By the sea…

My Penang friend, Eng, took my daughter and me together with two of his kids to this hawker food centre called Northam Court…

Northam Court 1

It’s a very nice place located by the sea, but unfortunately it was raining that night so we could not sit outside and enjoy the beautiful sea view. As a matter of fact, it rained quite a lot during those 8-9 days when I was on the island.

The kids went western; Eng’s had pork and lamb that looked kind of fusion to me…

Northam Court 2

Northam Court 3

…while my daughter stuck loyally to her chicken chop with garlic gravy…

Northam Court 4

According to her, this one was nicer than what she had at the New World Park.

I ordered the lam mee to see what it actually was…

Northam Court 5

…and personally, I feel that anybody on a brief visit to Penang should just give it a miss and opt for something else. Other than that, we had the or chian (oyster omelette) that I had featured in a previous post and also the lor bak which wasn’t too bad except that the photo came out blur so I’ve decided to leave it out.

The Penang char kway teow was good…

Northam Court 6

…though I prefer the one at Kafe Kheng Pin and the ikan bakar (grilled fish)…

Northam Court 7

…was nicer at Red Garden, especially the sambal dip that came with the fish.

All things considered, it was quite a nice place to drop by for a bite…and definitely anytime better than Gurney Drive.

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9 thoughts on “By the sea…”

  1. I’m on a roll today! Haha 😀 Yeah! Too bad you can’t feel the sea breeze beating your face aye. These few days, it rained a lot right? Hopefully this will not results in flood. 😀

    The pork and lamb is really presentable. And I’m sure it is very yummy too. Arrghhh…you make me hungry.

    The ikan bakar looks very funny. Like a piece of tyre….Hahaha 😀

    It was stingray (ikan parek) and it was quite nice. At Red Garden, we had black pomfret (ikan bawal hitam) which was very nice also…especially the sambal dip! Dunno about the pork and the lamb as I didn’t ask the kids what they tasted like…

  2. Eww…your lam mee looks like something from a hospital kitchen. Heh.. to be adventurous has its risks.

    Ya…but at least, I learnt something new! I’ve heard the name before but I didn’t know what it was like…

  3. Now i lagi angry lioa,,,,,when i wanted to take you around in Penang, you kept saying tired tired…full full… now i see, you dumped me for others…lu ho liao………………………….but then again i must still be friends with you, cos you are my english teacher ma……….

    hey take care now…

    Oh dear! When you see the next post, lagu tambah angry liao!!! Hahahahahaha!!! Aiyor…you took time off work one whole afternoon to bring me around, took me to eat the nice, nice food…and all the time you paid. So paiseh lah!!! Next time I go Penang, I bring lots of buah tangan from Sarawak to balas budi, and then, you can take me out more… Phew!!! Thank goodness you still consider me your friend! LOL!!!

  4. eugene always get angry with us… either u or me… hehe… next time better give him more buah tangan, then he will cool off.. right, Eugene?

    STP, i never been to northam court .. but looking at yr lam mee, i agree with u.. dint look appetising enough… but the kids’ western meals looked better.. so still got more posts on penang coming on? good!

    Just two more…and then I’ll start with my KL posts. Sigh!!! So much to share!!!

  5. Northam Court! Yupe! Been there. Love it there more than Gurney Drive. Anytime.

    Can’t stand Gurney! So crowded, tables and chairs old and wobbly…and the hawkers so unfriendly. You sit at their table and only one person eating from their stall, they will show their displeasure… Other stalls, have to order and self-service! They don;t serve if you sit at other people’s tables. And the food not that great either. Went once, never again!

  6. the filipino food at northam beach cafe is good. i always have the spaghetti + grilled lamb. oOoOooohh.. sedap!

    You’ve been there too?…I stuck loyally to the hawker food, but Mel said the chicken with garlic gravy was better than New World’s.

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