Mulanya di sini…

Gosh! It has been well over a week since my niece’s wedding on the 3rd of April, 2011 and finally, I am able to put up a post on it.

Over the years, Yvonne had been so sweet as to offer to help whenever my daughter, Melissa, needed to go back to Sungai Petani via Penang. She would meet her at the airport, usually on a Friday, and take her to her apartment where she would spend the night and the next day, Saturday, she and Jonathan, now her husband, would drive Melissa back to her institute in Sungai Petani. That was why the least I could do to reciprocate would be to show up at her wedding and I was not alone…

The clan @ Yvonne's wedding
*Alicia Toh’s photo*

Quite a number of my cousins from Kuching, KL and KK were there too. The wedding was a pretty formal black tie affair held at the gHotel in Penang.

This is the mum, my cousin, helping the daughter dress up for the big day…

Mother & daughter
*DanielYapChewSing’s photo*

…and this is the group photograph of the bride’s side of the family after the ceremony…

All in the family
*DanielYapChewSing’s photo*

Here is one of me and the blissful couple and my cousin (whose daughter got married in Penang in November last year) and her hubby…

The couple with the Tohs & a Wee.
*Alicia Toh’s photo*

…and after the wedding, the banquet followed. It was held in the grand ballroom with a very interesting and entertaining programme lined up. Jonathan, himself a Masters degree holder in Music, played the violin to serenade his bride…

Mualanya di sini
*HongMayLing’s photo*

The song was the one-time very popular hit of the group, Freedom, Mulanya di sini.

Then, there was the toast, of course…

The toast

…and their first dance as man and wife…

The first dance
*DanielYapChewSing’s photo*

…for which they specially chose the song, “So this is love” by James Ingram.

Jonathan sometimes jams with his friends in some jazz bands in Penang (and Yvonne too – she plays the saxaphone) and all of them came in full force to play and sing at the wedding banquet. I must say they were all very good and I certainly had a delightful evening enjoying all the musical presentations lined up. Jonathan joined in as well to play bass with one of the bands…

Jon plays bass

This was a very touching emotional moment between Yvonne and her father that evening…

Father & daughter
*DanielYapChewSing’s photo*

…that moved all and sundry present especially those of us who are very close to the family. Sobs!!!

As for the food served at the banquet, you will have to come back to have a look in tomorrow’s post… You will, won’t you?

Most of the photographs in this post are not my own. What I have done is to look at all the others that have been shared on Facebook and pick the ones that I like best – the ones that truly reflect the beauty and the emotions at this very joyful and special occasion. If there is any objection from any party concerned with regard to any photograph being used, do let me know and I will promptly have the photograph removed. Thank you.