Lovin’ it…

She’s lovin’ it, that girl of mine! She loves their sausage & scrambled egg sandwich and that is why I have dropped by their outlet here a few times already to buy that for her.

It was just past 7.00 a.m. the other morning and they had just opened for the day but there was already a long queue of no less than 10 people all lined up in front of one cashier’s counter – the rest were not open. It sure looked like they were under-staffed at this time of day but that was no excuse for the bits of egg shell in the egg. I shall remember that and give them a piece of my mind the next time I go there.

I saw their poster promoting this…

McD strawberry custard pie

– their strawberry & custard pie so I asked if that was available. I did not think it was as it was not on their breakfast menu but the girl was nice enough and said they could get it deep-fried for me if I did not mind waiting for 6 minutes. I told them that was perfectly all right by me – retirees like me have all the time in the world and we sure are in no hurry to go anywhere just yet – so I just sat there and waited.

I took it…

The pie

…home happily to try but no, unfortunately, it did not sweep me off my feet.

I love egg custard but I thought the combo…

The strawberry & custard

…did not work out too well. The strawberry drowned out the custard so much so that it might as well not have been there and other than that, I am not fond of pies and puffs deep fried – I prefer the baked ones.

My girl once urged me to go and try their big breakfast as she felt that it would be nicer than what we had here but when I went there for that once, I was distracted by their nasi lemak. Hopefully, I will get down to that one of these days.

MCDONALD’S SIBU (2.290644, 111.826028) is located at Shop Lot No. 2 (Ground & 1st Floor) and Shop Lot No. 4 (Ground Floor), Causeway Road (now Jalan Sanyan), directly opposite Wisma Sanyan (Parkson).

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

5 thoughts on “Lovin’ it…”

  1. I for one will never like this kind of breakfast. Don’t ask me why.

    Young people prefer the stuff here, I guess. Maybe they feel it’s more trendy, has a lot more class. I’d much sooner go for our own local delights, so much nicer…and so much cheaper too!!!

  2. I have not been to McDonald’s for quite some time. The last time I had their Big Mac, I thought it was just OK. I used to be crazy about it when I was a teenager.

    Me too! Loved it so much before…and then I developed a dislike for the pickles in it so I would pull them all out. Now, I no longer have the urge to go back for it…especially when there is only one outlet here, always crowded, long queues…and I, for one, do not like to queue for anything, never mind how nice!

  3. I have not tried McD food for a long time, perhaps I will go for the nasi lemak one day. They look very appetizing on their advertisements.

    Don’t expect anything like what you see in the photo. It comes in a cup with the rubbery leather-like egg on top, not in a banana leaf-lined plate, not at all. Somebody should sue them for misrepresentation – it is too way out!

  4. Egg custard with strawberry, strange combo.

    Different from what you have in Singapore. You think white choc and strawberry is a better combination?

  5. Confession: I haven’t eaten at McDonalds in over 30 years!

    Neither have I…until now, but not by choice – mostly for my girl’s sake. I do not see the attraction and it is not even cheap nor fast!

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