Looks can be deceiving…

If you see a crowd, it may not mean that there is anything nice like how this place was so very packed when we stopped by there in the morning two Sundays ago before we went on our way to send my girl back to her school in the jungle.

Yes, the chicken rice is consistently good but the kueh chap

Chopsticks kueh chap
*Archive photo*

…that I had that morning was way too salty and my girl had the Sarawak laksa which looked rather pale even though she said it was all right and the Foochow fried noodles had the clear gravy, not dark and not the way I would like it.

We ended up here because this place was packed too that morning and this one as well. My missus and I dropped by the latter a few days later and she had the Foochow noodles, soup (RM4.00)…

Mei Le Foochow noodles, soup

…from the chu-char people at the back. It sure looked good, lots of added ingredients but she said it could do with a little less msg.

I had the mee sua in the traditional Foochow red wine chicken soup (RM6.00, or was it RM6.50?)…

Mei Le mee sua in Foochow red wine chicken soup

…and it sure looked extremely red.

Sometimes they use ang chao (the lees or residue from the fermented red yeast rice used in making of the wine) and some may use the cheap red wine that has not been filtered well till completely clear so there is still a bit of the residue in it and that would give it the colour. Unfortunately, in both the aforementioned cases, the soup will lack the fragrance of the wine but thankfully, what I had that morning was all right, not great but at least, there was a very light hint of the wine used in the cooking, anytime better than the one I had here.

On another day, we dropped by here…

Yum Yum Cafe

…directly opposite this supermarket in the Sibu Bus Terminal area…

Everwin, Sibu Bus Terminal

…and my missus had their egg soup hung ngang

Yum Yum Cafe egg soup hung ngang 1

Actually, one could have a choice of either that or mee sua or bihun. She would cook her own at home sometimes, with lots of red wine and ginger but this one did not look like it had a lot of the former…

Yum Yum Cafe egg soup mee sua 2

…However, she said that it was very good – there was the nice red wine taste so my guess was the lady used the good quality unadulterated wine so it was not all that red.

I had the nasi lemak (RM4.00)…

Yum Yum Cafe nasi lemak

…from another stall there. No, the rice was not lemak and the sambal did not taste all that nice but it was all right.

The oil in the wok must be extremely hot when the lady fried the egg…

Yum Yum Cafe nasi lemak, fried egg

…but thankfully, the yolk, though not runny…

Fried egg, yolk

…was not overcooked.

I also ordered the murtabak daging (RM5.50)…

Yum Yum Cafe murtabak daging

…from the roti canai stall there and though it was quite nice, lots of meat and potatoes inside…

Yum Yum Cafe muratbak daging, inside

…I was already very full from the nasi lemak so I just tapao-ed most of it and took it home.

I guess the bottom line is not everything at all those crowded places is necessarily nice and what looks good may turn out quite disappointing while on the other hand, something that does not look that appealling may turn out quite nice in the end.

P.S.: Incidentally, this place round the corner that I quite liked is no longer there – the shop has been taken over by one huge KTV joint that occupies at least 3 shoplots in that block.

YUM YUM CAFE (2.305757, 111.849137) is located among the shops in the vicinity of the Sibu Bus Terminal, directly opposite the Everwin Supermarket there.