I wanna know…

This is the bigger version of the mihun  (rice vermicilli) or what we call tua tiaw bee hoon

Delta's lakia hung ngang 1

…and what I wanna know is whether this is what people call laksa and you can find it in a bowl of Penang assam laksa.

Penang Air Itam assam laksa
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The Foochows call it hung ngang and it is usually eaten in a ginger and Foochow red wine-based soup of preserved vegetables and chicken or fish or whatever – what they call zhao chai hung ngang

Zhao chai hung ngang
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My daughter loves it and she would even cook her own sometimes when she’s home but I’m not that crazy about it. That was why the other day, I ordered that but fried lakia (Dayak/native) style instead…

Delta's lakia hung ngang 2

And that is another thing that I wanna know – which is why they call it lakia. Normally, people will order lakia mee (noodles) and the only difference I can notice is that they add chillies to it…

Delta Cafe's lakia mee
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If I remember correctly, they used to sell lakia mee at my school canteen and theirs would have a bit of belacan (dried prawn paste) but I’m not sure whether they have that elsewhere in the coffee shops outside.

Anyway, back to the lakia hung ngang that I had, I must say that it was pretty good. You can drop by that Delta Seafood Cafe & Restaurant (GPS coordinate: 2.307942,111.825264) to give it a try…