Much more…

Well, looking at the crowd here…

The Pallet BBQ steamboat & buffet

…either they enjoy having BBQ steamboat, which I do think would be a lot of fun if in a big group, cooking and eating and chatting away, or they do think that more, much more, is better.

We got there quite early but they would not let us sit at the tables by the side where there was a lovely breeze and it did feel quite cool and no, I would not want to sit in this area…

Outdoor seating area

…thank you very much! I can imagine myself perched precariously on the high stool desperately trying to keep my balance lest I would fall to the ground like Humpty Dumpty. LOL!!!

In the end, we sat inside which was quite hot despite the big fans but what put us off the most was the very irritating extremely loud techno music blaring from the speakers above our heads. They do not seem to realise that this is an eating place, not a club or a discotheque.

The charges were as displayed…


…and they sure were stricter here so I had to produce our MyKads, my missus’ and mine to prove that we were indeed senior citizens. No, they do not allow doggie bags either; you can’t take home anything, not even the bones and if you cannot finish what you’ve helped yourself to, you will be charged…

Don't waste

…accordingly and the digital weighing scale on the counter sure showed that they really meant business, so don’t play-play!

You can have all the drinks you want…

Drinks counter

…but we just stuck to the cooling herbal tea and honey chrysanthemum by the side and no, we did not request for any of the fruit juices…

Fruit juice counter

…available either. There were fresh cut fruits as well…

Fresh fruits

…and these cooling dessert drinks…

Cooling dessert drinks

…and puddings.

There was ice cream…

Ice cream

…too for anyone thus inclined. I did try the soft ice cream from the machine at the side, the strawberry, but no, I did not like it. For a start, I was put off by the colour and it was very strong on whatever essence used in the making.

This is the cake counter…

Cakes & herbal eggs

…and no, I have no idea why they had the herbal eggs here in this section. I did take one to try though; I always saw them outside some Chinese medical stores at the malls and I liked the medicinal fragrance but I never got down to buying one. Well, I would not say that I liked it a lot – I would very much prefer our regular lor nui (stewed eggs), minus the herbal taste.

There was sushi


…too but none of us had any but I did try the sandwich from this section…

Sandwiches & the rest

…and no, there was too much mayo in it for my liking.

The Sarawak laksa

Sarawak laksa

…was all right, nothing to get excited about and I think this was supposed to be either some not-very-well-wrapped bak chang (meat dumpling) or lor mai kai


…which was all right, a little on the sweet side which is what I would say about their chicken curry…


…that was, in my opinion, too sweet and not quite like curry…or maybe it wasn’t curry, I wouldn’t know. They should pay more attention to their labels as you may see something outside and when you open the lid, it was something else.

I did enjoy their honey chicken wings…

Honey chicken wings

…which were a lot nicer than their fried ones – I also took one of those to try.

Yes, they sure had a lot for one to pick and choose – I did not take photographs of everything as I got bored halfway. Hehehehe!!!! For one thing, if one were to eat everything in their buffet spread, I don’t think he or she would have much tummy space left for what they had for their BBQ steamboat.

We did enjoy the chicken…


…but not the beef as the black pepper sauce they used to marinade it was way too overpowering.

We’re not all that fond of the sea crabs…

Sea crabs

…but we were ok with the prawns…


…and the slipper lobsters…

Slipper lobsters

There were so many things and I was wishing they had more quality instead of quantity. They had cockles and mussels too but they were so so small that there was hardly anything to eat inside. I saw a lot of people helping themselves to the crustaceans, the slipper lobsters especially but I hardly saw anyone taking the yong tofu

Yong tofu

…for instance. We did not take any either as they were stuffed with meat, not fish paste.

I loved the soup…

Nice soup

…towards the end when it had become really very sweet from all that had been cooked in it.

I wouldn’t know if I would ever go back again but I do know that if I do, I would not want to sit inside anymore, not with the horrendous techno music, of that I’m sure. I went to pay the bill and yes, I did show our identity cards, and the total for the three of us came up to RM98.90.

Just as we were about the leave, the ladies manning the counter called me over and refunded my money – they said that my ex-student who was there with his friends that night, Daniel,  had picked up the tab. I think I saw him in Penang in 20i1, and another time in 2012 when he was back in Sibu but I had not seen him since he started working – now he’s a full-fledged doctor at the Sibu General Hospital. That certainly was most thoughtful and generous of you, Daniel, thank you so very much for the treat!

THE PALLET BBQ STEAMBOAT & BUFFET (2.279919, 111.840359) is located at some new blocks of shops along Jalan Aman, on your right if you are coming from Jalan Lanag and your left if you are coming from Jalan Wong King Huo.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

15 thoughts on “Much more…”

  1. Interesting, Arthur. Never heard of a place that charges customers for food that has been uneaten…and not even allow them to have a doggy bag!

    It is pretty common at those eat-all-you-can places here though I have not seen any that are very strict about it.

    Trust us Asians. There was a place with a sign that said that “sharing would be charged accordingly”, meaning that if one person took the buffet and piled everything in his plate…and all the rest would just pick and eat from that same plate, the whole group would be charged, not just that one person. First time I’ve heard of people wanting to takeaway anything from the buffet.

  2. I’m really sensitive to noise. Too loud would be reason enough for me to leave.

    I dunno if some people are deaf or what. There is a supermarket here – the music is so so loud all day long, I wonder how the employees can stand it. I would not last a minute, will rush out and go some place else right away.

  3. Wide spread of food to choose from. Same over here, especially steamboat places, charging people for food wasted but never heard of for doggy bag. That’s ridiculous. I also can’t stand the loud music blaring from the speakers, makes my head spinning.

    Yalor. Many would want to take home to bones for their pets. Dunno why they would not allow that – will save them the trouble of getting rid of them. My girl was quite upset by the loud music – that certainly ruined the dinner for her. I am sure she will never want to go there again.

  4. I missed having steamboat outside. Used to do that a lot with friends during single days. And usually same price for all ages except kids get half price. Nice to know different charge for senior citizen. Maybe they do it now, I don’t know. Long time did not visit such establishment. Now a lot of those steamboat outlets that look like pub from outside. Tinted windows, cannot see inside. Haha. I like having mine outside with breeze than in the restaurant.

    No, thanks. So hot I would be dripping in no time at all. I enjoyed steamboat outdoors in the Cameron though, so nice and cool there. There’s one popular one in Rejang Park at the corner near where you were staying when you were in Sibu – the food is good, you did not go and try?

    1. I know that place. No, never been there. Haha.

      So near yet so far. The fried kway teow is the best in town, maybe nicer than any in Kuching too. Hehehehe!!!

  5. lol, i can just imagine you perched on a high chair! 😛

    Laugh! Go ahead and laugh! Hope you will not be this same shape and size when you are my age. LOL!!! 😀

  6. Has been quite sometimes since I eat steamboat, as age catching up, can’t eat much…

    I wouldn’t mind those where they give you one big pot with everything inside…and that is all. Last I asked at one place here, it was RM45.00 each but of course, the prices vary according to what you ask for to be put inside. I am sure for RM100, we will get quite a lot of the “good stuff”, a lot more worth it.

  7. Thas quite a selection here you wont even get half that much of selection. But I agree I will prefer quality over quantity

    Can’t possibly eat everything, that’s for sure so I wouldn’t mind less but a better selection instead. Still, at around NZD10.00 per head, that’s a steal you are not likely to get over where you are.

  8. Unlimited fruit juice? It’s quite worth it if that’s the case.

    Don’t tell me you’re going to drink all you can to get your money’s worth! That will certainly keep you busy all night long. Muahahahaha!!! 😀

  9. That’s an excellent selection of food there. Such variety!

    Yes, variety though not quality. Could do with a bit less of the cheap stuff and more of those worth enjoying and paying for.

  10. heheh … the cute part though is that they’re not 100 percent convinced that you’re senior citizens, and needed your identification 🙂

    Maybe that was because we look so young. Hehehehehe!!! I was charged the regular price at the other BBQ steamboat place and they amended the bill when I told them…and they did not ask for the IC, not that fussy there.

    I do think it is nicer at that other place, all the sliced meat to be grilled, but there is pork, none here.

  11. That is really a lot of food to eat. I like the fruit juice the most but you did not take that. Haha.

    You’re such a nice person that every where you go, you are blessed with equally nice people. Your ex-student Daniel is such a thoughtful guy to pick up the tab and surprise you like that.

    Yes, it was so sweet of him, thankful that I do have a few nice students like him, grateful and they remember.

    I was not keen on placing the orders for the fruit juices and waiting for them to do it. That was why I did not bother.

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