The music played…

Personally, I do think that it matters a lot the songs and music that people play at their cafés and restaurants, and needless to say, the volume at which it is played. For one thing, what they pick should fit the theme of their eatery – if it is Italian, then some nice Italian melodies would be very nice, not the current or retro pop hits that stick out like a sore thumb.

I like it a lot when they play the very sweet and soothing keroncong songs or some light ethnic sape music at Payung Café or even some light jazz music – it just complements the comfortably relaxing ambiance of the place…unlike the ear-splitting techno music they had at one place here – I just could not wait to finish eating and rush out of the place!

I was at this new place…

Sarindu 1

…in town and they were playing something like this lovely guitar acoustic versions of the Malay/Indonesian songs and it sure made me feel good and dining there a pleasure.

According to this article in a local Malay tabloid, it is an Indonesian franchise…

Personalised plates

…and yes, I did go to the kitchen at the back to talk to the guy – he is Indonesian all right, assisted by a not-so-young local Malay lady. It is located in the vicinity of what they call the Sibu Twin Towers…

Sibu Twin Towers

…near the Lau King Howe Hospital Memorial Museum in the Sibu Town Square Phase 2.

It is not a very big place, somewhat simple with hardly any decor or ambiance to talk about…

Sarindu 2

…but you can go up the stairs to the air-conditioned section on the first floor. I was quite happy to stay where I was, with my feet on the ground.

Looking at the prices on their menu…

Sarindu menu

…it certainly appeared that things here do not come cheap or at least, not as cheap as at the regular coffee shops.

Even water was RM2.00…

Sarindu MOMA water

…but at least, they served the much-talked about MOMA water – if I am not wrong, this costs more than mineral or drinking water.

My missus had their sotong bakar (RM14.22, inclusive of GST)…

Sarindu sotong bakar 1

…but it did not come with rice so we had to order that separately (RM1.60, inclusive of GST).

The sotong or squid…

Sarindu sotong bakar 2

…was very tasty and also very nicely done, just right and not overdone till it became hard and rubbery.

I had the ikan tenggiri bakar (RM12.40, inclusive of GST, with rice)…

Sarindu tenggiri bakar 1

…and the fish was nicely done…

Sarindu tenggiri bakar 2

…too and tasty. It was not all that sweet and nice as the fresh ones I would get from the market or here or whatever fish in whichever way they would cook it here but with the sambals/sauces they gave…

Sarindu sauces

…I quite enjoyed it.

And of course, the music that they played helped…in one way or another.

Presently, they do not have any off days so they are open 7 days a week from 11.00 a.m. till 11.00 p.m. and till 12 midnight on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays.

SARINDU (2.291510, 111.821170) is located at No. 15, Jalan Lau King Howe in the vicinity of the Sibu Twin Towers at the Sibu Town Square Phase 2, a stone’s throw away from the Lau King Howe Hospital Memorial Museum.

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16 thoughts on “The music played…”

  1. Both the sotong and fish, I like…

    My missus enjoyed the sotong, said it was very good. I would have loved the fish if it had been nice and sweet – didn’t expect to get one whole fish, thought they would give just a slice.

  2. Very nice name, Sarindu. I like how they serve the dips in those spoons.

    There’s one place here – they served their three sambals in small batu lesung but the rough stone bottom made scratches on their table tops so they now use those no-class-at-all melamine saucers, not nice anymore. Seldom go there now anyway, poor quality control and not cheap, same as here.

  3. I love Indonesian cuisine. Somehow the food fits my taste. Hehe.

    Oooh. Sotong. My favourite. Must be fresh and sweet. Not so rubbery. Soft yet firm at same time.

    If it’s rubbery, it’s overcooked. My missus loved the fact that the one she had was perfectly done, not rubbery at all.

  4. Absolutely – the music choice and volume can create a pleasant (or not so pleasant) setting.

    Dunno if those people in the business are deaf or they just love loud noises. I get so pissed off at some places.

  5. Newly developed area? Sotong looks good but might be a little too dry to go with rice

    There are all the sambals and of course, the sotong and its thick sauce, worse when eating ayam penyet where they serve plain white rice by the side. Yes, this is a new area. Most of the shops are still vacant.

  6. Wonder why yours was served with rice but not your missus. I would love the sotong. Looks yummy.

    Maybe the sotong is meant to be enjoyed on its own, not supposed to go with rice?

  7. One of the reasons many go to Satellite chicken rice at PJ is that they always play tasteful 80s music 😀

    Tasteful’s the word. Careful selections, not whatever the waiting staff enjoy and definitely not at full blast.

  8. I had to use the Google Currency Converter to see what the price of water was…it looks like RM2.00 is .49 cents US…for bottled water we usually pay between $1 and $2 per bottle here…however, most places don’t charge for tap water. (Unless it’s drought season in California/Nevada, for example)

    I do not mind paying if it is bottled water…but often, they just serve tap water, filtered or straight from the faucet with ice added and charge quite a bit of it. That really puts me off!!!

  9. Waiting for restaurants or coffee shops to play 1950s 60s music, i will visit often even if the food is alright!

    So far I’ve heard some retro selections from the 80’s, don’t think they go as far back as the 50’s and 60’s – I guess the owners are not that old to have those in their selections. 😀 You’re new here, eh? A warm welcome and thanks for commenting. From Sibu, currently in the UK, by any chance?

    1. I am so sorry for my late reply, i didn’t expect you’d reply 😆 I’d be so excited if coffee shops play loud chinese/english oldies 😁 Yes i am new here, found your website when i was googling Sibu food lol. Yes from sibu 😁haha but not in the UK anymore.

      I see. I do reply to every comment I get – I am not crazy about blogs where they never bother – makes one feel like one is talking to the wall. The same – no response. Yes, I do get a lot of people goggling and dropping by as a result. Always glad to have company. You’ll stick around, won’t you? Cheers!!!

      1. Me too, nice to know you! Yes i still love Sibu, it’s the best. Best food, low living costs so on! Cheers back!

        Great for old pensioners like me, laid back, relaxing and not expensive. Like the lane where I stay, generally all old people, the children are all some place else. A tad boring, not so happening for the young ones – they would come back on special occasions to enjoy the only-in-Sibu food they miss so much.

  10. I feel the same. Hope it would see more developments, more people coming back as well. Some of my cousins are not living in Sibu now. But i think that makes special occasions even special.

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