Here once again…

I was here in 2013 and yes, I would say if you are looking for very nice authentic Sibu kampua mee, this is one place…

Hock Sing Cafe

…that you should check out.

It certainly took me a long time to come back but it was not for any other reason other than the fact that this coffee shop is in the bustling ever busy town centre and parking can be a pain.

My sister bought a packet for us one morning and my missus had it when she woke up for her breakfast and there she went, praising it to the skies! I found out that it was from this stall here so the other morning, since I was in the vicinity at the break of dawn, I decided to just walk over and order a plate of their mee pok, the flat noodles (RM3.00)…

Hock Sing kampua mee pok

…to enjoy. They use stewed pork here, not char siew nor the char siew-wannabe – the boiled pork, coloured red.

I did try their pian sip, dry..

Hock Sing making pian sip

…on my previous visit, our local Sibu version of the wanton (meat dumplings) that they call kiaw in Kuching, and this time around, I bought their pian sip soup home for my missus and yes, it was good.

I ordered their liver soup, small (RM2.50)…

Hock Sing liver soup

…to go with my noodles and it was nice too though I did think it could do with a bit more of the traditional Foochow red wine.

I was early that morning and boy, there were already so many people at the coffee shop, coming and going. Some looked like regulars, there every morning – I saw an old man comfortably perched on a chair, both legs up. It has been around for so long, from way back during the days when my missus was still single and with the kind of business it seems to be enjoying, you can bet it will be around for a long long time.

HOCK SING CAFE (2.290070, 111.827620) is located along Jalan Wong Nai Siong, facing the Sibu Taxi Station and the Sarawak Hotel. 

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

10 thoughts on “Here once again…”

  1. I always go for the original noodles for kampua, never try mee pok. I guess the taste is the same. My favourite kampua place is at a food court behind McDonald at Kota Samarahan known as Kanowit kampua. Not as big portion as yours though.

    I guess it’s the same, just flat instead of round. I love Kanowit “red kampua” – my friends from Trengganu said they enjoyed it more than the kampua mee in Sibu. I wonder if those people came from there and whether the kampua is the same.

  2. “parking can be a pain” – I immediately turn in the other direction 😉

    That was why I never went back all this time but I am quite often in the vicinity very early in the morning and parking is not that much of a problem…just that I usually do not head in this direction. That morning was an exception.

  3. If the food is good, customers will keep coming back and that will keep the business alive for a long time.

    Exactly! But here, there is the problem of the landlord getting greedy and wanting to increase the rent so they will move elsewhere or just close shop especially when they feel that they have had enough.

  4. In SG, they usually serve mee pok with minced meat, fish balls and some mushrooms, slurps!

    Yes, I know. I ate that a lot 1973-1974. The texture and taste of the noodles also different and the ingredients they are tossed in too.

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