Barbara Ann…

Well, it’s Barbera actually, Cafe Barbera to be exact…

Cafe Barbera KLIA 1

If I’m not mistaken, there’s one at Bangsar Park and now, this Italian-themed eatery has an outlet at KLIA…

Cafe Barbera KLIA 2

I love these cute plates that they have hanging on the wall…

Cafe Barbera KLIA 3

…and that day when I was flying back to Sibu from KLIA, Mandy, Zee, Zul and Cash from my radio family were around to give me a grand send-off and all of  us went there for afternoon tea.

I just sat there while the rest went to get the drinks and the food so I am not too sure what each is called; I’m not very mobile, you see – that everyone must understand. LOL!! But looking at the menu in the cafe’s Facebook page, I think this is the chicken croissanwich…

Chicken croissanwich

…and this is the chicken and cheese focaccia sandwich…

Chicken &  cheese focaccia sandwich

…both of which were pretty nice.

I did not think the chicken curry puff was any good though…

Chicken curry puff

In fact, it did not even look good.

The pineapple puff was slightly better but wasn’t anything to shout about either…

Pineapple puff

I had the usual iced black coffee, or in layman’s terms, kopi-o-peng, while somebody had hot chocolate…

Hot chocolate

…and the expresso shakerato…

expresso shakerato

…and the cafe latte…

cafe latte

It certainly is a nice place to hang around to relax and pamper yourself a bit while waiting for your flight. You can sit and chat as long as you like and nobody will come and bother you at all.

Thanks, Mandy, Zee, Zul and Cash. That was so very sweet of you all to come all the way to KLIA, and everyone knows that it is by no means near KL and the surrounding areas, to see me off and to whoever paid for everything, thanks for the treat. Next time, it will be my turn, o.k.? Till we meet again…

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Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

27 thoughts on “Barbara Ann…”

  1. You are most welcome! That treat is small matter compared to your chap goh mei dinner. Wait till next time u kena jackpot la.. In fact that day you don’t really eat much. Can’t believe that we still can spent another few hours at KFC after you took off that day and making a lot of noise.. I do miss the cappuccino Freddo and the ciabatta chicken.. Yummy! Ur kopi o peng called Americano..
    Zul’s has suggested that we should get together at the KLIA next time… Lol!

    And pay RM17 parking fee per vehicle? Apuuuuu!!! Better go Melting Pot at Concorde Inn high tea – RM35…so many things to eat and parking is free plus you can sit all day, only a few people in a really big place. Wait ah! I strike again…we will all go! LOL!!

  2. Cant get used to all these expresso shakerato, cafe latte or those in Starbucks or Coffee Bean..would prefer the traditional mamak way got the macha aroma haha. Or perhaps cant afford the steep tall prices so apply sour grapes …muahahaha…

    Never been to Starbucks. Coffee Bean, only to the one at Penang Airport – the other option there is McD. But the coffee there and also this place at KLIA is good – like hotel coffee…not KL kopitiam coffee – yucks!

  3. Oh the chicken croissanwich looks gotta go for my brunch *putt thor L liao* [hungry] then skip lunch and have tea at 3pm.

    Wah! So this is how you keep so slim and fit!!! Hmmm…saves a lot of money too – must be so rich! Wink! Wink! LOL!!! 😀

    1. Times are bad have to cut down one meal bro..haha..your entry title about Babara Ann didnt sink-in until a moment ago when I googled ohhhhh…Ah, ba ba ba ba Barbara Ann; its the Beach Boys.. haha

      There! Your memory is failing you already! LOL!! This morning, I was listening to TraxxFm (not that I have much choice – the only English station in town) and 6 a.m. onwards, they play all the old songs and 9 a.m. onwards till 1 p.m. all the retro songs. I love to tune in Saturdays and Sundays.

      And this morning the dj played songs like “Sherry” and “I wanna be like you”. Gee! All my post titles! I wonder if he reads my blog. LOL!!!

  4. i like that plate on the wall, so nice.. and the sandwiches looks very nice and fresh too, a lot more appetising than those pastries (that look a bit too burnt for me).. 🙂

    There are three different designs – I only posted one. Really nice. Yup…like overdone, the puff pastry not nicely crusty and crumbly and did not even taste nice. The sandwiches were great!

  5. Oh man! Those foods look good. Croissanwhich name is weird though. 😀

    It’s croissant + sandwich = croissanwich… Dunno where the “d” disappeared to. Nice, very nice…but I think, should be quite expensive. 😦

  6. foods look healthy.. oh! i’ve heard croissanwich before! during form 5 time, but i tot my fren just bluffing us bout it. so there is a word aye.

    It’s just a coined-up word…but if people keep on using, then it may become accepted vocabulary.

  7. Looking at the picture on the wall of that fat chef send shivers down my spine. I think I better cook less and and you should eat less 😀

    Like those magnets on the door of the fridge – maybe I can post on those one of these days. Not that they’re going to make much of a difference. LOL!!!

  8. Whoaaaaa… the sandwiches looks so good…wouldn’t mind having em. But of all nice ‘species’ of sandwiches I’ve ever makan…the best ones got to be the ones from Subway.

    My daughter goes to Subway quite often in Welly – she likes it! But I hear that here, Malaysians are shortchanged – very limited choices of stuff that we can pick. I went to one the other day in KL…and I saw some miserable items in the glass counter – thin slices of salami cut into halves some more, not a whole round piece…and the lettuce and everything else looked like they had been there for days. The guy came and asked me what I wanted, I just said, “No, thank you,” and left…with a resolution – no Subway for me, definitely not in Malaysia!

    1. Really? Gosh…I frequent subway alot… I like the sandwiches there… much better than other places… *sigh* I guess… in Msia, semua pun cut cost lah. 😦

      We can get better sandwiches from our local bakeries, cheaper too…

  9. good to have friends like these isn’t it. I do envy you sometimes STP!

    You need two hands to clap – it works both ways. Do unto others what you would want them do unto you. I’m sure you can make some very good friends too.

  10. Isaac likes this. I’m getting to be not mobile very soon too! 🙂

    “I just sat there while the rest went to get the drinks and the food so I am not too sure what each is called; I’m not very mobile, you see – that everyone must understand.”

    Only at self-service places… More expensive places where you are waited upon at the table and you can call for the bill, no more excuses. Hehehehehehe!!!

  11. I’m not 100% certain if they coined the term, but when I think of croissanwich I think Burger King. They stuff the croissant with egg, sausage and cheese and serve it for breakfast. It is BKs answer to the Egg McMuffin.

    However yours look better than anything from BK and the chicken curry puff sounds good, but it sure don’t look good!

    Ahhh Barbara Ann – you should consider adding a youtube link to your song selections. I go looking for the songs half the time – but then maybe I need to put in a little effort to get the full experience:). Have a great weekend!

    Oh? BK there has that – never noticed at the outlets here. Ya…even the puff pastry wasn’t nice… Oh? You want a link to the songs? I will do that…if the title is mentioned the the post proper and I wanna share with one and all. Barbara Ann’s not one of my favourites – I just know the song. LOL!!! 😀

  12. What a wonderful treat… your friends are definitely gracious, Mandy is indeed one of them… so when are u coming again since you said next one will be on u… 🙂

    Very soon, I hope… Will be stopping at KLIA for half a day in April on my way back from Penang but on a Monday – I guess everybody would be working… Another time perhaps. 😦

  13. Beh~tahan when I read your post! There is such a thing called chicken croissanwich meh? :/

    Just stick around…it may soon become the accepted vocabulary…like “facebooking”…

  14. Hot chocolate looks nice to me. Hmm…what was drawn on it? :p

    That’s something like Milo which I can’t drink – will make me feel sleepy. Psychological, as since I was small, everytime I could not sleep at night, I would drink a mug of hot Milo…

  15. wow since 1870.. but the food presentation doesnt look like they’re from the 19th century! 🙂

    …and they do not look very Italian to me either! 😉

  16. chicken and cheese focaccia sandwich look so tempting! nom3, good place for lepaking

    But I’m sure it is expensive…plus KLIA some more, lagi teruk! 😦

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