Just a few more days…

There is just a week or so to go till Hari Raya Aidilfitri

Selamat Hari Raya

…which means that pretty soon, the Ramadan bazaars here, there and everywhere around town would come to an end and we will have to wait till next year for this annual event.

We did go to the one at the Sibu Town Square once and since the weather has been a lot kinder and we have been getting a bit of rain time and again, I did drop by the one that I am more familiar with, at Bandong…

Bandong Ramadan Bazaar
*Archive photo*

…and I did buy the nasi kuning ayam berempah from the nice lady there…

Nasi kuning ayam berempah
*Archive photo*

…twice. Yes, it was still very nice and the best thing about it was that she was selling her delightful specialty at that same price all these years, RM5.00 a packet!

The satay guy…

Nor Satay
*Archive photo*

…is back here now and he told me that they have terminated their business at the shop that I blogged about a few times not too long ago as the rent was too high and they will be taking over this shop at the back in the photograph and will be based here after the Raya festival.

Yes, I did buy some satay from the guy to take home and enjoy with our loot and we did buy some of the stuff at our regular Malay kueh stall here – the putu mayam, kueh renjes, the bingka durian and bingka labu, the baksong and so on and so forth. Unfortunately, their nasi kerabu

Nasi kerabu
*Archive photo – they do not use those polystyrene containers anymore here since it has been banned by the municipal council and the last time I bought this, it was already RM4.50*

…(and laksam) was not available so left with no choice, we went to a new stall with a banner that declares that theirs is the nasi kerabu ori (RM5.50)…

Nasi kerabu ori

…which was all right but we thought it lacked all those herbs and leaves that would give the kerabu that very nice and special fragrance and taste. There is another stall but I saw that the rice was way too blue so I decided against trying that one there.

On another day, I bought the nasi bryani

Nasi bryani

…from Nasi Bryani Yusra, the very first stall on the extreme right of the bazaar, complete with the sambal egg and the cucumber pickle and a choice between chicken curry or ayam percik

Ayam percik

…and of course I wanted the latter as we can’t get that very easily here unlike the curry and though it did cost quite a bit, RM10.00 per set…

Nasi bryani ayam percik set

…I thought it was quite reasonable since they used the expensive long-grained rice and for the chicken, they gave the whole thigh, not just the drumstick or wing or worst, a chunk of breast plus they used a somewhat nice plastic container that I could wash and reuse instead of the flimsy cardboard ones that everyone else is using right now.

Yes, I did enjoy that and I may go for another round of it one of these days before the Ramadan bazaar for this year comes to a close…

This Ramadan Bazaar (2.314192, 111.825581) is located around the shops at Jalan Bandong and all along Bandong Walk, somewhere around the primary schools and the surau in the vicinity.