A whole new world…

BDQ, my niece, came to take me and my daughter to go and eat this “RM8.00 Penang char kway teow” in some lane here but it was the beginning of the Hungry Ghost Festival and the shop was closed. They had set up some altars and stages all over the town…and there were a whole lot of burning of joss sticks and Hell money here, there and everywhere. In the end, she brought us to this relatively new place in Georgetown – the New World Park…

New World Park 1

I heard that it’s owned by Robert Kok, one of the most loaded in the country. We went there for lunch and it was quite crowded…

New World Park 2

This is a stall selling pies…

New World Park 3

…but the truth is I wanted to take the photo of this curry mee stall…

New World Park 4

…because among the options, you can choose to add some “cocker”! LOL!!! I had this plate of char hor fun

New World char hor fun

…which was really delicious for RM5.00 only (egg added). My niece had their Penang char kway teow

New World Penang char kway teow

…while my daughter had the chicken chop with garlic gravy (RM7.50)…

New World chicken chop

…but she felt she could get something like that, or perhaps even better and more substantial, in Sungai Petani for only RM3.50. I also had this for dessert – black glutinous rice (pulut hitam) with santan/coconut milk…for only RM2.00 – it was really heavenly…

New World pulut hitam

…and we also had this steamed or-koi (yam cake) with a sprinkling of fried dried prawns/shrimps (looked more like bubuk to me) and hay-kor (prawn paste)

New World steamed yam cake

…which tasted absolutely great and was really worth having!

After lunch, my niece sent us to Queensbay Mall for a bit of shopping…but that would have to wait till another post!

Have a great week ahead, everyone!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

22 thoughts on “A whole new world…”

  1. Good morning Suituapui! Guess what? Today I’m the first commenter. Muahahaha πŸ˜€

    Ya…teacher on holiday, so very free, eh?LOL!!! I was first in yours too yesterday…

  2. The food is so yummy! I mean from the photos and your words lar. I wonder when I can visit the place. πŸ™‚ The chicken chop with garlic gravy is a really special. :)\

    Gosh! Malacca is so very near Penang…. You can come anytime you want, and I’m sure you have lots and lots of blogger-friends here!

  3. Good morning, STP… the other day when i was in penang, i went to new world too.. i haven’t post up the pics yet, it will be in my food blog.. the char koay teow gravy looks heavenly …

    I guess it must be the latest attraction. That one with the gravy was the char hor fun! It was really good…a lot nicer than the one I had at Red Garden or elsewhere.

  4. See i told you guys, next time you come to Penang, but scout for me, i am the taiko here,,,,hahahahah, you dont have to pay 8 bucks for char koay teow.

    i know the alleys and the lanes(back and front ones) like nobody does, i will take you to places you never thought existed hahahah..

    take care bro

    alleys and lanes, back and front…??? I wonder if you’re talking about food! LOL!!! No, you’re not the taiko…you’re the YAB, everybody everywhere seems to know you! So femes!!!

  5. Hmm.. price of cocker quite cheap in Penang eh.. HAHAHAHAHA

    Bet that tickles your fancy… Hahahahahaha!

  6. Wow, another round of nice food. time for lunch. Drooling after looking at all those nice food. Sibu can never get those snacks like the yum cake…sigh.

    Eugene, next time I will sure look for you if I go Penang. πŸ™‚

    Personally,I think it’s nicer to come to Penang than to go to KL, especially considering the question of food! And you will not regret getting in touch with Eugene. He’s such a nice guy, and his mrs too….and he will take you round all over Penang to eat…and eat…and eat….

  7. wah I’m really craving for some penang food right now. good to know you’re eating good stuff!

    Come on over…and join me here! I’ll be here till Saturday…

  8. Woah… i guess penang is not called the food haven for nothing… i’ve heard there’s a cendol stall near the penang bridge or somemat like that. They don’t have seats for you, only tables. They said the cendol there rockz

    Never heard of the one at the bridge…but the one stall along Penang Road is most famous. Even saw it on AFC. My hotel is along this same road…Went there before, but this time around, we’ve yet to make our way there. Been raining every day! Sulk! Sulk!

  9. Oh dear me….looking at the photos of the food makes me hungry………..where to get all that in Sibu? hahahahaha

    Sibu has its own nice food…but there isn’t so much variety. So many things to eat, so little time! LOL!!!

  10. My daughter would love the pulut hitam dessert. We can’t get good ones here in Kuching. The char kueh tiaw looks pretty delicious too.

    Back home we would just cook our own….whenever we can get hold of some or-chu-bee! Sabah a lot…

    1. I love pulut hitam too……I think you can try Golden Arch – the lady that sells the po-piah sells pulut hitam, bubur cha cha as well.

      Ok, Sophia…there! You can have your pulut hitam with your daughter! Guess she’s still home on vacation right now?….

  11. Oooo…..everything looked so yummy! (except that chicken chop thing – one of my least favourite ‘hawker food’). Hmmm……i wonder if the Asian grocer’s near my workplace sells taro/yam…..can attempt to make yam kuih this weekend, if they have.

    Hahahahahaha!!! I bet the sight of western food puts you off now. I told Melissa – give her a month or two in Wellington, she will not be able to stand the smell of the food in the uni cafeteria…and long for Maggi mee and nasi lemak liao!

  12. tung wei brought me & dudley here before. fantastic food there. πŸ˜€

    No sign of him…or any ex-student! Nobody bothered to drop by to say “hi”! Sob! Sob!!!

  13. i feel hungry everytime i read your blog.

    Don’t worry…you’re not the only one! And ain’t no surprise that my blog attracts flies…and ants!!! Hahahahahahahahaha!!!!

  14. Waaaaaaaaa, I haven’t been to this new place yet. Guess I have been staying in KL to long already. Should go back to Penang more often!

    So your chance coming this weekend! But if you ask Penang people, they do not like these new, clean, modern places. The best food, they say, may be found in the oldest, dirtiest, darkest unimpressive kopi tiams…even if it means squatting on a wobbly rusty metal stool by the crowded five-foot way to eat!!!!

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