If I can’t have you…

If I can’t have you in Sibu, then I will have to wait till I go to places like Penang, for instance…and I’m talking about Indian food, by the way. LOL!!!

I called Eugene when I arrived in Penang that day but he was busy and not wanting to disturb him, I went for lunch at this nasi kandar shop about 100 metres from the hotel where I was staying, Kapitan’s the name. I had the nasi bryani but I wanted the sotong (squids) and the fish instead of meat that people would usually eat with the rice…

Nasi bryani sotong and fish

And good grief!!! That cost RM11.00! Was it because they could sense that I was not a local and this was an opportunity for them to hone their knives…or that would be the usual price for something like that, I’m not too sure.

Then Eugene called to tell me that he would be dropping by, after all. I said I already had my lunch but he insisted on coming since his appointment was much later, at 4.00 p.m. He said he would take me for something light like pasembur but we ended up having Indian noodles instead at a coffee shop somewhere in Pulau Tikus. He had the mee rebus – Indian-style…

Mee rebus - Indian style

…and I had the fried noodles…

Fried noodles - Indian style

It was very nice but at RM5.00 a plate, I would not say that it was cheap. They had sotong in it, I noticed – perhaps, squids are very expensive over at the peninsula.

The next morning, I went over to the nasi kandar shop again for breakfast as I just had to have their roti jala

Roti jala 1

I had this on my last trip to Penang and I loved it a lot. Unfortunately, I did not take a photograph of it then so this time around, I wouldn’t want to miss out on that again. It came with chicken curry and some other sauces or dips…and once again, I enjoyed it very much. I would definitely want to go back there again on my next trip to Penang just for this.

Roti jala 2

I went there again for lunch on Sunday afternoon and this time, I had the nasi bryani with grilled lamb which came with these…

For lamb bryani

…but at RM8.50 for this…

Grilled lamb bryani

I would think that our mutton (curry) bryani in Sibu is cheaper and a lot nicer.

On Monday morning, before I checked out from the hotel to go to the airport, I hopped over to the shop again for my last chance to have something Indian and I had this chicken chapatti

Chicken chapatti

…which cost only RM2.70 but in my opinion, it was not that great. To me, it was something like very thick and tough popiah skin.

So that ended my feast on Indian cuisine on my recent trip to Penang. I wonder when I will get another chance to savour more of that.  Sigh!

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Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

44 thoughts on “If I can’t have you…”

  1. Sotong used to be cheap but after Paul’s death anything related has gone up in prices hehe

    LOL!!! Why? Everyone’s catching their own so they can predict their future? 😀

  2. Or rather it’s all your fault coming all the way from Sibu spending like a lord spoiling the market..muahaha…

    No, it has always been expensive over that side, cheaper in Sibu…but these days, it’s getting very popular with all the stalls andrestaurants selling fried sotong served with mayo and what not, so it is getting more expensive here too. But then again, what isn’t? Tsk! Tsk! 😦

  3. what is the difference between that chapatti and the Shawarma??

    No idea… Dunno what Shawarma is. Here, among the Indian breads, we have roti canai, murtabak, thosai, chapatti, naan…

  4. anyway.. i love the first dish… it’s been ages now since i last ate Squid…

    I love squid too. That was one reason I wanted that instead of the meat curry…

  5. Bananaz, actually penang lang no “katok: one, penang foods will sometimes be expensive cos we can the equally deserved service.(nonsense i am talking here)

    You see Arthur, actually i did not like the place i took for the indian mee, it was supposedly famous and you have never been so ok lah, next time no go ok?

    If i can’t have you, i don’t want nobody baby… i like this song, got it in my MP3 , every time this song is being played, i run like a wind..seriously

    But the mee was really nice… Maybe you know of other places that are nicer but for me, I would not mind going there again. Wah! You like the song kah? So retro! Hahahahahaha! 😉

  6. Haha jokes aside would have to agree with you things are no longer cheap in Penang now especially those ‘famous’ stall like the one in Pulau Tikus. Those days Bananaz would hop over regularly to that shop for mee rebus that’s their signature dish. Wah now RM5 catching up with CKT.

    Sibu is still the best! Cheap and nice… Hehehehehehe!!!! 😉

  7. Pg Godfather, have you ever wonder why that place is called Pulau Tikus? Lots of tikus *rats* there? That place is a rich man’s island just like Bangsar in KL. The kopi ‘o’ cost 10 sen more than downtown those days not sure about now. Had my 3 cups of kopi ‘o’ in less than half a day in Penang whoa lovely Pg kopi ‘o’.

    You don’t know coffee till you have tried coffee in Sibu. I never like the coffee in West Malaysia – the worst is in KL.

  8. wow..all were expensive! 11rm for a plate of curry lunch! 2.70 for a piece of capati? maybe you ordered some meat to go along with it.. otherwise a piece of capati with some curry/dhall cost only a ringgit over here in Ipoh… the roti jala looked special… those i have taken here are rolled in a piece like popiah and they are soft in texture.. at first i thought it was yellow misua.. hahaha…

    Yup! Ours green in colour, rolled up with veg curry inside like popiah – they call it kuih renjes but the texture is different – like crepes or kuih lenggang skin. This one, it’s something a bit like Thosai and goes very well with the dips. I really loved it! As for the chapatti – I ordered chicken but I did not see it. Maybe they forgot to serve me or maybe, those little bits in the curry-like dip was chicken. I wouldn’t know – not so familiar with Indian food.

  9. When you’re in a nasi kandar stall in Penang, always steer clear off the sotongs, and crabs. They charge exhorbitantly for these 2 stuffs. And lamb too. Somehow I feel nasi kandar stalls are really cut throat nowadays.

    I know…and I expected it to be expensive…but I love the sotong!!! LOL!!! 😀 Guess I asked for it! Whatever it is, Ifind that they’re quite expensive…and more expensive than here – those few things that we can get in Sibu like nasi bryani…

  10. You come to Singapore and u will pengsan with price at foodcourt …. Haha… Btw, u go there makan aje …. Really an enjoyable trip for ya!

    That one goes without saying…so very expensive and after conversion, even worse. That is why I do not even bother to think about going there these days…

  11. true, Indian food is not cheap anymore..

    Never mind, can’t get it in Sibu so must eat it whenever I get the chance. 😉

  12. Looks like you had a productive time in Penang! That grilled lamb looks wonderful. Went to the poll but no FB acct so couldn’t vote.

    Yup! You will need to have an FB account! Sigh…I just lost one LIKE! 😦

  13. Penang, ma…sure very expensive. They not only cut your throat but they’ll make sure you die…one time business!! Go to Melaka la…good food, people there mild..don’t really care if they can’t get rich quick and service with a smile somemore…hahahaha. But seriously, the food you had in Penang looked very syiok…meleleh air liur when I see the mee rebus and mee goreng. Eh,why ah the roti jala look kind of funny?…it’s like tercacak-cacak and not the usual round-round pattern?
    I balik 17th and will be back here on the 28th. No time to go anywhere but I promise you the next time I balik, even if it’s just to Singapore or Bangkok, hub, J and I will make a special trip to Sibu to see you. Hopefully, either in July or Sept. This trip hub not following so cannot la jalan sampai tak ingat dunia…have to behave a bit…hehehehe

    July or September. Do let me know the exact dates and your plans. If you’re not coming over, maybe I can go to Malacca to meet you there. Have to inform me earlier so I can plan and make arrangements. Would love to see you and your hubby and son.

    I’ve been to Malacca a few times but that was sometime ago but I do not have any memory of anything that’s really really nice except the nyonya food at this restaurant named Mako – somewhere opposite the more famous (but not as nice) Dondang Sayang. I do have some very nice friends in Malacca too.

    I guess they made the roti jala on a BIG metal plate and then they folded it. Never mind what it looks like, as long as it is nice! 😉

    P.S. Have you LIKEd my blogpost yet? 1st prize is an air ticket to Auckland – that’s why I am so keen on it.

    1. I ‘like’ already your post even before I finished reading your latest post…very well trained,ya?..lol!

      Sigh!!! I thought I was doing well – almost 100 LIKEs…until I saw somebody with 252 LIKEs. *pengsan!!! I checked a few others…no fight – some not even one. Now, how to get to go to Auckland like that? 😦

  14. Hmmm…of so many indian cuisines you have tried, the one that draw my attention is the roti jala…hehhehehe.

    Yup! And that’s the one that Il iked best. Will certainly go back there to have that should I get to go to Penang again. 😉

  15. Wow!…an array of glorious indian cuisines. All of them look so appetizing…x’pecially the mutton (curry) bryani. A huge slab of mutton…Droooooooo….ling!…I love roti canai and indian rojak too!…yummy!….

    Didn’t have roti canai in Penang but we had pasembur or what we call Indian rojak. Have you tried Rojak Hj Kassim? Best lah! Better than Indian Rojak. I think his stall is at Nanas Road/Palm Road…somewhere between Thomson Corner and Regal Hotel. Perhaps you can ask around there, the people might know. Must have! Originally from Sibu! 😉 A great loss for all of us here in Sibu! 😦

  16. I am sure by now, you already had enough of indian food? 🙂

    I thought nasi bryani always expensive? You had fish and three squid, RM11 still ok la. You know my mum had nasi bryani and one piece of chicken already cost RM10 lei!

    Very interesting looking roti jala.My colleague make very nice roti jala, and she is the one that intro me roti jala too.

    Now you know where is pulau tikus? Remember i said the CKT at Pulau tikus market at night one taste very good?

    We did not go to the market in Pulau Tikus but we passed by so many shops selling ckt and Eugene said they were all good enough, more or less the same. We did not have that though. Ya…chicken bryani set at this shop RM9.00 – cheaper in Sibu.

  17. Goodness, Arthur, you were on an Indian food spree or what? The nasi briyani really look delicious. But the roti jala do look different from the ones I’ve eaten. By the way, already “liked” your blogpost yesterday 🙂

    Thanks. Hope I can garner more LIKEs. They have the bryani sets – chicken or mutton curry RM9.00. Not really cheap… What I had was 50sen cheaper…

  18. penang mah..of course their roti jala nampak menarik,
    their signature dish kah?
    but memang lain and sedap, agree??

    but the nasi kandar, ya average…tak fixed price, sometimes suka-suka kira and mencekik leher 😦

    Don’t think so – most people would be having their bryani or naan…but I love the roti jala. Available only in the morning though. 😦

  19. Gosh!! so many times!!!!

    100 metres from my hotel, right next to Starbucks…so very convenient for me to go there for meals.

  20. OMG, roti jala… I love roti jala… looks like I’m gonna hv to make these today! 😀

    I loved it! Would go again should I be around there in future.

    1. Haihh… my late grandma make the best roti jala and dalcha… omg… *DROOL*

      Too bad this descendant did not inherit the skill, true and true… 😦

  21. hahaha surpried that the Cleffairy didnt bising one the sotong. Yumm….

    Ya, don’t tell me the photo is that blur…or it’s not that alluring. I was sitting inside – dim plus yellow light.

    1. No lah…:( I dun feel so well today… dun have the mood for sotong… besides, the roti jala is much much much much more tempting than the sotong. You give me a plate of sotong and roti jala and ask me to choose… I’ll definitely choose roti jala over sotong. LOL.

      Choose kah? Ummmm…dunnolah! I like both! Hehehehehe!!!

  22. I reckon it’s the sotong – it’s not a cheap item, it always drives the nasi kandar prices up. I’ve paid RM 14 for nasi kandar before but then again I chose a lot of meats. I think it’s pretty much guesswork how they charge for a plate. 🙂

    Yup…but actually, I would not think it was that expensive – for 3 huge sotong and a big slice of fish and the bryani rice. Works out to about RM2-3 each. Here, at the economical fast food, I think it’s RM1 for any meat dish and you get a tablespoonful.

  23. OMG!!! so many nice food in this post in one shot!!! hey, nasi kandar can be very expensive, especially when the boss is in a bad mood, he’ll charge you more expensive, hahaha!! the roti jala looks a bit different, is it crispy type rather than the normal type??

    Nope, it was not crispy…nor was it lembek-lembek. Something like the texture of thosai and tasted a bit like that too. Very nice…and with the curry, yum!!!

  24. Time for me to visit Banana Leaf /Bombay Spices again….

    Lucky you! No problem getting good Indian food in Kuching – perhaps even better than over there!

  25. Wow, Eugene’s mee rebus looks so great, I always prefer my sambal gau(thick)! So nice of him to take the trouble to bring you around, very thoughtful buddy indeed!

    He’s a very very nice guy, really…and always so considerate and concerned. You should meet up with him if you ever happen to hop over to Penang.

    1. My husband will certainly be jealous, muahahaha!

      Why? So possessive kah? Then, I always go out to meet my lady blogger-friends, my missus how? There must be an element of trust. If someone wants to cheat, he or she will do it secretly…not openly like that which actually shows that all parties concerned have nothing to hide.

  26. Actually sotong not expensive in peninsula…..these people just cut throat!

    No? Last time I noticed they never served sotong at hotel buffets and I asked why since it was so cheap in Sarawak at the time and they told me they were as expensive as prawns. But of course, they being cut throats – that goes without saying! 😉

  27. I was told for Penang Nasi Kandar, these are nice but I never tried it myself:

    1. Nasi Kandar Line Clear @ 5.41980N, 100.33236E
    2. Nasi Kandar Beratur @ 5.41672N,100.33764E.

    Where is this nasi kandar you went to?

    And how come you didn’t try the Char Kuey Teow? Curry mee? Prawn mee?

    This one isn’t the best – just that it was right beside the hotel where I was staying. My previous trip, I went to one that was supposedly the best in Penang…located somewhere on the outskirts of Little India. That one was really good! I had a post on it. Very crowded…but so was this one – maybe it was the location, probably the only nasi kandar place in the vicinity.

    1. May be you can give me the co-ordinate? Will go and try it the next time I went to Penang.

      This one? Don’t say I did not warn you – it’s nice enough and the only one around my hotel but not the best AND quite expensive. Right at the back of the Gurney Hotel & Spa building (which faces Gurney Drive) between Roadhouse Grill and Starbucks (& Subway which face Jalan Kelawai). You can get the gps for Gurney Hotel (not Gurney Plaza)…and that should get you there.

      1. I think it is somewhere at 5.436949N, 100.310182E. Can you be more specific please?

        Latitude, Longitude
        Yours is a bit off. One thing about this gps thing, my nephew rented a car and a gps…and he got lost trying to locate the nyonya restuarant (next post). In the end, we had to call him and give him the instructions on the phone telling him what landmarks to look out for.

        I went with him to send some people to an apartment and I must say – the gps directions can be quite misleading. I could follow relatively well as I knew the apartment and I knew the way – roughly! For me, it was some kind of reassurance that we were going the right way but for someone who does not know the way completely…it may be a bit more difficult.

  28. hmmm….i always eat the fried chicken with rice in mamak leh, tat already cost rm4.50…. i think mamak one cost a lot so dun eat much, their roti canai cheap oni.

    No 100% mamak or Indian place and food here so have to eat when I go KL, Penang or even Kuching.

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