Not like mine…

Ever since I dropped by there and had the Sarawak laksa that turned out to be so very good, my current favourite at this point in time, I had been waiting for the opportunity to go back there again and give this…

…a try.

While sitting there, that previous occasion, waiting to be served, I spotted this…

…in their menu on display at the kampua mee stall…

…and I couldn’t wait to see if theirs was any good and whether it would be in any way as nice as mine…

So there I was, the first opportunity I got and finally, my order (RM6.00)…


Now what on earth was that? I could not detect any taste of Bovril in the noodles. If I did not see the guy taking out the bottle of Bovril from the cabinet, I would most probably suspect that he did not add any at all. Perhaps he only added a bit – after all, Bovril is VERY expensive so any hint of it was overpowered by the sweet sauce from the minced meat. To say that I was disappointed would be an understatement but to be fair, I would say it was quite nice, just that it could have been any other kind of noodles, not Bovril.

The one here

…that I went to try once was pretty good but they had discontinued this item on their menu to focus on a lot of other dishes now available there…and this one here made use of spaghetti…

…and I did enjoy it as well even though it was a bit expensive. I have not gone back there since so I don’t know if they are still serving it.

Anyway, back to that morning in question, I saw somebody’s order about to be served – the bowl of pian sip (wantons/meat dumplings), dry, looked very good so I quickly ordered that for myself (RM4.00)…

I guess this means that the kampua mee here, like at many other places all over town, is RM4.00 a plate as well. It turned out that the pian sip was rather bland for want of a bit more seasoning to toss the dumplings in. The skin was nicely done, very smooth and very thin and there was just enough meat in each of them, not too much. I would have liked them more if they had a bit more taste.

One thing that impressed me about this stall was how they use ceramic plates and bowls, including the small ones for the complimentary soup. They do deserve a pat on the back for doing that. Others have made the switch too and are no longer using those hideously colourful plastic plates and bowls but unfortunately, they still use those to serve the soup. I also liked how they keep the stall spick and span unlike some of the others – the mere sight of the mess on the counter top would instantly change your mind about eating their noodles.

7七夜cafe (2.307862, 111.848497)…

…is located off Jalan Sena in the blocks of shops opposite Jalan Deshon on the right, the same side as Wikitea.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

9 thoughts on “Not like mine…”

  1. Still intrigued by that Bovril on noodles, still havent make one but it is on the queue of my things to prepare.

    I never had it before I got married. My wife cooked for me to try – she always had it in her family…and there had been no looking back since. So good, so nice!!!

  2. I don’t think I like the noodles with Bovril though I have never try it. I would prefer the original taste with the minced meat only. Pian sip, anytime for me.

    Tak kenal maka tak cinta. Everybody says they do not like Bovril, they do not like Marmite…but what I cannot understand is why the new stock is always sold out so very quickly. Now you see it, now you don’t. If you do not buy and keep, once out of stock, you will have to wait for a very long time!

  3. One of the thing I still need to acquire to. Bovril!! Haha. The taste and smell too strong for my liking.

    Yes, love the ceramic plates they used. Much better than those plastic ones.

    Yes, you did not like it when I cooked it for you. Actually, you can just add a bit for a hint of the Bovril and add soy sauce – I usually do that as Bovril is expensive, can’t use a lot and not so nice if it is all Bovril.

  4. I have yet to taste noodle with bovril added to it. We usually have pian sip in soup.

    In my growing up years, we only had pian sip in soup and as a kid, I did not know how to handle hot soups, so I always ended up burning my lips/tongue. That was so painful! Thankfully, there is the dry version now…and even the deep fried ones at some places. Those are very nice too

  5. Oh dear, mee Bovril with no Bovril taste. What a let down!

    You can imagine my disappointment after waiting for so many days to go back to give a try. I was heartbroken, to say the least!!!

  6. I’ve never heard of mee Bovril until today

    You haven’t? That meanc that you missed all those times that I blogged about it? That is most disappointing!!! I’ve blogged about it so many times – very nice with mee sua…and I’ve also cooked it with noodles and mee pok too.
    Too bad Bovril is expensive, not that affordable if you want to make a profit out of it!

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