Say what you want…


I wrote this poem for a contest on TraxxFm and it won me a free one-night stay with buffet dinner for two at Hotel Melia (opposite Berjaya Times Square) in KL…

Like the rigid palas leaves
Bending but not breaking
Thus are the people
Of different colours, different creeds
Interwoven as ONE

Like the individual grains of rice
Tightly wrapped within
The diverse cultures
Of each and every single race
Merge together as ONE

The savoury flavours blend
With the sweetness of santan
Likewise, through thick and thin
The people endure the bitter and the sweet
Sailing through all storms as ONE

ONE people, ONE nation
Together side by side
Hand in hand in perfect harmony
Amidst peace, progress and prosperity
We are ONE, we are MALAYSIA.

Somebody has asked me why I have never published it in my blog all this while.  Well, the simple reason is that I just simply do not see that kind of true Malaysian spirit as I had spelt out in the poem anywhere in our midst, that we would just have to admit…and I did not want to sound pretentious or hypocritical and come across as an ostrich sticking its head in a hole and pretending that everything is all right. Well, THAT was in 2005, long before all this big hoo-haa about 1Malaysia, all that typically Malaysian ultra-superfluous pomp and pageantry like it is going to make one hell of a difference. Well, say what you want but I simply cannot foresee how that is going to happen when on one hand, one says this…

Headline 1

…and on the other, somebody else in the pack says this…

Headline 2

Just pick up any day’s newspaper and look at the headlines! Every day it’s the same old story…

Headline 3

It is always a matter of you or me…or even you and me, but never US!

Happy National Day, everybody, for whatever it’s worth! May God bless this country of OURS…

Turn back the clock…

I came to Penang last Friday (20th) to spend my daughter’s one-week break with her on the island…

Father & daughter

…and my radio-friend in KL, Mandy, was so kind as to arrange her work trip to coincide with my visit, so she could be around these parts at the same time and she even went out of her way to pick my daughter up at Sungai Petani and bring her over to the hotel on the island. Such friends are real gems, worth their weight in gold…and believe you me, she’s no lightweight or featherweight! LOL!!! Well, I’ll be seeing her again tomorrow in KL…

And a big thank you to you too, my niece BDQ and Jon for taking us out for lunch. Nice guy, I must say! Wonder when they will finally decide to pick a date…LOL!!!

And I am also glad to get to meet Shenton Geikie – a friend I made on Facebook…

Shenton and me

I knew the aunt way back in the 70s around the time when she was Miss Tourism Sarawak…and just imagine, after all these years and on the other side of the country, I got to meet her nephew. Life can be so interesting, don’t you think?

Then, there was also my ex-student, Mac, who also drove all the way from KL…


…with his friend, Joseph, who’s originally from Penang…


…and the two of them came in this black thingy…

Mac's car 1

Mac's car 2

…to take me out for lunch in Air Hitam. We had what Joseph claimed to be the best Penang char kway teow on the island…

Air Hitam char kway teow

…and then, we adjourned to another place where the two had Penang assam laksa, the best as well according to Joseph, but I was already too full by then and decided to give it a pass…

Air Hitam assam laksa

My best buddy from Penang, Eng, is back also and we managed to go out for dinner and so on a couple of times. If you can remember, he flew in to Sibu the evening before I left to come over here. He said he’ll be dropping me off at the airport tomorrow…before sending my daughter back to Sungai Petani. I am truly blessed to have such good friends all over…

We also went out for lunch at the Chinese Recreation Club (CRC) with Edmund, a close friend of mine from way back in 1973 when we were in Singapore – 36 years ago! I will have a post on that at a later date.

And last but definitely not the least, it is my honour and utmost pleasure to have had the chance to meet Penang-blogger, Eugene, and his very lovely wife and two sons…

Eugene and family

They were so nice as to take the afternoon off to bring my daughter and me out shopping and eating nothing but the best in town. Thanks so much, Eugene – I owe you one! Do come over to Sibu one of these days, you and your family, and I certainly hope that I can treat you all just as well.

Gosh! How time flies! I will be flying off to KL tomorrow, staying there till the 1st of September when I’ll be on the morning flight home! Then it will be back to the grind!….Sigh!

I reckon there will not be any updates while I am in KL…so everybody will have to wait till I get back to Sibu to find out whether I’ve been (mis)behaving myself while I am there. Have a lovely weekend, everybody!