Not quite there…

I thought their kampua mee paled in comparison to the old lady’s when they took over her stall…


…and I did not like their Sarawak laksa at all when I tried it once and I do recall having their mee sua as well before and I was not impressed either.

My brother, however, enjoyed their kampua mee very much and everytime he came back to Sibu, he would walk over to the shop…

Delta Seafood & Cafe

…most every morning to eat it – my parents’ house was just round the corner.

Well, an ex-colleague, also retired like me, who seemed to be quite a regular here, shared a photograph of the lor mee that he had on Facebook, praising it to the skies and since the very nice one that I quite liked had called it quits or moved elsewhere, I thought it would be good to have an alternative.

That was why I went to the coffee shop and ordered a bowl (RM6.00)…

Lor mee 1

…to try and yes, it was very nice. Their own-made chili dip was really good and spicy too.

I did not quite care for those frozen fish balls – wouldn’t mind if they had used their own instead and I was not crazy about the tofu puffs…

Lor mee 2

…so maybe the next time when I come here for this, I would ask them to leave them all out and give me one whole egg instead of half or a bit more meat.

But wait a minute! Now, where’s the kangkong (water spinach)? They were very generous with the vegetable but how can it be lor mee without the kangkong? Tsk! Tsk! I would agree with my ex-colleague that it was nice but, no, it’s not quite there – there’s still some room for improvement, I’m afraid.

DELTA SEAFOOD & CAFE (2.307832, 111.825125) is located along Lorong Delta 10, in the blocks of shops somewhere right behind the public swimming pool there.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

5 thoughts on “Not quite there…”

  1. Your bowl of lor mee looks good. Maybe kangkong out of stock and they replaced with green veg.

    That will be the day, kangkong is always available…and cheap! No love lost though – I’ve read stories about all those “thang” (worms) hiding in the hollow stems so I sure do not mind going without. We seldom have kangkong at home as well and when we do, we eat only the leaves…unlike outside, all the stems.

  2. I dont know there is kangkong in lor mee. Or probably I rarely take and dislike the flavour so I dont know much about lor mee.

    Yes, the gravy is a bit gooey, with cornflour added and a little sweet…with a bit of fermented beans (taucheo) and five spice powder plus a bit of egg in the gravy. I wouldn’t say it’s my favourite but I do not mind it sometimes for a change…just that what they call lor mee around here these days isn’t anything like what we used to have long ago in my younger days. No sign of any of the beans and no five spice fragrance and no egg, not the same anymore.

  3. I am not a big fan of processed meats so would probably skip the fish balls anyway.

    I don’t mind own freshly-made ones but not those frozen ones sold at the supermarts – heard some horror stories about the making of those and they’re mostly flour (and artificial taste enhancers) anyway – will expand and turn really huge when boiled. Not a standard ingredient for this kind of noodle dish so no reason why they should include those.

  4. Oh! I had no idea that lor mee comes with kangkung hee..hee.. It’s one of my favorite vegetables and so cheap!

    Not mine, except with sotong kangkong, we hardly ever buy it. I’d much sooner go for paku or midin or cangkuk manis. “Cold”, they say, kangkong.

  5. Seldom see fish balls in our lor mee in sg, normally it’s fried fish slices.

    Originally, none of the two in our lor mee – just char siew slices, hard boiled egg and kangkong.

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