Something just like this…

We dropped by here the other day because I wanted to try the Bovril mee to see exactly how good theirs was. Unfortunately, they were not there so I had to go back again another time.

Thankfully, this time around, the stall…

The stall

…was open and I wasted no time at all in ordering my pick from their menu.

When it was served, I saw that there was this fried long beans with egg…

Fried long beans with egg

…by the side. In the photograph displayed at the stall, it was ladies’ fingers but I did not mind that one bit as I would be all right with either one.

Now, the moment of truth – the noodles (RM5.00)…

Bovril mee

Yes! It most certainly got my nod of approval and tasted exactly like how I would cook it at home. I sure enjoyed that! Even the fried egg was done the way I like it, the yolk still runny and the golden fringe all along the edges.

I also liked how they used the brown greaseproof food wrapping paper to serve the noodles so it did not matter what kind of plate they were using underneath. Other than that, minus the washing, that would help save water and it is good for our environment. I’m not that keen on the disposable chopsticks though – personally, I feel that is wasteful, clean and hygienic though that may be.

I asked the lady why the stall was not open that Sunday when we came and she said it was All Souls’ Day weekend and they came much later than usual. I did notice the cross and the holy pictures in front of the stall and the palm in the cabinet. It turned out that she is the sister of somebody that I know, an ex-student of my alma mater and an enthusiastic  rugby player to this day.

There are many other choices on the menu – I will have to come back again to try some of the rest. I hear the curry chicken is great and the ang chao pork belly looks like how my missus would cook hers.

TWIN CORNER (2.293179,111.820821) is located at the back at the corner of the block of shops to the left of Paramount Hotel, Jalan Kampung Datu.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

9 thoughts on “Something just like this…”

  1. I love the look of the egg with the runny yolk, my type of egg. The noodles must be very satisfying with the fried long beans and egg, yums!

    You need to use a wok to get the egg looking like that, not the same when using a frying pan. Yes, very nice – I sure would want to go back there again.

  2. The Bovril noodles sure look tasty. Good that it got your approval. The long beans with eggs must be a side dish that changes daily.

    Yes, I guess it depends on what she cooks for the day and she will give that by the side…and I do think that’s good. The regular kampua mee is all carbs and a bit of protein (meat), no veg so it is not that balanced for a meal.

  3. Is it because there is no greens in the noodle that they served you long beans with eggs. Surprisingly my first time seeing noodles being served this way. My kind of fried egg too. Thumbs up. So far, I know one stall at 7th mile kopitiam serving their fried noodles in brown greaseproof paper too.

    So far, I see that at one char kway teow stall…and some of the Malay stalls, not that common a practice. I like that there is the side vegetable dish especially when there are no greens. Good to have that.

  4. Everyday read your post, sooooo many delicious sibu foods, so miss sibu foods, cause me feel wan plan another sibu trip la…..But so bad no budget yet now, need print some 1st…..hahhaa

    Come, send me your bank account number, I transfer the money to you. Hehehehehehehe!!!!

    1. Hahahahaha, i think is better you share me your bank log in info, easier…..hahhahahahhaha😜😜

      So clever you hor!!! LOL!!! But my savings, very little money, all tied up in time deposits. Cannot get online.

  5. Good to know that they got a nod from you. Bovril noodle, not common over here. I remember tasted it at your house for the first time. And only time too. Lol. An acquired taste definitely as I am not fond of bovril.

    You like Marmite crabs or pork or whatever? Similar taste. I believe that one is even stronger.

  6. Glad to hear that the Bovril mee was worth returning for. I love my eggs with crispy edges like this too!

    Traditionally wok-fried, will never get that with a pan or hot plate.

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