If I can’t have you…

If I can’t have you in Sibu, then I will have to wait till I go to places like Penang, for instance…and I’m talking about Indian food, by the way. LOL!!!

I called Eugene when I arrived in Penang that day but he was busy and not wanting to disturb him, I went for lunch at this nasi kandar shop about 100 metres from the hotel where I was staying, Kapitan’s the name. I had the nasi bryani but I wanted the sotong (squids) and the fish instead of meat that people would usually eat with the rice…

Nasi bryani sotong and fish

And good grief!!! That cost RM11.00! Was it because they could sense that I was not a local and this was an opportunity for them to hone their knives…or that would be the usual price for something like that, I’m not too sure.

Then Eugene called to tell me that he would be dropping by, after all. I said I already had my lunch but he insisted on coming since his appointment was much later, at 4.00 p.m. He said he would take me for something light like pasembur but we ended up having Indian noodles instead at a coffee shop somewhere in Pulau Tikus. He had the mee rebus – Indian-style…

Mee rebus - Indian style

…and I had the fried noodles…

Fried noodles - Indian style

It was very nice but at RM5.00 a plate, I would not say that it was cheap. They had sotong in it, I noticed – perhaps, squids are very expensive over at the peninsula.

The next morning, I went over to the nasi kandar shop again for breakfast as I just had to have their roti jala

Roti jala 1

I had this on my last trip to Penang and I loved it a lot. Unfortunately, I did not take a photograph of it then so this time around, I wouldn’t want to miss out on that again. It came with chicken curry and some other sauces or dips…and once again, I enjoyed it very much. I would definitely want to go back there again on my next trip to Penang just for this.

Roti jala 2

I went there again for lunch on Sunday afternoon and this time, I had the nasi bryani with grilled lamb which came with these…

For lamb bryani

…but at RM8.50 for this…

Grilled lamb bryani

I would think that our mutton (curry) bryani in Sibu is cheaper and a lot nicer.

On Monday morning, before I checked out from the hotel to go to the airport, I hopped over to the shop again for my last chance to have something Indian and I had this chicken chapatti

Chicken chapatti

…which cost only RM2.70 but in my opinion, it was not that great. To me, it was something like very thick and tough popiah skin.

So that ended my feast on Indian cuisine on my recent trip to Penang. I wonder when I will get another chance to savour more of that.  Sigh!

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