Going bananas…

In my last post, I mentioned how I had to rush back to the hotel to change and freshen up for my lunch date but don’t worry as I did not have any secret rendezvous up my sleeves, not at all. Actually, I had agreed to go out with Bananaz who was home in Kulim for the Ching Ming Festival and he drove over to Penang to spend the rest of the day on the island. We had agreed earlier to go for lunch with his one-time working associate, Edmund, who happens to be my very old friend as well. Small world, eh?

We went to this place (GPS: N 05° 25.292′, E 100° 19.540)…

One Corner Penang

…and there we saw this mobile Indian hawker…

Mobile Indian hawker Penang

According to Bananaz, the guy used to park his vehicle outside his office when he was still working in Penang and he would buy food from him for lunch. I really liked the fact that he was dressed up so smartly like a real gentleman. Bananaz and his friend who came with him all the way from KL shared a small bowl of Penang assam laksa…

Mobile Indian hawker - assam laksa

…and we also had these cucur udang (prawn fritters)…

Mobile Indian hawker - cucur udang

…and kuih talam

Mobile Indian hawker- kuih talam

…both of which were nice but not something so great that I would want to come back all the way again for.

It was already way past 1.00 p.m. – almost 2, I reckon so most of the food stalls there were closed except for one lor mee stall. I ordered a small one (I wouldn’t be able to manage a big one – not after all that we had for breakfast and at the New World Park) and got this…

One Corner - lor mee wet

Actually, I had wanted to try the dry version but I did not order it right. This would be exactly the same as the lor mee that we have in Sibu except for the spoonful of sambal belacan that came with it.

The guys insisted that they ordered another one for me and Bananaz ate that bowl on my behalf instead. Eventually, what I had wanted originally came…

One Corner - lor mee dry 1

It was not really dry – in fact, it was swimming in some dark sauce like wantan mee and eyewwwww!!!! I wouldn’t want that chicken claw and thankfully, Bananaz helped me with that. LOL!!!

It turned out to be a mixture of mee (yellow noodles) and mihun (rice vermicelli)…

One Corner - lor mee dry 2

…and I really loved it! It was very nice indeed and I particularly enjoyed those slices of pig skin. Yum! Yum!

After that, we adjourned to a bread shop a stone’s throw away for “tea” but you will have to wait till another day for my post on that. I will blog on it eventually…so do be patient, eh? Hehehehehe!!!!

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

50 thoughts on “Going bananas…”

  1. I can make kuih talam… but it’s never perfect like my late grandma’s. 😦 Either too lembik or too hard… so gave up on it and just buy…but buy outside oso not that nice… it’s almost the same like mine too. 😦

    I can’t bake…and I can’t make these kuihs either. Never taught…and never bothered to learn.

    1. I was forced to learn…but can never get it right. I’m better off frying… lol… as you probably know… whatever I stuffed into the oven will probably come out blackened. Hahahaha!

      Oh well… can’t be good at everything…at least i can make some good savoury pies…used to make em for my son’s bekal as he loves them, but now that the oven is in oven’s heaven… no more…I just make stuffed toasts or spring rolls instead.

      An oven isn’t expensive – a small one,big for one chicken, good enough. Can do many things with that and a lot healthier than deep frying.

      1. Have yet to recover from the previous KABOOM. It was really scary. LOL!

        I wonder how it could have happened. I thought only microwave ovens would explode. Are you sure it was a conventional oven?

  2. You were really pigging out in Penang, weren’t you? LOL! And that chicken claw looked damn creepy!!!

    So skinny…like an old witch’s hand. LOL!!! 😀

    1. Zee oso skinny like me… come, Zee, let’s go pig out… LOL!

      The old Chinese people always say: Tham ciak, ciak bay pui… The greedy ones will eat but never grow fat. Obviously, I’m not greedy. Hehehehe!!!!

  3. will give dry lormee a try next time. Yr indian mobile reminded me of the portable locked up hut operated by indians serving biryani rice n curry evry where in new york city but didn’t try. U don like chicken feet? My son’s fav.

    Eyewwww…no, thank you. How did he acquire that taste? From those dim sum places that you frequent, I guess. Oh? They’ve such things in NYC as well?

  4. oh chicken feet!!! i love that…though i prefer it to be grilled…
    i’m sure you and bananaz had a great time….

    Sure did…and there was more! Come back to see the next post!

  5. That mamak kuih cum laksa seller,i have known him for like over 35 years already, no joke, he used to stay where i stayed and he would come around near my house in Rifle Range, and would be hooting away his horn strapped on the motorbike handle,,,now i think i would make time to go there and cari him and wallop my favourite the taukau cheien dipped with the laksa soup only.

    thanks for the memory……….

    See, Penang taikor! I do know things about Penang that you don’t, eh? LOL!!! 😀 It’s at Jalan Bawasah, Off Jalan Nagore…

  6. It’s funny. You don’t want chicken claw but you love the pig skin? If you are a Westerner, you wouldn’t want both. As an Asian, both shouldn’t turn you off.

    As for the Penang Laksa, I could never get use to them, including the last time at 5.40133N, 100.27804E

    Thanks for the coordinates.

    Never acquired the taste…and I just can’t get the picture of where they’ve been stepping on off my mind. Eyewwww!!!! As for the laksa, that’s the Air Itam one – best in Penang, they say… My friends took me all the way there…and when I saw the flowing water in the drain…and the seating conditions, the surroundings and all, I think I suddenly lost my appetite at that point in time…

  7. ahhh..that is the stalls I was talking about in the earlier post.. it is just right behind the Royal Hotel I was staying.. they do only morning section and by noon, Uncle will be there cos he comes later in the morning 🙂
    next time try their koay teow tng and hokkien mee…

    I see. Small world, indeed. We got there late so most of the stalls were closed. Perhaps I’ll stay at that hotel next time…but dunno when that next time will be. SIGHHHHH!!!!

  8. Dear Sir, you are killing me with all the wonderful posts on my favourite Penang food, I’m going bananas craving after all those yummylicious food *salivating* 🙂

    LOL!! Don’t worry. Only a few more days left and my Penang posts will come to an end. You’re from Penang or anywhere else in Malaysia. Looks like you’re currently in Indonesia somewhere? Anyway, welcome…thanks for dropping by and do come often to torture yourself some more. LOL!!! Will link you in my blogroll. 😉

  9. i dunno why but i dnt like lor mee. 😦 maybe i havent try the nice one yet. 😦

    The usual gooey lor mee is not my favourite – just something that I would not mind having once in a while for a change but this dry type was really great. Wouldn’t mind having that again…minus the chicken claw. LOL!!! 😀

  10. Have you been to Terubong Seafood at 5.38707N,100.27461E? Supposedly popular and selling fish caught by their own fishing boat. Not quite to my taste.

    Nope but I went to Tambun, mainland side of Penang…also a fishing village. Food was o.k. but I think we can get nicer stuff at Buntal or Green Hill or Mukah…

    1. I too been to Restoran Yen Batu Kawan in Tambun at 5.26425N, 100.42272E. It’s not comparable to KK’s seafood.

      Or Sandakan’s or Tawau’s…..

  11. Have you tried this White Curry at 5.41955N, 100.32459E? Saw it but not tried it. If nice, may try it next time.

    Nope. Nice or not. Read somewhere it’s curry without the chilli…and once the chilli is added it looks like normal curry. Don’t think I would want to try that – like fish head cooked in milk…no, thank you – give me the curry anytime…

    1. Talking about Fish Head Bee Hoon in milk. There is one much nearer at 1.50603N, 110.37550E but when I went there the last time, it was closed. So never get to try it yet. Will do one of these day.

      Go ahead. I think I’ll pass. Don’t like the “colour” of the fish against the milky soup….

      1. These 2 places have Fish Head that I liked. 5.92500,116.09168 and 5.96823,116.08350. And the “white meat” noodle at 5.98001,116.07259.

        Never heard any friend recommending those and besides, only two days in Penang, had to prioritise and eat the more popular, more famous specialties…and did not manage to eat all. Hopefully, can go on a longer trip next time when my daughter goes back to the institute in Kedah next year.

        Btw, do you, by any chance, have a blog? Sure would be so informative and useful with all the photos and gps coordinates… Will definitely be an ideal directory for anyone in search of good food in Penang or elsewhere…

    2. No, I do not have a blog. I could send them to you instead. Photo taken by phone can never be as good as taken with digital camera but it has geo-tagging.

      Many bloggers used hp photographs for illustrative purposes – I used to…and since yours would not be a photoblog, it would be perfectly all right. As long as can see… So, do consider starting one. I’m sure many would find it useful and appreciate it very much…and while you’re at it, you can throw in some tips on public speaking too like your fellow-club member http://blisspeace.blogspot.com/😉

  12. The gentleman was even wearing gloves! He looked as clean as a whistle!
    WOW! What high standards set for other hawkers who probably wouldn’t even bother about personal hygiene.

    I’ve seen too many hawkers spit, smoke & blow their noses near food.
    Never been back since.

    That’s why I was impressed by him…and the food was called covered with a plastic sheet. You should see the hawkers at the stalls opposite the institute at Sg Petani – never seen worse!

  13. Salute you!…just a short stay in Penang and you manage to savour alot of Penang goodies.

    The lor mee looks yummy!….but I would prefer just yellow mee instead of a mixture of mihun.

    Prawn fritters and kuih talam look nice too!…and of course, the chicken claw…me and my son’s fav….but not the slice of pig skin…EYEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!…

    The chicken claw reminds me of the dim sum boneless chicken feet…and mind you, in Kuching people are selling the boneless chicken feet (raw one) at RM12/- per kilo.

    Aiyor…so expensive. You can have all of it, no…thank you. LOL!!! Pigskin with belacan, yum…yum!! Too bad they’ve removed all the fat…otherwise, best lah! Drool! Hahahahahaha!!!! Well, just a few posts more…and then no more, end of the road already. Don’t when I’ll be in Penang again… 😦

  14. STP,…cepat, cepat, go and buy the motor bike number of the indian man. If you strike big, then you can book ticket and go Penang again to eat all the goodies!…

    The top part (white in colour)of the kuih talam is made of santan, rite and what abt the green part…also santan kah!.

    Yes! Yes! Must buy day after tomorrow…and hopefully, I will strike. Then I can fly to Penang again… 😉 The white part only – very rich and fragrant.

  15. Chotto matte kudasai..hopefully its going bananas over the food in One Corner Cafe and not Bananaz? Phew!..muahahaha.

    LOL!! Bananaz got Mango already mah… Hey, when’s the date? Let me know earlier so I can plan to go over – good excuse for me to go to KL again. 😉

  16. FYI that mobile Indian man speaks Hokkien quite well and his white ‘uniform’ is standard all the years. Imagine we could stand and eat his laksa wearing a tie. Have sat on bangku *stool* with tie eating wan ton mee in Pykett Street too no paiseh one haha.

    In Penang, have to be careful – Malay or Indian, do not badmouth them in Hokkien as many of them can speak the dialect exactly like the Hokkiens themselves.

  17. yeah you can seldom see such a well dressed man at the stall

    Some businessmen or shopkeepers even – they do not dress up so nicely.

  18. Thank God this was my best trip ever to the north after so many years of exile haha. When you told me about meeting Edmund & Bloggers on 02April, I was hoping the QingMing is in the same period. Few days later, my nephew knowing me very well that I will not attend sms me QingMing prayer is on 02 April. Huh law of attraction? Honestly, have not been back for QingMing after my parents passed on long ago. My relatives may think I’m not filial but cant stop their thinking but to continue with my nightly prayers for my parents at home. Bingo! It’s like a jigsaw puzzle coming into one perfect piece. What a rush to be able to do so many things in a day. Able to spent time with my step-mom in Kulim who was not well since CNY, caught my siblings by surprise during QingMing, meet up with you & Edmund for lunch, spent time with outlaws and daughter. Took a shower there and rushed downtown to have kopi ‘o’ with one close buddy until we met again in Red Garden with the bloggers. I am so glad we made this trip, thanks to you for being the catalyst.

    Everything happens for a reason – it certainly was nice meeting you again and it was a wonderful trip for me too, so very nice really. Don’t miss tomorrow’s post… More to come. LOL!!!

  19. That chicken feet …….my son will loves to have it !

    Gee! So many chicken feet lovers! I prefer pig trotters anytime. Hehehehehehe!!! 😀

  20. Hah..you don’t eat chicken feet?..tsk, tsk, tsk…what a waste! You eat pig skin?…EYEWWWWW!!!..,GROSS!!…hahahaha.
    I assume your diet has not begun since Mel balik NZ?..hmmm…lonnngggg breakfast, then sambung lunch..lepas tu ada tea lagi. Dinner and supper? Hmm..Arthur, nanti the aeroplane senget sebelah!!

    Dinner and supper in tomorrow’s post. Muahahahaha!!!! Actually, I’ve gone down a lot, some 4-5 inches since Melissa left – betul2 ikat perut, so to speak and thankfully, after the trip to Penang, I did not have to loosen my belt. Must be all the walking, did me some good… 😉

  21. One man’s chicken feet is another man’s 鳳爪 *fèngzhǎo* phoenix talon haha

    That chicken feet from your plate when transfered to my bowl transformed into phoenix talon..hmmmm yum yum yummy muahahaha.

    Yes, that’s the name they give to those chicken claws – nama glamor kot! LOL!!! Whatever they call them, they’re still the same tome – kaki ayam! Ewek! LOL!!! 😀

  22. Haha…you don’t like Adidas (chicken feet)? My mom usually cook chicken feet. My favorite dish for adidas is adobo. ^_^

    Adobo? I saw that in Penang at Red Garden (see tomorrow’s post) – they had a stall there selling Filipino food but I did not get to try. Maybe I can do that should I get the chance to go over there again next time…

    1. Sorry for the duplicate comment. I thought that my comment was not posted.

      Adobo is a great a dish and one of the favorite dish here. If you will eat adobo, I suggest that you try the one with the sauce that is almost dry. “Almost-dry” adobo has sauce that already seeped inside the meat.

      It’s perfectly all right- the more the merrier. Yup…must make it a point to try that Filipino food stall that I saw in Penang should I go over again in future. There is a Filipino restuarant in Kuching but when I went quite some time ago, I thought the food was just so-so, not really great. I can get better Philippine pork leg at a number of eateries here… 😦

  23. Haha…you don’t like Adidas (chicken feet)? My mom usually cook chicken feet. My favorite dish for adidas is adobo. ^_^ Yum yum

    Oops…duplicate comment. Never mind! Good! Good! LOL!!! 😀

  24. the assam laksa looks really thick. I love these kind of laksa, like what my mum always cooks, with a generous amount of fish. 🙂

    Dunno if it was any good or not. That, you’ll have to ask Bananaz – he only shared with Mango – didn’t share with me. 😦 Muahahahahaha!!!! 😉

    1. Not a laksananaz but a curry meenanaz..OK lah not bad for me boleh tahan..oops didnt invite you to taste hor next time…hehe

      Yalor…lost in your own world, mana sedar orang lain lagi. Hehehehehe!!! 😀

  25. mobile assam laksa stall? Looks interesting.

    Hmmmm…not like assam laksa and lor mee, and the feet look ‘scary” hahahhahahhahha

    I like that kuih talam and cucur udang, yummy.

    Too bad when we got there all the stalls were closed except the mobile Indian stall, the lor mee and the chee cheong fan stall – and I already had that at New World earlier that same day…

  26. You went to One Corner Cafe and you didn’t try the Super Hokkien Mee?? Ahh how come!! That’s one of the nicest Hokkien mee in penang.. and they call themselves ‘Super Hokkien Mee’ hehe

    All closed that day. We got there quite late…way past lunch hour. Hopefully, can go there again some other time.

    1. Guess partly becoz of Qing Ming most stalls were closed just like where I had kopi ‘o’ in Pulau Tikus with my buddy lot of stalls not open too. At least makes me feel better coz I was sort of late ..trying to justify my lateness haha

      It’s o.k. All stalls open also I would not be able to eat anything else. Would still try the dry lor mee as I never saw that before. I noticed the chee cheong fan stall right from the start but I was not keen on having that…

  27. mwahahahahhahaaa… i so love chicken feet la. yummy! i cn never understand why someone wud dislike it leh
    and never try dry loh mee
    got such thing as dry loh mee ke?

    That was why I wanted to try – never heard of dry lor mee before. Well, you can have all the chicken feet you want…no, thank you. LOL!!!

  28. I used to frequent the stall u mentioned, I lao chui nua, ha ha….

    The food court is only a mere ten minutes walk from my office.

    I will and go tomorrow and savour the popiah goreng dipped with laksa soup. 🙂

    From the Indian stall? Hehehehehe!!!! Too bad he does not read blogs or you can tell him you saw him in my blog and that has made you crave for what he sells – and next time I go Penang, he can give me makan free. LOL!! 😀

  29. The food looks simply yummilicious!~

    I certainly had a delightful trip enjoying some of the best the island has to offer. Dunno when I will get the chance again. Btw, welcome and thanks for dropping by. Do come again – will link you in my blogroll.

  30. Whoa you are going bananas and Bananaz lagi bananas reminiscing the good ole golden days around One Corner cafe. From your 1st pix, see the building on the left? Used to be Penang Plaza (now dunno what) and was attached to a public listed travel & tour company situated on the third floor. Ding dong ding dong going around Penang, changed job then another company next to Edmund and lastly was at Royal Hotel (formerly Sheraton) office tower block at the top 20th floor. Oh how I love Penang…tQ bro for the nostalgic moments OMG have even forgotten the name of Jalan Bawasah where I used to walked in and out for more than a decade alamak..you better take me around next time.

    Hahahaha!!! Not bad, ya? At least, you enjoy reading my blogpost… Any sweet memories of any girlfriend(s) then? Mana tau…hand in hand, went to eat at Indian stall…kongsi one stool. Muahahahahaha!!!

  31. how many more penang food blog post you have here? I think going to MC from your blog for awhile la. Tension. See all those great food. …tummy rumbling already

    Tomorrow bloggers’ nite out – not really food post – only a couple of dishes featured…and the following day- wedding post, no food… Quite safe to stick around. LOL!! 😀

  32. Ha,ha,ha…not a fan of chicken feet, huh. It looked so skinny..and one only??

    Neither am I…and one for me is already one too many. LOL!!! 😀

  33. Wow! Lunch and tea too! Ugh, that chicken claw looks so unappetizing, Haha!

    Thankfully, the next day, I just had brunch…and saved tummy space for the wedding banquet… LOL!!! 😀 It certainly looked skinny and not well braised…but in whatever state, it would still look unappetising to me. Ewek! LOL!!! 😀

  34. wow you are meeting up with Bananaz, so did he gave you bananas to eat?? haha.. actually the cucur udang and kuih talam looks nice to me woh, nothing special really?? the lam mee looks nice in the first bowl, but not the second one which is watery and with chicken feet lor, urrgghh~~

    No, unfortunately he never offered me his banana. Muahahahaha!!!! 😀 Oh? So you call that lam mee in KL or is lam mee something else? Gosh…these names can be so confusing. Ummmm…I see you like it thick and gooey, eh? Wink! Wink! Hahahahahaha!!! I’m fine with the watery gravy – just the chicken feet…no, thank you.

  35. i don’t like chicken meat but the mee and rice vermicelli look enticing 🙂

    Meat? No meat, I think…just the feet. Or do you mean the feet? 😉

  36. Your blog is very evil..

    I can smell the food from here.. T_T

    No leh? Yours is…with your DSLR photos, sure to make everyone drool like mad. LOL!!! 😀 Welcome back, rose…haven’t seen you around for a longtime…

  37. what a nice trip…killing 2, 3 or 4 birds with 1 stone? and most importantly with good buddies ((^:~))

    Yes, it certainly was a worthwhile trip – able to do so many things, eat so many things. Btw, your first time here, I see…so welcome and do come again. I’ve linked you in my blogroll. 🙂

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