Honey, I’m home…

Well, I’m home – back in Sibu, safe and sound and in one piece!

My daughter got to Wellington, New Zealand safely too and is currently readjusting her body clock  and resettling herself down there. Thanks so much once again to my NZ friend for meeting her at Auckland International Airport and taking her out for lunch before sending her to the domestic terminal for her flight to Wellington. I’m really thankful that I am truly blessed with such wonderful blogger-friends here, there and everywhere.

And talking about blogger friends, I met two for the first time on this most recent trip to KL – Isaac Tan and Bananaz…and I also met Annie-Q and her twins for lunch. Watch out for my posts on these encounters – coming soon! In the meantime, my sincere apologies to one and all as I was running here and there, doing this and that in KL and did not have time to bloghop and drop a comment or two on your posts – well, I’m back…and should be back into the old routine as well by now.

Melissa and I flew on Malaysia Airlines MH2715, 17th February from Sibu to KLIA. It was a pleasant flight and even though we did get the same Kit-Kat wafers, they were serving something different for lunch that day – a choice between chicken and fried rice or sweet and sour fish and steamed plain rice. My daughter chose the former, so I settled for the latter…but it was most disappointing. The fish had a heavy fishy smell and the boiled french beans and carrot slices by the side were extremely hard, almost uncooked. Melissa could not finish hers so I tried what she was having…and found that it was very nice – heaps better than the fish.

On my flight home, MH2718, 19th February from KLIA to Sibu, I had the chicken kusi and tomato rice

MAS chicken kusi & tomato rice

Yup, that’s right! They were still serving that same menu that they have been serving over the past few months, the other option being beef rendang and rice. The only difference was that we were given Cadbury Gold, instead of the usual Ferrero Rocher.

MAS dinner - Cadbury Gold

Never mind! At least, I enjoyed the flight – the cabin crew was great, always attentive, ready to serve, all smiles and very friendly…even though there was a patch of turbulence that we went through and it got me worried a bit when the captain’s voice was heard on the intercom saying, “Cabin crew, please be seated!” and the tone of urgency in his voice pressed the  panic button in me…and I quickly mumbled a few prayers. Thank goodness, it was all right after a while…and I did not end up as a news item in the next morning’s papers, praise the Lord!

Oh yeah! I must thank Mandy, Zee, Zul and Cash from my radio family who took time off to give me a warm send-off at KLIA. I will post on that as well soon…and believe it or not, those guys stayed on at the airport to eat and chat and have fun and by the time, I reached home in Sibu, they were still there!!! Crazy lot, aren’t we all?

Incidentally, they have these chairs at KLIA now…

KLIA - priority seats 1

…and it got me wondering whether I could qualify to sit there or not. Perhaps if I put on a dress, I might just be able to pass off as the one second from right…

KLIA - priroty seats 2

What do you all think? LOL!!!