Spending time…

Tuesday was a public holiday here so my missus was not working. Because of that, I thought it would be a good chance for us to go out for brunch and spend some time together.

We went to this place

Farley Food Court & Restaurant

…which I have been to a few times before to sample some of the stuff there, but not my missus or daughter. Normally, we would not venture that far as this is on the other side of town from where we stay.

We ended up having the dim sum there which I had once before. This was quite all right…

Farley dim sum 1

…but it did not have any distinct taste that would make it special.

I liked these chicken meatballs a lot more…

Farley dim sum - chicken meat balls

…and so did my daughter.

Now, this one is something quite different from all that I had before…

Farley dim sum 2

Inside, there were yam and potatoes plus other things wrapped with seaweed. We all loved it!

The char siew pao (barbecued meat bun) was different from what we had at the other dim sum place in town

Farley dim sum - char siew pao 1

The skin is more like what we have for our local steamed buns in Sibu and Melissa always prefers this to the cotton-like dim sum pao skin. The filling isn’t exactly the same either…

Farley dim sum - char siew pao 2

…but it was good – I wouldn’t mind having that again.

The siew mai (meat dumplings) were nothing to shout about…

Farley dim sum - siew mai

…and the lor mai kai (lotus leaf-wrapped glutinous rice with meat) was a disappointment…

Farley dim sum - lor mai kai

I’ve had nicer ones elsewhere (though not in Sibu). The rice was not soft enough and unfortunately, it failed to make up for that as far as its taste or flavour went.

On the whole, it wasn’t the best dim sum we have had but it was good enough for the three of us…and all that came up to only RM20.00.

After that, we walked around the vicinity, popping in and out of the shops…just to while away the time and spend a pleasant morning together.