Lemon tree…

I took this photo sometime last week…

Bandong, Sibu umai

…but I thought I would not want to use it and if I’m not mistaken, I think I’ve blogged on it before. For the uninitiated, this is the Sarawak umai – essentially raw fish with sliced chillies and onions in calamansi lime, usually eaten with sagu‘ (sago pellets).

Not wanting it to go to waste, I uploaded it on Facebook and was amazed by the response it got…and one of the comments was from an old friend of mine, Dorothy, who now runs this cafe in Petaling Jaya…

MigLemon Cafe PJ

The specific details are as follows:
MigLemon Cafe
No. 7, Jalan PJ Selatan 5/28
Pusat Dagangan PJ Selatan
Tel: 03 77856299 or 0173045299/0168932626

She says that she serves umai at her eatery and also the celebrated Sarawak laksa

MigLemon's Sarawak laksa

…and the equally popular Kuching kolo mee

MigLemon's Kuching kolo mee

Dorothy was working at the TanahMas Hotel in Sibu initially before she was roped in to run the Harbour View Hotel in Kuching…and then she opened a restaurant of her own at the Kuching Waterfront and I think before that, she was running the Sarawak River cruises. As for how good the things on her menu are, I would not know as I had not had the opportunity to sample them before. Perhaps those of you around PJ and the kawasan2 sewaktu dengannya can drop by to try and let me know your verdict?

Well, if you are not adventurous enough to give the Sarawak delacacies a try, you can stick to the more familiar lane and have her nasi lemak or curry mee instead…

MigLemon's curry mee

…or if you’re into something western or continental, there is the spaghetti meatballs…

MigLemon's spaghetti meatballs

…and the burgers as well as the chops.

But if you’re a rice person, then you can try what-she-claims-to-be the very popular Indonesian fried rice…or the lemon chicken rice…

MigLemon's lemon chicken rice

This deep fried banana dessert looks good…

MigLemon's deep fried banana dessert

…but I would strongly recommend that you try this love of our lives that goes all the way back to our teenage days loitering at the Ban Chuan coffee shop…

MigLemon's jelly pisang

– the jelly pisang…or what we called cherry pisang at the time and while you are there, you can ask Dorothy the whole history behind this dessert drink. As a matter of fact, when she went to work at that hotel in Kuching, she introduced it at the coffee house there…and the fad caught on like wild fire – so much so that now, you can get it at many cafes in the city.

So, what are your plans for the Easter weekend? Perhaps you can head to MigLemon and give it a try? Bon appetit!

*Photos from Dorothy’s albums on Facebook (except the 1st one)*