In the summertime…

My daughter and I flew on Malaysia Airlines MH2715, 17th February from Sibu to KLIA…and she left for Auckland the following night (18th), also on Malaysia Airlines and I came home on MH2718, 19th February from KLIA to Sibu .

It has been well over a week now that Melissa has gone back to Wellington, New Zealand…and other than the slight initial flu and a little problem with her body clock readjusting to the 5-hour time difference, she has managed to resettle herself there nicely.

It is hot this summer, unlike the time when she first arrived there this time last year (2010)…

Wellington Harbour

…but that certainly doesn’t stop the people there from having a whole lot of fun and excitement…

Hot summer in Wellington

Melissa too was up and about enjoying herself…

Melissa in the summer of 2011, Wellington

…admiring the pretty flowers all around and playing with the wild ducks…

Melissa & the ducks

…and as a senior, she had been busy orientating the juniors who had just arrived in the city – bringing them around, familiarising them with the place and helping them in any way she could…

Melissa & her juniors

No, Bananaz, no!!! You’re too old to go back to school now! Muahahahaha!!! Hmmmm…how come we never had teachers who looked like this during our time? Tsk! Tsk!

Well, judging from the photographs, she certainly had a good time – there was a movie and even theatre in the park…

Mel & friends in the park

She and her friends went to watch Shakespeare’s “A Winter’s Tale”…

Shakespeare in the park

Sigh! The only “Winter’s Tale” I know is the one by David Essex. Anybody old enough to know him? LOL!!!

And she’s been eating well too! This was from Cafe Neo, near her apartment…

Something from Cafe Neo

…and she was at Nandos too, amongst others…

Mel @ Nandos

Well, it’s back to the grind for her this coming week – classes, lectures, tutorials, assignments, tests and what have you. Good luck, love, in the year ahead…and God bless. Have fun sometimes…and eat well!

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Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

19 thoughts on “In the summertime…”

  1. Raymond too was sick when he got back to Brisbane. Summer is happening over there ehh…but the quake was saddening

    Change of weather but my girl was ok, not really down with the flu…not serious, I guess.

  2. Wow…they can just jump at the harbour like that? Then again..their water is clean unlike ours right? :p

    That’s the sea, the open sea…not the oil-polluted Straits of Malacca. You jump lah, come out as orang minyak!

  3. Wow!……judging from the photos and Melissa sweet smiles, I guess she is no more homesick. She looks happy and seems to enjoy herself very much.

    She certainly had a great time resettling back into her life there…but she always takes things too seriously. I only hope that when lectures and everything resume, she will remember to take some time off to enjoy herself, eat and have fun…

  4. nice! study and enjoy there.

    Yup! I always tell her how lucky she is to get the scholarship and to make the most of the time she has there – nothing beats getting the first-hand experience overseas…or anywhere else for that matter.

  5. wahaha I like that Nandos. Why do we always get lower choice and probably quality franchise food here compared to overseas. Boo!

    You don’t get this at Nandos here? I wouldn’t know…

  6. wow.. these pictures made me wish that I could be young again.. and this time I would study real hard to get a chance to enjoy like this too!!! worth the hard efforts…

    Our time where got such things… Even scholarship to local u, also few and far between. These young people today, many do not know how lucky they are. No scholarship, also parents support. Our time, no scholarship, no money…go to work and some even after Primary 6…and some even ended doing much better in life than a lot of uni grads today.

    1. Yes, like my hubby and me. We graduated overseas but end up becoming self-employed. Our parents always joked that they should have saved the money instead. However, we did experience things like mixing with people from different cultures and working part-time so I really appreciate what my parents did for me.

      Yes, the overseas experience is really priceless – often an eye opener. Anyone with the opportunity should get out of his or her comfort zone here and go abroad for the experience. And imagine – they want a uni right here in Sibu! Duh! Whatever for… Not that it would mean more places for the locals, or they would put all of them here. See how far they sent my daughter – to a teachers’ college in Kedah instead of the one in Kuching – same programme but in Dunedin, not Wellington!

  7. ♫In the summertime when the weather’s high,
    you can stretch right up and touch the sky,
    when the weather’s fine..

    Da-da-da-da-da…Yeah, we’re happy happy,

    oh ah oh ah love Mungo Jerry..hahaha

    LOL!!! Very popular in the 60s, eh?

  8. Why is sixteen too old to go to back school? Bananaz missed the summertime, the green fields and what nots..Too young to know A Winter’s Tale or Winter’s Tale bro..hehe.

    Winter’s Tale – retro lah…late 70s or early80s, I think. You’re already too old by then – not hip anymore, not keeping up to date with the latest songs. LOL!!!

  9. Bananaz SIXTEEN meh? Chey!

    Melissa looks like she’s having a nice time there. She’s adapting really well 😀 You must be so proud STP 🙂

    I am! Very proud and happy. That Bananaz….sixteen going on fifteen, getting younger every day. Miang keladi, makin tua makin jadi. LOL!!!

  10. I love the view in the first pic! Thanks for linking my blog! Added yours to my blog list too. Have a great week!

    Yes, New Zealand is a beautiful place…laidback, peaceful and really nice…except for the natural disasters. I guess it’s the same in the Philippines.

  11. Guess it’s my turn to write a similar post as this one 10 years down the road. 🙂 Melissa is so blessed to have a loving dad like you…

    And I’m so blessed to have her. Good luck, hope your turn will come soon…

  12. looks like great fun. i wished i had the opportunity to study overseas too!

    You can go and take up a short diploma course or something…or do your Masters or PhD? 😉

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