Four years…

It has been four years since we last dropped by here for the simple reason that we did not enjoy what we had then. We used to – a lot but probably they had a new chef or something so we never bothered to go back there again. Well, we decided to check it out again that day to see if there was any improvement plus it was a good place to get out of the horrendous heat around here these past few weeks.

My missus had their claypot kway teow (RM12.00)…

Claypot kway teow

…and she said it was good while my girl went for one of the 5 set lunches for the month of June, their tom yam lamb (RM9.00)…

Tom yam lamb

…that came with a bowl of complimentary tofu & salted vegetable soup…

Complimentary soup

…and she liked it a lot too.

I went for their nasi lemak (RM13.00)…

Nasi lemak

…which was not lemak, the rice, that is, but the sambal was good, different from the usual but good.

The last time I had this, there were two sticks of satay – one beef and the other chicken – by the side and I was quite sure I saw beef rendang in the menu but there was none. Ah well!!! At least the fish was nicely done…


…and the egg yolk…


…was not overcooked though it was fried using the ring, not really the way I would like it.

I guess just by the look of it, it is nowhere near as nice as what one can get at Nyonya Colours in KL for around that same price…but then again, this is at a hotel coffee house and generally, things are more expensive at such places. Too bad the food is not necessarily nicer than elsewhere less classier and cheaper.

Incidentally, all the aforementioned prices are exclusive of the 6% GST and 10% service tax/charge but all in all, I would say it was a pretty nice lunch and I liked how the place was nice and cool and quiet, a good place to go for drinks and sit and chat all day with friends…and nobody will bat an eyelid.

COFFEE GARDEN is located on the ground floor of the Garden Hotel (2.288920, 111.831052), a stone’s throw away from the Sibu Gateway & Chinese Horoscope Park…

Sibu Gateway & Chinese Horoscope Park

…along Jalan Kampung Nyabor at its junction with Jalan Huo Ping.


Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

11 thoughts on “Four years…”

  1. There used to be a place that serves fried fish with nasi lemak in midvalley mall but it has closed shop now because business wasn’t good. Your nasi lemak with the fried fish looked quite ok. I would try the tom yum lamb. Never seen this combination before here. RM9 seems like a good price. Why is the nasi lemak more expensive than the tom yum lamb dish?

    The tom yam set is currently on promotion – fixed price, all five in the list to choose from. They have a new list every month, probably to attract those on lunch break.

    Yes, the nasi lemak was all right – if only the nasi was lemak. It was like plain rice but I was fine with it, eaten with all the sides.

  2. Did not go to this place. The food looked decent.

    Used to be really good and we went very very often. Then they renovated and refurbished the place, prices went up, food quality went down. Even our favourite waiter there said so, said they had a new chef…so we stopped going. Now, it seems ok again…but like all hotel eateries, not all that cheap.

  3. Prices are still okay considering it is a hotel coffee house, not too bad as compared to those hotels here

    Yes, and the food is quite good too. Some here may look good, expensive but not nice.

  4. All in all food looks good except the fried egg using the ring. There used to be a fast food stall in my area using this ring for their fried egg but quite sometimes ago I notice they are not using it anymore. Back to using the kuali style. Maybe the fried egg not selling well, just my guess.

    Most people are not bothered, I guess and they do not care even if it is overcooked till the yolk is like hardboiled.

    1. Me! Me! In fact I like it better when the yolk is like hardboiled. 😀

      Yes, I know. Many love it runny…like my cousins last time when they were little – they would tell the maid they wanted the yolk like nanah (pus). Ewekkk!!! 😀

  5. Missing the chap farn… like the fried fish, the crispy type especially, some parts of the bones can be eaten too 🙂

    You can get the same or similar type of fish there, sea water, generally all the same everywhere, just need to know their names in English. I bought a mackerel in the UK and fried – turned out to be tongkol. I thought it was tenggiri.

  6. I have not try claypot kway teow before too…

    It is more or less just kway teow soup cooked in a claypot, nothing really fancy.

  7. Yes, so very hot lately. It’s horrible 😦 Well, the food seems to have improved since the last time your were there.

    Yes, probably with four years’ experience, the chef has improved a bit…or they now have a new one, I wouldn’t know.

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