He’s gone…

I was here in January this year and I saw everybody having the lor mee so I followed suit. It was very nice and when I shared the post on Facebook, somebody said that the guy was somewhere else before and his kampua mee was very good too. However, I never went back again until the other morning.

I did not notice initially as I was not that familiar with the guy so I just placed my orders at the stall…

The stall

…and went to take my seat.

While I was sitting there, I felt something was amiss and when my orders came, one look at the plates and the presentation, even the plates used, told me that it was not the same people anymore. I asked the Indonesian helper and she confirmed that they were new and the previous guy had gone.

The pian sip (meat dumplings)…

The pian sip

…tasted all right but no, the skin was not all that thin and soft and smooth but thankfully, it was not hard or chewy and rubbery either so I was fine with it.

In comparison, the kampua mee

The kampua mee

…fared much better even though it was not all that strong with the lard fragrance. Nonetheless, I thought it tasted all right, just that there are better ones around like this one right round the corner, currently my favourite in town. Both my orders were RM3.00 each.

The guy came over to talk to me later – he said that the previous one had gone and he did not know where (I bet even if he did, he would not tell me!) and they were actually the chu char people at the back of the coffee shop. I remember a long time ago, I did stop by to tapao some of the nice dishes among their chap fan selections  but I had not done so for a long time now.

Something at another stall in the coffee shop, not open yet at the time, caught my attention while I was there – fried oysters or to be more specific, fried oyster omelette or or chian. We do enjoy that so perhaps I would be coming by this way again soon to check it out.

XU MAMA CAFE (许妈妈茶室) is located at No 5, Jalan Ramin (Ramin Way), opposite what used to be Star Cineplex or Cathay Cinema a long time ago.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

5 thoughts on “He’s gone…”

  1. well, luckily the new stall serves acceptable kampua mee. RM 3 nett for each dish is really a very good price.

    There are places selling at RM2.80 or less but generally, it’s RM3…some even more. The sellers do not seem to have an association so the prices are up to each individual.

  2. I like the plates/bowls they are using. Yes, the pian sip skin doesn’t look as thin and smooth but if it acceptable to you, I guess they are alright. I would love the pian sip though.

    The taste was all right and though the skin was not as thin and smooth till translucent, at least it was not rubbery or chewy.

  3. Ooo. Oyster omelette. Hope you get to try it.

    Kampua, somehow without lard doesnt taste good. Lol.

    There is the lard fragrance but not as strong as at some other places. The lard can be the downfall of many kampua places too, in fact – sometimes there is an unpleasant smell, dunno where they get the lard from. I hear you can buy in bottles at the market.

  4. o chien is my absolute favourite! and i love it best when it’s not so wet. (mad craving now. haha!)

    Bet you have not tried the Sarawak version, they call it our Sarawak pizza, thin and crispy, very nice too!

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