After six…

After six comes…


…seven, of course! LOL!!!

This is a nice, little one-shoplot café, not to be mistaken with this food court by that same name. My girl dropped by there once with her colleagues for lunch not too long ago and she had this chicken doughnut with rice…

Se7en chicken doughnut with rice

…and she liked it.

We went there for lunch again the other day and she gave their Alfredo pasta (RM9.90 lunch promotion with a free drink)…

Se7en Alfredo pasta

…a try and yes, it was to her liking.

The mum had their Korean spicy pork rice (RM12.90)…

Se7en Korean spicy pork rice

…add RM1.00 for a glass of very nice and refreshing fruit tea and it came as no surprise that she loved it. She’ll love anything Korean and my girl tried a bit and gave her nod of approval too. These ladies, anything kim chi, they will like! Hehehehehehe!!!!

I had their Bovril minced pork pasta (RM11.90)…

Se7en Bovril minced pork pasta

…with a glass of fruit tea too for an extra RM1.00. I saw on Facebook that they had this dish and for a long time now, I had wanted to come and try but I never did. Well, it was nice, just that I feel this one here had a slight edge over it plus it was only RM5.00 there but then of course, that was a coffee shop and this one’s a classier, more comfortable air-conditioned café.

What caught our attention was how every dish had an egg, poached or fried in it, I wonder why. Service was all right, all the young eager beavers ready to please – we spoke Mandarin the whole time so I’m not too sure if they’re conversant in English or not but considering that the food ain’t too bad, we sure would not mind dropping by here again.

SE7EN CAFE (2.280045, 111.840458) is located at No.38, G/F, Jalan Aman, right next to The Pallet BBQ Steamboat & Buffet.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

9 thoughts on “After six…”

  1. I must say from the photos the food looks very appealing. Though not a fan of Korean cuisine, but what you missus had makes me drooling.

    I tried a bit of the pork, it was very nice but no, I did not touch the kim chi, thank you very much!

  2. The Alfredo pasta looked creamy, with egg on top. I would enjoy that.

    My girl said it was nice, not over-creamy. Some places so rich and creamy, after a few mouthful already jelak.

  3. food looks good. and quite unique too…e.g: Bovril minced pork pasta & chicken doughnut with rice. (I want that chicken doughnut with rice. hehe…)

    “These ladies, anything kim chi, they will like!” <—- LOL! HAHAHAHA!!

    Muahahahahaha!!! You find that funny eh? LOL!!!

  4. All the food looks good. I don’t mind korean food and am a fan of kim chi. Good that you try this little cosy shoplot cafe.

    Took a while but in the end, I did go and try. The other side of town, kind of out of the way.

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