The music of the night…

This is a follow-up post to the one yesterday on Von & Jon’s wedding and the focus will be on the food at the banquet that evening at the gHotel in Penang

The rose

The bride and groom and their parents were seated at the main table on an elevated platform at one end of the ballroom…

The main table

…and a copy of the menu was placed on every table…

The menu

You can see the couple’s musical influence in the names given to all the dishes that night.

The first dish was the Four Seasons, renamed the Fab Four which was how people used to refer to the mop-topped Beatles when Beatlemania took the world by storm…

The 4 Seasons

The sharks’ fins soup was called Beyond the Sea

Sharks' fins soup

…but I  would have used the French name of the song, “La Mer” instead though – for a touch of class. LOL!!!

I loved the ‘O Pato’ plays the guitar – the duck dish…

Roast duck

…and if you do not understand the name, neither do I. Hahahahaha!!! But  it was really nice…and though it was a teeny-weeny bit tough, it did not stop me from eating so many pieces (despite my being quite toothless) so much so that after I was done, I had to request for some toothpicks for some major excavation works. ROTFL!! As for the name, I would probably call it “Disco Duck” after that Rick Dees’ one-hit wonder.

The King Crimson – the prawns with butter and salted eggs were absolutely heavenly…

Butter salted egg prawns 1

…and rest assured that I did not settle for only the two that they reserved for me while I was at the washroom when the dish was served…

Butter salted egg prawns 2

Jimi Hendrix and the Psychedelic ‘Shrooms Experience?

Sea cucumber & broccoli

Nope! This blurry photograph was certainly not the result of me going on an all-time high on this dish and though it definitely was better than many that I have had, it is still not something that would leave me addicted and craving for more. As any musician would tell you, once in a while they might hit a flat note or two and it’s exactly the same with photographers. Muahahahaha!!!

The Supreme Jazz Chord was good…

Steamed fish

…except that the very moment it was served, they decided to call everybody from the bride’s side onto the platform to propose a toast and by the time we came back to the table, it was already a little cold. I wonder why they did not use those food warmers – the ones with little candles or whatever underneath.

As for the You Belong To Mee

Fried noodles

…I’m afraid nothing can compare to the Foochow fried noodles that we have in Sarawak in general and in Sibu specifically.

Finally, blame it on my sweet tooth or whatever but I loved the dessert so much – the Ice Ice Baby

Sweet dessert

…and I lost count of how many helpings I had. It was thick and rich…and some said it was like melted ice cream but say what you want, I loved it and I certainly was glad I could have everybody else’s share. Hehehehehehe!!!

All things considered, it was a delightful evening with the absolutely splendid dinner and the place, the entertainment, the company…everything was great!

So once again, Von and Jon – all good wishes from me and the family for a lifetime of bliss and abundant blessings. Cheers!