Wherever I go…

When we were in Penang, on Friday night, my cousins from Kuching told me that wherever I went the following morning, they would want to follow…and I would have to take them to all the nice places to eat all the nice Penang specialties. Oh dear!

So it was that we agreed to meet at Penang Road around the Cititel Penang taxi stand and go for breakfast at this coffee shop that I like and used to go every morning when I was staying in the vicinity.

The kway teow th’ng stall was not open when we got there so almost everybody had the Penang char  kway teow (with duck egg)…

Penang Road - char kway teow

…which I would think is one of the nicer ones around and one had the Penang har mee (prawn noodles)…

Penang Road - har mee

They also ordered the lor bak

Penang Road - lor bak

…and there was no problem at all since we were so early in the morning. This stall is so popular that around lunch time, you would see long queues there and whatever comes out of the wok would be grabbed within seconds – one would have no opportunity whatsoever to pick and choose what one prefers and wants to eat.

I noticed that the price for the packets of  nasi lemak at one of the stalls there had gone up to RM1.30 from RM1.20 in September, 2009. That’s all right, I guess – 10 sen only after all this time and it is still cheaper than what we can get here in Sibu. However, if you look at the photo in this old post, I’m sure you would agree that ours look a lot nicer. Hehehehehe!!!

After breakfast, we walked along Penang Road but unfortunately, at 9 something, it was a bit too early for city folks so most of the shops were not open. We stopped by the Chowrasta Market where one can get to see a lot of pickled stuff…

Chowrasta Market - pickles

They bought a few items that they wanted like assam laksa paste and hay kor or rojak paste and they were enthralled to see this lady making popiah (spring roll) skin…

Chowrasta Market - making popiah skin 1
*Gerrie’s photo from her Facebook album*

Gee! I was surprised to hear that they had never seen somebody doing it before…

Chowrasta Market - making popiah skin 2
*Gerrie’s photo from her Facebook album*

…and it looked so interesting to them.

Then we went on straight ahead along Penang Road towards Komtar and along the way, we saw Tune Hotel. I suggested that we walked there instead because New World is located right next to the hotel…and after all, nobody was exactly keen on going to the shopping malls around Penang’s tallest building and signature landmark and we did…but that would be in the next post. Stay tuned! LOL!!!

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Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

39 thoughts on “Wherever I go…”

  1. Yes, I have been to Kafe Kheng Pin (5.42054N,100.33293E) before and their Loh Bak is supposedly one of the better ones. When I was there, it was fully packed with no place to sit so we went to the one opposite. Luckily the Loh Bak fellow at Kheng Pin will bring it over to our side. I think there were some fried sotong as well with the Loh Bak.

    For Prawn noodle, you could try the one at 5.41531N,100.32235E. Forgot the name but was a pretty distinctive corner building with brownish wall. Another good Prawn noodle is available in the evening at 5.41107N,100.33062E. The stall have the word “888” written on it.

    They have a lot of other things other than the lor bak per se. My cousin had the prawn mee – I’m ok with it but not something that I would go out of the way to eat.

  2. Omg, char kuey teow with duck eggs. Those are the best I tell you. The duck eggs really bring out the flavor, added with Penang’s unique way of frying the kuey teow. Yummy!

    You really did try a lot of Penang food for such a short trip down Penang. Made full use of your time right?

    This is just the tip of the iceberg, lots more coming up over the next few days. So many things to blog about that I have not even put up a post on the wedding yet… LOL!!

  3. Though i often go Penang, I have never visited that Chowrasta Market before! I always stop at this cendol stall only… but have never walked or bought anything from there.. 🙂
    You went to the Kheng Pin coffeeshop, right? Yes, i told you that i tried the koay teow tng there… not bad…. the lobak was also very nice.. i like the crispy prawn crackers…

    Yes, the food there at all the stalls are pretty good. I like the kway teow th’ng also but it was closed when we were there. The wantan noodles and even the porridge are all worth having…and they say the chicken rice (lunchtime only, steamed white chicken only) is among the best in Penang…

  4. Guess I should get my butt to Penang one of these days soon! Can’t resist all these fine temptations. In a previous life, I was probably born in Penang, I love lor bak and char kway teow.

    LOL!!! Plan a detour there sometime on one of your trips home…and do let me know. I may just tag along and wouldn’t that be good? I can show you to best in Penang… Wink! Wink!

  5. Where ever you go I follow whatever I cook *say your prayers* you must swallow..muahahaha

    Swallow? Eyewwwww….the images in my head! Ewek! Ewek! Muahahahahaha!!!! ROTFL!

  6. This round missed the CKT, after the bloggers gathering at Red Garden went around Penang searching for CKT and finally found one at Jelutong and tapoa-ed 4 packets of CKT back home. My sister short counted and have to give up my share.

    You should have bought the one at Red Garden. Not bad…definitely better than Gurney Drive. Anyway, I’m sure Kulim has good ckt too. In fact, SP people claim that their ckt better than Penang’s…

  7. Wow! love the pickled fruits..did you buy some nutmeg home? The lovely popia lady.. is she a tourist doing her stunt or the bozz? ~;).

    Huh? I thought only women love those – not for me…no, thank you. I think that is the towkay neo – just look at the gold chain. Hmmmm….I should have gone into making popiah skin, would have been rich by now. LOL!!! Ya…her pants looked like she was ready for a day at the beach! 😉

    1. Was half a baba once and would very often go to Chowrasta to buy the popia skin those days for outlaws. Ex mil is a very good nonya cook and also the best mil in the world I have every known, she is simply the best. We spent time with her almost the whole afternoon and had shower there too, sorry we opt out the karaoke.

      Yalor…was hoping you would be there to sing Beeeeee Geeeeeessss or the Banana Boat Song. Any good karaoke place in KL? That one in Penang was awesome. Love it! Watch out for the post – coming soon.

  8. i dont know where to find nice food at penang,
    thru u then i came to know, thank u for sharing these 🙂

    So near…yet so far! And I’m from all the way at this side…across the sea! Hehehehehe!!! 😉

  9. How many times can we click Mungo Jerry? No limit or only once per day or only one click and no more thereafter? Btw no video leh?

    Once only…unfortunately. Otherwise, I will stay there and click non-stop. LOL!!! Video is now optional – I think everybody had the same problem as me…uploaded till 35%, and then back to 0%…and this would go on three times and then disconnected. I tried so many times at different times of day- same thing. I think response no good so now extended to 15th April (from 1st April)…and it does not matter that there’s no video.

    It’s like a reality show – see the number of votes…and in this case, the number of LIKEs. Never mind if it’s a lousy blogpost…so I’m hoping more friends will go and LIKE before the closing date.

  10. that array of pickled stuffs really looks attractive leh, am drooling now.. and then it’s very impressive to find out how the popiah wraps are being made, i thot they just pour the thing but never expected it’s done by hand!!!

    You too? Drooling over those sour pickled stuff? I’m amazed…I thought only women love nibbling on those. Hah!!! Another city person…never seen people make popiah skin! The hand must be fast – just glaze the hot plate and lift quickly…so the skin will be thin and crisp, not thick and rubbery.

  11. Wow!…another great post of Penang food!….Olala!…look at the Penang char kway teow (with duck egg) and Penang har mee….I am salivating now!…

    Hmmm!…the varieities of pickeld stuff looks tempting but not a great fan of these things…….and the lor bak as I can see is more or less the same as what we call “hay piah” (prawn fritters) in East Malaysia, rite?…..(correct me if I am wrong).

    Amazed at the lady making the popiah skin…so skillful….never seen before and see the outcome of the popiah skin!…so nicely made!…

    My cousins prefer the kway teow in Kuching though – the thicker and not so fine ones. Not me – I like these better.

    What they call lor bak is actually what we call “ngor hiang” and usually, they have other fried stuff along with that – some places (e.g. Gurney Drive) even have fried chicken skin – eyewwwwww…..with the hair and all. Ewek!!! I think I prefer Kuching’s Peterson hay p’ia (Satok Market) anytime – a lot nicer than any lor bak I’ve had in Penang.

    Oh? Another city kia…never seen people make po piah skin before. LOL!!! 😀

  12. The food so yummy looking :D. But am not fond of those jeruks. The popiah skin so thin. Must be tasty. Those sold in pasar ones usually very thick. 😦

    Wah! So many ladies not into pickles – I thought all simply cannot resist one? Ya…the popiah skin here also – not so good anymore. Maybe the old folks have passed on or retired, not making them anymore and the young ones are not that good at it. Quite disappointing. Would seriously think about buying popiah skin to bring home the next time I go to Penang…

    1. LOL… Kat is not fond of those jeruk… but she made me jars and jars of jeruk to feed me.

      Maybe that’s why she doesn’t like them. So sick of them already…

  13. Oh!…lor bak is “ngor hiang”. Then what I am saying is totally 2 different things…hahaha!..Thanks for your clarification.

    Truly never see people make popiah skin!…. Only buy from supermarket.

    What we call lor bak…would be pork belly braised in soy sauce and five-spice powder (ngor hiang hoon)…but in making ngor hiang, my missus would use five spice powder too – maybe that’s why the same name.

  14. Alright!…now I get what u mean. Like duck or 3 layer meat we also do like that..”Pak loh”….use “ngor hiang hoon” too…correct? Sori so many questions to ask….hehehe

    It’s perfectly ok. Ya, we call pork (phak) lor bak…and if it’s duck, we call it (phak) lor ark – same recipe, different type of meat.

  15. Eh! No surprise leh! ME oso have never seen ppl making popiah skin!!! I always wonder how it is done, so thin and nice like that!

    Oh gosh! Good thing my cousin was there and she took the photographs. If not, I would not have bothered to take any as I would assume that everyone would have seen it before… Gee! 😀

  16. Is it me or are the portions in Penang that small? The char kway teow and prawn mee are definitely smaller than the ones sold here.

    Dunno about KL but they’re definitely smaller than the portions here – maybe around 75% of our Foochow-sized servings only… LOL!!!

  17. Jerukkkkk….wah, have to lap my air liur! The click thingy…your post cannot open…will try and try and try.

    You like? Finally…a woman who likes jeruk. I thought the world has gone all upside down – the guys like jeruk and the women don’t. LOL!!! 😀

    Oh? The link doesn’t work? Never mind lah…. You’ve LIKEd once already…cannot like anymore…and anyway, I’ve given up already. Easier to go out and buy TOTO – better chance of winning! Tsk! Tsk!

      1. Cleffairy..ohhh I love jeruk. Too bad the men in the house does not share my love. I usually when makan something, must have gang..or else no matter how nice pun jadi not nice…takut gemuk sorang-sorang. Mo gemuk,sama-sama gemuk…hehehe, baik hati I!!

        These pickles won’t make you fat lah…and as a matter of fact, people say that fat people don’t like pickles. No wonder I don’t. That of course means that you’re not fat lah! LOL!!!

    1. I managed to ‘like’ yesterday…which means twice already I ‘like’.I try today but the page is not even opening.Never mind…I try again.So keen to have you here in Auckland..hehehe

      Ya…takes a very long time today. I waited and waited and then finally, it downloaded and I LIKEd too!!! And the total increased by 1. Hey! Looks like we can LIKE every day then. Must try again tomorrow. LOL!!! 😉

  18. Jeruk…. I love to eat jeruk, can never resist them. LOL… Kat told me she made me a jar of mango jeruk again… can’t wait to baham those. The jeruks that she made are really addictive lerr… makan satu, sure wanna take one more and munch….and her jeruk is amazing… almost a cure for my constant headache and bloated tummy. Works very well to work up my poor appetite too.I’m so blessed with such a good and generous big sister.

    Big sister? And all this time, I thought she’s younger than you? Muahahahahaha!!! I never like pickles and I often hear people saying that it’s not healthy because of the chemicals and colouring they use. But yours should be ok since kucing made them herself. Just don’t go out and buy those…

  19. Yes, I want to ask you abt the click thing. I follow yr instruction and when I click LIKE, it will ask you to enter yr email and password is it?…correct kah. Want to confirm with you.

    I think that is to ask you to log into your Facebook account (that is if you’re not already logged in on another window) because only those with Facebook accounts can LIKE.

  20. Aiyaks… sibuk drool on the jeruk til din see other stuff liao. LOL…guess I’m still a budak kampung at heart…. I’ve seen ppl making popiah skin countless times as a child. My grandpa and my late grandma make popiah skin quite often back then… but not really for us kids… but for their friends gathering and sometimes, to pack up for our family picnic. Quite a task, I must say… very leceh to make.

    Now my grandma is gone, nobody make em anymore… not even my grandpa…. he said, beli sajalah… leceh wanna make!

    Ya…some of my aunties can make but if you only need 1 or 2 kg for own consumption, it is better just to go out and buy. Not worth the trouble of making one’s own.

  21. ohh popiah make like that ka, first time see leh…
    nom3 jeruk remind me of the jeruk my friend’s uncle made, cnt stop munching it!

    Adoi! Bintangor nobody makes popiah kah? So nobody makes popiah skin there also lah? You like jeruk, sure you are not fat then. Fat people do not like sour things – only sweet things. That’s why fat people like me…are such sweet people. Hehehehehe!!! 😉

  22. Looks interesting how the lady makes spring roll skin. It looks sticky. Here, they pour the batter just like making crepes.

    I guess when they pour it will not be so fine and thin…or maybe the texture is different like those frozen spring roll skin that we can buy from the supermarkets – they’re not as nice.

  23. Yes, go Penang must have CKT!! Yum yum!! I love their lobak too, but no no to prawns noodles and assam laksa.

    Eeeeeeeee..those sour stuff, i don’t like sour stuff, no wonder i am so fat! hahahhahahhahah

    Oh, that is how people makes popiah skin, like doing roti canai? Every time i saw the popiah skin is ready one, never know how it made.

    Gosh! You too! I guess popiah is not a Foochow dish…so that’s why you don’t know how the skin is made. LOL!!! 😀 You don’t like sour things? Eeee…welcome to the club! The fat club! Muahahahaha!!!! Ya…I will not eat assam laksa – no, thank you and prawn noodles, I may take sometimes for something different for a change…but not a must-have whenever I go to Penang.

  24. I love the *concept* of duck egg char kueh tiaw, and I eat it in Penang when I’m not eating the Lorong Selamat ones.

    However, if I were to be completely honest, I can’t taste the difference between chicken and duck eggs. 😡

    And honestly, neither can I! LOL!!! 😀 I know they’re bigger and the yolk is of a darker shade and it does not have the chicken egg smell – eeeee….that sounds like those fake eggs to me! Hope they did not give me that in Penang!

    Btw, you’re not coming home to vote? I guess you never registered? 😦

  25. Mmmm, lobak.. …I missed Penang road lobak….damm nice!

    You’re a regular at that shop too? Quite famous, I hear…among the best, if not the best…in Penang.

  26. oh so cute of that stall… very colorful
    I also witness how these crepe wrappers are made…
    Perfect for Banana Fritter

    Banana fritter? You mean you do that in th ePhilippines – wrap bananas in popiah skin and fry? Hey! Come to think of it, that’s a great idea! Must try sometime.

  27. wah i also have never seen how they make the popiah skin. this is interesting!

    You too? Aiyor…I’m sure they have that some place in Ipoh. Here, they make at home and sell the skin at the market…so I guess many have not seen either.

  28. Oh, the way the popiah skin is made is rather like how tosai is made except that it does not stay on the flat pan long enough for it to brown like tosai.

    Yes, something like that. The ingredients are different, I guess…but I do think thosai makes excellent wraps.

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