugar).

My daughter loved the bergedil (3 for RM1.00)…

Bandong's bergedil

– fried potato and minced meat patties but usually I would get quite put off by them as theirs were rather oily and over-fried till dark in colour but these that I bought the other day were pretty well done…and I certainly liked them much better this way.

So, what have you been eating? Anything new or is every day exactly the same?

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

31 thoughts on “Every day is exactly the same…”

  1. I went to Bandong one morning…to find the stall that you mentioned before, but I don’t see they are selling Laksa..maybe that day already sold out, but i did tried their nasi lemak and other kueh2. Not bad, but the laksa sambal is not spicy enough.

    Sold out and yet you could try the laksa sambal? I’m confused. I never buy the laksa there – would go to Thomson Corner for that…unless you’re talking about the Penang laksa?

    Or are you talking about the nasi lemak sambal? There’s one that is very spicy (you can ask the lady – she will tell you which one is spicy)…but these days, I buy the pandan one…and even more lately, the sotong one – they have sotong in the sambal – both are nice…but the sambal is not as spicy as the one I used to buy.

    Anyway, where can you find nasi lemak where the sambal is VERY spicy? Not those sold in RM1.00-1.50 packets, I’m sure…

  2. If only I can get all these kuih stalls here….hmmm. maybe I should start one 😀

    Yup, great idea…and at the prices they charge there, you’ll be a millionaire in no time at all. Wait a minute, maybe you already are… Hehehehehe! 😉

  3. morning STP! curry mee looks like rojak!! :p ooh i love roti jala, eh dey did wrap like dat one ah?? n never see green color one. :d

    My Stories

    Nope, not peanut gravy…but curry gravy, so it’s not like rojak. Dunno why green, not yellow…and they are wrapped up like po piah – maybe that’s why they’re called renjes, not jala. Different recipe… 😉

  4. Love kueh talam and also the price 3 for RM1.00..here you probably pay almost double. Not many chance of eating breakfast need to save one meal and settled for brunch which normally would be buffet *ekonomi* rice and noodles *hit die no run* would most likely be curry mee..~;). …muahahaha..

    KL people mah – all kaya raya! Everything’s so expensive. Curry mee? Peteformation’s also having curry mee today – you two satu gang kah? 😉

  5. My eating habits are rather monotonous. Every day its almost similar to the next day. Boring old Isaac 😛

    I LOLed at the slice of hard boiled egg. Omg, nowadays all also want to cut down on the materials but charge expensively. Ish..

    These business people are smarter than you think. Ya…what to do, orang KL? Have to eat simple, scrimp and save…otherwise, how to survive?

  6. Pretty much the same… Warden food is like student’s food.
    Edible but it doesn’t make you go BOW WOW!!!

    WOW! WOW! You get warden allowance and you eat the kitchen food, same as the students. Gosh…plus your salary and everything, plus the hardship allowance – I can imagine how rich you are getting! Lucky fella! When are you taking me out for a nice dinner? LOL!!! 😀

  7. Same issue here.

    Our canteen only cook the same set of dish every week. I have no complaint though because on dish just cost 25 pesos, and that’s with rice.

    I am a cheapskate so I make do with what the canteen has.

    That’s less than RM2 our money, real cheap. It’s good to be prudent, scrimp and save…but the canteen people should change the menu once in a while – maybe can complain. Some cheap and simple food can be real nice also…

  8. I loved the yellow kuih bengkang my all time favourite. Never tasted before the kuih lapis, pink with brown coconut filing, can’t find it in Penang, though.

    Bingka, you mean? The yellow ones would be the pumpkin. At the stall, they also have the green ones – pandan. No light yellow one though – tapioca. Dunno the kuih lapis you bescribed – I guess it isn’t kuih koci – see tomorrow’s post on that. 😉

  9. Eating? I have been drinking only leh…ha ha ha!

    Ate tau fu fah for breakfast dessert after a bowl of curry mee just now!

    Curry mee? Don’t tell me you’ve been hanging out with Bananaz… Wink! Wink! ‘) Muahahahahaha! 😀

  10. I’m having almost the same food everyday and weekends… so boring, but lazy to try out new foods!

    Variety is the spice of life. Like the Penang laksa, after buying and eating a few times, I’m not that crazy over it now… 😦

  11. I like the kueh though.. anything sweet, I am in.. gosh, i better control my sugar intake! the kueh renjes is something like our roti jala here, we eat that with curry chicken… yours is something different, i wanna try that… 🙂

    See! You come to Sibu, you can get to eat all these and more…and so very cheap! You go Singapore, pay hotel already pok kai…no need to eat liao! LOL!!!

  12. The kuih renjes looks interesting. Never seen any over here. Hawker stalls are usually like that…selling the same old things day in day out. Sometimes when I go to the market to get breakfast, I really don’t know what to buy….same things…boring le…

    That’s why I like this stall – there is always something new when one gets tired of the same ol’ stuff.

  13. In Penang… the roti renjis is called roti ketayap… o.O I dunno what that means, though…

    Oh? That sounds quite obscene… Muahahahahaha!!!! 😀

    1. Ketayap is obscene? I dunno… it was supposed to be the white colour religious cap the Muslim wear…but i dunno why the kuih is called that.

      Dunno…just sounds like it – like loti kiap (roti kawin). LOL!!! 😉

      1. =.= and to Smallkucing and my anak… ‘kiap kiap’ means crab/the crab’s pincers. =.=

        We say “ngek…ngek”. LOL!!

  14. MY first time seeing kuih renjes. They look like roti jala to me. :p

    I also called it roti jala until they put up the label – I knew this name kuih renjes when I was young but I had forgotten all about it. KUIH jala here is something else…but that’s a long story – you can try and google it yourself.

  15. the same curry meee sell for rm2.5 too.tat style of curry never have meat one mah..
    never try renjes. nice boh?
    a malay stall near me have variety choices for nasi campur.nom3
    fried sotong, fried chicken n veggie at rm5. cheap 4 stndard here lol.huhuh

    Oh? No meat? Didn’t know that. Here, the Chinese also sell mee served chicken curry gravy and all but of course, a lot more expensive. Here, I went to Chinese chap fan that day also RM5…but I had 4 meat and one veg. 😉

    1. damn cheap chap fan there. wow!. huhuhu… malay style memang no meat. if chinese style still depend which stall oso. some stall oso no meat. i wonder wat they do v the meat leh. haha

      Why no meat there? Vegetarian shops kah? I saw Jalan Alur chap fan got lots of meat leh?

    1. nt rili.almost the sAME like tat but i usually hv it with rice so wont la put off v the oil

      I will let them stand on kitchen towel to soak away the oil if they’re too oily. These that I bought that day were good – not oily.

  16. I am not able to buy those ‘kuih-muih’ at my area and hubby and in-laws are not fans of sweet food. I really miss those food as we can easily get those ‘kuih-muih’ at pasar malam in Sibu. We also have pasar malam here but only once a week. Is the pasar malam in Sibu still exist?

    Yes…the old market area has been cleared – parking by day and pasar malam by night – every night of the week. But I’m not crazy about the kuihs that they sell there…even though they have have some nice things…like the apam balik, sio bee, cucur udang and so on.

  17. I love the kuih talam…..looks so good and for RM1.00 you can get 3, consider cheap. Over here in Kuching, they are selling RMO.50 per piece and is tasteless.

    Kuching? Aiyor…you don’t know where to buy. Kuching has the best nyonya kuihs in the whole of Malaysia. You go to the Green Road shops around 3 or 4 in the afternoon – there will be a few stalls selling the kuihs and the nyonya chang – go to the old lady’s (if she’s still around). The serimuka, kuih cangkih and all are so nice. 50 sen each really cheap lah, extra lemak… The ones I bought in KL – over RM3.00 a small packet with 3 or 4 pieces only inside. There are other places too but I’m not too sure exactly where.

  18. i mean malay chap fan nt vegeterian la,lot of meat.

    Anyway, Malay veg…all not nice – only the masak lemak or things like kangkong goreng sambal. The mixed veg and others all, no…thank you one! 😦

  19. Thanks for the info, STP. Will make an effort to make a trip there. You mean the row of shops opposite Chong Lin Plaza.

    Yup…and there’s one shop – so old, so not-nice-looking but the kolo mee is among the best in town!

  20. I cook almost everyday and my boys will be lucky if they get to eat something i cook twice in a year…hahahaha..the perils of having a food blog!!!..but hor, my cooking nice leh (muka tak malu..muahahaha).I also try baking/making Nyonya kuih as often as I can as it is expensive to buy here…3 small tiny pieces cost NZ$5.00 from Malaysian/Thai ppl. And when we do eat out, we got many choices..only we get fed up having to eat a big bowl/plate per person as opposed to having many varieties but smaller portion. Today,we had Japanese for lunch (we skipped bf), Nando’s for dinner and supper, Malaysian mee goreng and bubble tea..yummeh!

    Melissa would love eating out with you all – Nandos, Japanese…she’d like that and even bubble tea – though we hardly ever go for that here – NZ$5.00!!! *pengsan! You should start a business making and selling nyonya kuihs in Auckland – bet you’ll be rich in no tome…but then again, you’re already rich…so no need lah! Hehehehehehehe!!!

  21. i would like to try all of that. i used to love curry but then i associate it with the smell of a person now and so i don’t want to eat curry anymore…:)

    Lucky thing, doesn’t smell of belacan – dried fermented prawn paste! LOL!!! 😀

  22. I love bergedil, oily yes… but delicious specially when it’s hot and crispy!

    Shared with my kids a cup of KFC’s newly improvising corn and red bean sundae… ok lor, at least my kids like it, my kids just couldn’t have enough of ice cream!=_=””

    Oh? I think KFC here no ice cream, will have to go to McD… Anyway, I hardly ever go to such places so I would not know.

  23. my lunch is almost the same everyday, either pork noodle or the economy rice. how sad!

    Yes…but you save the best for last! All the lavish dinners and all that liquor – enviable’s the word! 😉

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