A whole new world (2)…

I’ve been here a couple of times before and I’ve enjoyed some of the stuff available here…so before I arrived in Penang, I was telling everybody that I would check in at the hotel and take a cab to the New World Park and start gorging myself with all my favourite Penang specialties that I could lay my hands on there.

However, I changed my mind upon arrival as I thought I could walk to Prangin Mall & 1st Avenue after eating…but when the taxi from the airport drove past all these places, it looked like it was a bit too far to walk. But when I told dear ol’ Eugene, he kept on insisting that they were all within walking distance and a little bit of walking would do me good.

Well, like I have said in my previous post, that Saturday morning, after our breakfast and walking along Penang Road, my cousins and I saw Tune Hotel and knowing that this food haven is situated right next to it, I suggested that we walked there…and that was what we did…and we walked…and walked…and walked…and it felt like we were never going to reach our destination. Thankfully, we finally did…and by then, I was already completely drenched in my perspiration!

An ex-student of mine, Daniel, is currently in Penang doing his one-and-half-year clinical after his stint of an equal length of time in Dublin, Ireland…and he wanted to meet me while I was around on the island. I told him to meet us at the place and so, there he was! It certainly was nice seeing you again, Daniel, after all these years…

Of course I had the cendol all to myself…

New World cendol

…while my cousins shared a bowl and they said that it was way better than what they had at the infamous Gurney Drive Hawker Centre the night before.

Actually, we shared most of the things we ordered like the chee cheong fan, Penang-style with the hay kor (prawn paste)…

New World chee cheong fan

…and I insisted that they should try the or koi (yam cake) served with chilli sauce  and hay kor and topped with fried dried shrimps…

New World or koi

I had to try the otak-otak which, of course, is the Penang-style one that is different from the very popular Muar otak-otak

New World otak-otak 1

It was very nice…with a slice of fish as a base and everything else in it…

New World otak-otak 2

I must say that it was better than what we had at the nyonya restaurant we went to the previous night and I’m sure it was way cheaper too.

Daniel ordered the pasembur which he said was different from what they sell elsewhere…

New World pasembur

…and true enough, I really liked it – quite unlike what I had at the Indian place along Penang Road (that is famous for its Indian soups) and a lot nicer.

Well, all of  us sat there and chatted as we ate until around noon when we all headed back to our respective hotels…and I had to clean up and change to get ready for my lunch date. Who did I go out with for lunch? Well, you stay right there – I’ll be right back… LOL!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

41 thoughts on “A whole new world (2)…”

  1. Wahhhhh… the cendol… looks very yummy… better than the one in Muar Restaurant, I suppose?

    Any place is better than that miniscule RM1 one! I wish they would just charge normally and serve a really good one instead. That’s the only thorn in the flesh where that restaurant is concerned. 😦

    1. yummy cendol.

      aiyo rm1…what to expect la.

      Eh…the CCF looks like the one at Madras Lane behind petaling street

      I think they have something like that somewhere in Paramount too. Pete took me there once…

  2. is cendol a dessert?

    Yes…the green jelly and the soft boiled red beans with shaved ice plus coconut milk and evaporated milk and lots of fragrant gula melaka (coconut sugar). Nice!!! 😉

  3. errr what’s that brown mushy -like dish covered in Banana leaf? It doesn’t look good but i’m sure it tastes better than its appearance right?

    It’s fish and Penang-style, they have this egg custard and this one had a thin slice of fish underneath. VERY nice…with the fragrance of all the herbal leaves and what not. Some people do not like the egg custard though…and prefer the otak-otak from the states in the south (Johore…Muar’s the best, they say) – more like fish cake style (fish ball texture).

  4. sigh, are you promoting penang? feel like need to go there eat lah. lol!

    Just going through what I did/ate day by day in Penang mah…leading up to the wedding. I think that will be on Wednesday. 🙂

  5. p/s: i sign in my bf’s fb to like ur post, hope u can win lah!hehehe

    No chance. I saw another one over 250 LIKEs…and even this blogger, Tian Chad’s – 150 LIKEs…a bit more than mine. But thanks, anyway.

    P.S. You’re not coming home to vote? Under-aged?

  6. Hi. Is this Prangin Mall & 1st Avenue in front of Sunway Hotel? If not, care to give me the coordinates? Thanks

    As for the Teochew Cendul, did you try the supposedly the most famous hawker stall at 5.41715N,100.33067E or the air cond version near Komtar Walk and belonging to the same owner at 5.41648N,100.33022E? I thought the Ice Kacang at our Rinta is just as good.

    That’s what they call the Phua Chu Kang cendol. Was not open when we walked past that morning. Too early! Penang people not like Sibu people. Even the one at New World, we had to wait till much later before we could have it…but it was o.k. as we sat there chatting and resting and cooling off for a long long time.

    Rinta? Aiyor…it has dropped in quality so VERY badly since the first few times I had it there – both Kpg Datu and Sg Antu outlets. I loved it so much before but now, rest assured that I would never go there ever again!

    Get the coordinate for Komtar – they’re all side by side…and Prangin & First Avenue are linked like Sanyan and RH…and likewise, one part of Prangin and the other part.They’re beside Traders’ Hotel – formerly ShangriLa.

    1. It’s easy to get the coordinates for Komtar at 5.415283, 100.328169 but which direction from there? Left? Right? Top? Bottom?

      Talking about Phua Chu Kang quality. The drop in quality of this place a year ago and now is even greater than at Rinta. Seems like nowadays, everything is dropping in quality? Or is it us that’s the problem instead?

      I had it once only a long time ago so I don’t know if the quality has dropped. My friend told me this one at New World is equally good…and I do think it is good – wouldn’t mind going there and having it again.

      Top of Komtar? You’ll get to Lim Guan Eng’s office, if I’m not mistaken. Muahahahahaha!!!!

      1. Wrong choice of language. I should say, which direction from Komtar? East or West or North or South of Komtar?

        Dunno. Look that up yourself… >.< Incidentally, in which hotel do you usually stay when in Penang? Sunway? They say there are some nice food/hawker stalls in that area. Never been – anything you think is worth going/staying there for?

      2. I had stayed at Red Rock and Northam before. Jalan Selamat is right around the corner from Red Rock. BTW, is Jalan Selamat Char Kuey Teow the same as Sister Char Kuey Teow? If not, where is Sister CKT?

        Nope. Not the same – some say Sister’s better, some say not better…and I hear they even have an outlet in KL…but I’ve never tried so I dunno how good it is. Dunno where it is either.

        P.S. I stay in cheap hotel (5.4303551N 100.3179029E) – single RM60 on weekdays and RM65 weekends. Throw in RM30 for taxi to some place and back…still cheaper than those hotels. Decent and clean, that’s the most important.

      3. Have you tried Ah Leng Char Koay Teow? This fellow said it’s good and fortunately for me, he did list down the GPS. So I will definitely going to try this one next time.


        They’re more or less the same – both o.k. and prices also very o.k. LOL!! (Pssst…that was the blog that praised the nyonya restaurant to the skies…and when we went there, we were “quite” disappointed. Ah well…I guess she liked the place and as I’ve always stressed – One man’s meat is another man’s poison.”)

      4. That hotel of yours seem to be about 2+ kilometer from Komtar. Assuming you took 2 trips downtown, that will come up to RM60+RM60 or RM120. The last time Tune Hotel had an offer, I think it was about RM60 with air-cond and it’s location is definitely better for hawker food. You can have Sunway for about RM150 and it’s more in the thick of action plus superior room.

        When I go out, it will be one trip to wherever and at the end of the day, one trip back to the hotel…and that day, the guy charged me RM12 only to Penang Road (Cititel taxi stand) and my cousins took one from the more exclusive and expensive gHotel to the same place and they had to pay RM15! The taximan saw me so poor, so kesian… LOL!! I called Sunway once…and the receptionist was very rude so I just hung up. Never bothered to call again. Cititel, Penang Road is RM158 if you book online.

        P.S. Tune Hotel? No, thank you…

    2. Ha ha. The only Tune Hotel I ever stayed was the one at LCCT during transit. Ya, they have jumbo sized room, if you know what I mean.

      I may not exactly be claustrophobic but I need space…and I’m sure you know why. LOL!!!

  7. Have you tried the Bangkok Lane Mee Goreng? Know where it is?

    That was the Indian one I went to:
    …very near the hotel where I was staying. I thought it was quite nice…but not something I would want to go for again and now RM5. One blogger has this to say about it: “Not only it is overrated, it is also overpriced.” And it was RM4 then…

    1. Google and found it at 5.431889, 100.312374

      On overrated. It’s funny. A friend told me the Nasi Kandar Line Clear was overrated and but rated the Bangkok Lane Mee Goreng highly. Guess we all have to try it out ourselves.

      One man’s meat is another man’s poison. What I like, you may not – I’ve always stressed on this…and what I say I like in my blog is entirely my own opinion. If you go there and you do not like it, just don’t come back grumbling about it – not my problem. Like I’ve tried things at no less than 10 stalls at the Gurney Drive hawker centre and I did not like any…but the crowd there every night obviously do not agree with me, not at all.

      1. Ah tQ Kong cant remember the road name until I saw your comment..so it’s Bangkok Lane..haiya ya ya. Btw they have a branch in PJ sorry cant remember the road name or rather numbers. As I passed by I saw the guy goreng-ing the noodles and said hm very familiar, chat with him and found out he came down to PJ and his brother is goreng-ing in Penang. Wow expansion huh..

        See! You don’t have gps…and now every place you can tell exactly where. Muahahahahahaha!!!!

      2. Bangkok Lane mee goreng. Seng Lee Café, 270, Jalan Burma, Georgetown, Pulau Pinang, 10050, Malaysia

        Know the address is one thing, knowing how to get there is another.

        I would rephrase that – getting there is another. If you depend on walking alone, you will have to stay where there is a lot of food around. Taxi in Penang is VERY expensive – RM15 to anywhere in the city centre – even from one end of Penang Road to the other (walking distance). Otherwise have to depend on friends or rent a car (I think around RM100 a day and rent a gps to tell you the way).

      3. And unlike KL or Penang, I do not see taxi roaming the street so thinking of getting around is impractical with taxi. Beside, like you said, it’s expensive. So for my next trip with friends, it will be a rented car. I have no intention of renting GPS because I can always use my phone’s to save cost. Furthermore, the phone’s camera can take photo with geo-tagging for future use. And sharing with friends.

        On car rental. I was quoted RM150 all inclusive (except petrol, of course) for a Saga. Know of any other reliable and cheaper rental?

        The hotel where I stayed has a counter – didn’t really check but I remember seeing something like RM80-100 a day for a Kancil, dunno the name of the company.

        P.S. My friend took me to this one – the ckt is very good too. Unfortunately I do not recall exactly where it is located. http://www.soshiok.com/article/12692

        P.P.S. Ok…got the car rental company now, but in website no mention of a Kancil. http://www.kasina.com.my/

  8. hey, u made the food in New World Park look so yummylicious! u know, that was the only place I know how to go when I took my kids and my mum and all… cos it is just walking distance from the Royal Hotel… but from Good Hope Hotel…wow! it was quite a long walk la! hahha… next time u stay in Royal… if u want to skip the buffet breakfast, there is a food court right behind the hotel where it is famous for its koay teow tng and the hokkien mee! but u must wake up a bit early cos by 10am, everything is almost finished.. do stay there for a change with your family next time.. govt rate not too expensive for 3 of u… hehehe….

    Oh? There’s one BEHIND the hotel? I was looking around but I did not see any eating places – none to the left or right or across the road…so I was telling myself that it would not be a good place to stay.

    Will consider that hotel next time I go to Penang – I would want to stay at different places so that I would know what they have all around that area – like how I know the Red Garden area so well, now can give Eugene the directions already. Hehehehehehe!!!!

    Besides, I think I’ve enough of that nasi kandar shop near Good Hope. Btw, we did not walk from Good Hope, Lord have mercy! We took a cab to Penang Road and walked along there…and then we walked from Penang Road to New World. Not that far…unless you’re old and fat like me. Hehehehehehe!

  9. Oh dear missed again ..my favorite Pg chee cheong fan in Island Glades where I stayed for more than a decade. Bananaz would love to eat them ‘unopen’ but nowadays for speed purposes they are all not ‘open’ just like your pix. Had chee cheong fan in Red Garden but still prefer that kopitiam called ‘Genting’ as it was love at first bite for Mango.

    Yalor…so preoccupied with Mango, did not take me along to eat at all these places. Sulk! Sulk! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  10. Learning a lot about Penang. Well, Arthur, one day, we’ll have to do an eat-till-you-drop tour of the place. I know I have the perfect tour guide.

    Ya…or you can get all the gps co-ordinates from our friend…and all your worries are over. LOL!!! 😀

  11. Haha otak otak and chendol..reminds me of my old counterpart *also my cikgu in Mandarin* from Taiwan who was based in Penang for a year name is Billy Chang, *Ed knows him too*. Pulled a fast one on him that the otak otak is monkey brain & chendol are some kind of green worms hehe…Food wise he is OK not that fussy just cant take spicy food. One thing I learned from him is his comments on the beautiful trees along Kelawei Road. He kept saying each time we passed that he can hardly find these huge beauties in Taipei. That’s right many of us would walk through the forest without seeing a single tree as we took things for granted and never appreciate them until we lost em.

    I love the old buildings in Penang – will post on them soon. As for the big trees, we have a lot here in Sibu – some roads have very nice ones…but the last I heard, there were complaints and requests for them to be cut down as they block the view of drivers. I refrain from making any comment on that…as I have not come across any when I drive around town.

  12. just a thought for you, have you ever wonder why the rojak pasembur always get along with the cendol??

    Do they? Not that I know of. I’m sure if you go to the famous Hameed Soups, Penang Road…you wouldn’t be able to get cendol there.

  13. Wah! Keeping all of us in suspense on who you had lunch with must learn to use this tactic. Any prize for guessing it right? 1.Could it be the lovely pohpia skin towkay neo in Chowrasta market? Not to worry we wont tell your missus our lips are sealed but will tell to the whole world or 2.the CM himself since you mentioned Komtar & YB’s name sort like giving out signal? Y/N?..~;).

    Like the drama series on tv mah…all those soaps will always end with a cliffhanger to make sure you will come back and tune in the next day for the next episode. LOL!!! Who could it be now? Muahahahaha!!!! 😀

  14. Yes!…another round of Penang food…Promoting Penang kah?…

    Oh dear me!…looking at the food makes me hungry though I have my lunch already. Good to know you are eating good stuff during yr recent visit to Penang.

    All the food looks delicious. Love the cendol, chee cheong fun, Pasembur and yam cake but the yam cake looks different from what we have in Kuching. For the otak-otak, I think I would just leave it out!…hahaha!.

    Will there be another round of Penang food tomorrow?

    I have not posted on my return flight yet so you can bet it will still be in Penang and on Penang food. 🙂 Why? The otak-otak is really very nice – I loved it! Must have that again should I get the chance. 😉 The steamed yam cake in itself should be the same, I guess – just that it is served differently. I’ve tried it at home and it turned out just as nice:

  15. Gorgeous food!
    Good thing you do not live in Penang or you’ll be double your current size! haha~~

    Hmmm…isn’t that a consoling thought? But then again, if I were to live there, I probably would be bored with all that and be craving for Sibu kampua and kompia or Kuching laksa and kolo mee instead… 😉

    1. True that. Home is where the heart is, eh?

      Yup, east west, home is best! In fact, when I got home after the trip, 1st thing – kampua! And my cousins in Kuching – kolo mee! LOL!! 😉

  16. A whole new world..next time don’t fly MAS or AA come onto my carpet bro shall take you around..haha. The New World Park reminds me of an unforgettable incident when I was a kid, wait not telling here *aha learning fast from you using your tactic lolz* may wanna post in my random fact hehe.

    Enjoy the song <a href="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=89r_wWz0NoM&feature=related&quot; " A Whole New World "

    Hahahaha!! Ok, will wait till you post on it and then I’ll see what it was all about. You take me around in Penang? Sure or not…but you’re in KL leh? No wonder you’re so kind as to offer… You’re not there! Hahahahahaha!!!!

  17. i really love the cendol over there!! yummy…

    Johore cendol not nice kah? Go Singapore…the nyonya cendol there should be great but of course, should be more expensive lah! Our money no value mah.

  18. So how long did it take for you to walk to New World Park? LOL! But all the walking made the food so much more delicious eh? Hehe.. Waiting for your next food adventure in Penang!

    Dunno. We did not time ourselves…but we were attracted by some old buildings along the way and were busy taking photographs of them. Will post them soon… It was a nice walk and thankfully, there was a slight drizzle earlier so it was not hot… As for my sweating, I would be sweating even when i just sit down quietly doing nothing, believe it or not. 😉

  19. more penang food! Aiyo, you’re making me feel like driving down to penang soon just to makan all those great food. Wah, these 2 days been so busy until didn’t even have time to blog, but one great post will be up soon tonight!

    I really do envy you for having the spirit to blog daily STP!

    You lah…Penang lang glamour, want to work in KL. I know lah…so very busy rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous, the bold and the beautiful etc…how to blog everyday? LOL!!! 😀 Not spirit…but discipline, my friend…self-discipline. 😉

  20. but that hay kor or we called it yam cake looks too whitish la… like not enough UBI!!

    Can’t tell the difference – all the chilli sauce and the hay kor and the hay bee. Ya…the ones here not so white…and some have chunks of yam in them…but none of all those things to make it taste nicer. 😉

  21. after the long walk, that bowl of cendol sure cool you down! haha…and it is worth walking for all those good food, isn’t it?

    Yes, definitely! Worked up an appetite and then could eat some more. LOL!!! 😀

  22. Cendol, nice nice nice..i remember i had one at Lorong Selamat, they add sarsi into it, so so nice!!

    Last time at my old office, i got Penang colleague, everytime when they come for meeting, they will bring yam cake for us, it is really really nice, but i don’t know where they got it, they said must order in advance, I miss that.

    KL to Penang so near…can drive up anytime. Or go to Malacca or to Ipoh, so very easy – all the nice highways…not like what we have here in Sarawak…so miserable.

  23. I like this post…all the food you had in Penang looked so nice! The cendol, che cheong fan, yam cake, otak-otak and pasembur…. all I feel like eating right now! (I had early dinner tonite, so looking at all these food is quite torturing). So, all these can be found next to Tune hotel?

    Yup…so if you stay there, you can go next door every day and eat and eat and eat. Lots more but we had breakfast and could not sample all that they had to offer. Would probably take a few days to eat everything there… 😉 And the place looks very nice too – not like that Gurney Drive Hawker Centre.

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