Wherever I go…

When we were in Penang, on Friday night, my cousins from Kuching told me that wherever I went the following morning, they would want to follow…and I would have to take them to all the nice places to eat all the nice Penang specialties. Oh dear!

So it was that we agreed to meet at Penang Road around the Cititel Penang taxi stand and go for breakfast at this coffee shop that I like and used to go every morning when I was staying in the vicinity.

The kway teow th’ng stall was not open when we got there so almost everybody had the Penang char  kway teow (with duck egg)…

Penang Road - char kway teow

…which I would think is one of the nicer ones around and one had the Penang har mee (prawn noodles)…

Penang Road - har mee

They also ordered the lor bak

Penang Road - lor bak

…and there was no problem at all since we were so early in the morning. This stall is so popular that around lunch time, you would see long queues there and whatever comes out of the wok would be grabbed within seconds – one would have no opportunity whatsoever to pick and choose what one prefers and wants to eat.

I noticed that the price for the packets of  nasi lemak at one of the stalls there had gone up to RM1.30 from RM1.20 in September, 2009. That’s all right, I guess – 10 sen only after all this time and it is still cheaper than what we can get here in Sibu. However, if you look at the photo in this old post, I’m sure you would agree that ours look a lot nicer. Hehehehehe!!!

After breakfast, we walked along Penang Road but unfortunately, at 9 something, it was a bit too early for city folks so most of the shops were not open. We stopped by the Chowrasta Market where one can get to see a lot of pickled stuff…

Chowrasta Market - pickles

They bought a few items that they wanted like assam laksa paste and hay kor or rojak paste and they were enthralled to see this lady making popiah (spring roll) skin…

Chowrasta Market - making popiah skin 1
*Gerrie’s photo from her Facebook album*

Gee! I was surprised to hear that they had never seen somebody doing it before…

Chowrasta Market - making popiah skin 2
*Gerrie’s photo from her Facebook album*

…and it looked so interesting to them.

Then we went on straight ahead along Penang Road towards Komtar and along the way, we saw Tune Hotel. I suggested that we walked there instead because New World is located right next to the hotel…and after all, nobody was exactly keen on going to the shopping malls around Penang’s tallest building and signature landmark and we did…but that would be in the next post. Stay tuned! LOL!!!

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