There’s still time…

The weather has been unbearably hot again after a few days of a bit of rain but I did go back to the Ramadan Bazaar here. I would park my car in the shade behind the block of shops and walk to this stall/shop round the corner but no, I would not walk around to the other stalls, not under the scorching sun.

You will find the usual kuehs (local cakes)…

Mak Met's kueh

…there and maybe some that are not available on a regular basis on normal days.

I’ve bought this Rojak Mem twice…

Rojak Mem 1

– I think the lady has a stall at a coffee shop (formerly Kok Cheng, opposite the now-closed down Star Cineplex) in town and yes, it was very nice…

Rojak Mem

…though I would love some potatoes and a bit of egg in it.

There would also be the usual nasi lemak, Sarawak and Penang laksa and for Ramadan, they also have kampua noodles…

Mee kampua

…that look a lot more impressive than their usual.

I did buy this steamed kueh wrapped in banana leaf…

Steamed kueh

…made with rice/tapioca/sago flour so it is gluten free, sweetened with the gula apong (palm sugar) added…

Steamed kueh, inside

It was all right, not bad and I do think it would make a great after-meal dessert.

There is also these keria

Kueh keria

…that is not usually available – Malaysian-style donuts made from sweet potatoes and glazed with palm sugar. I did not want to buy any that day as I am not really into donuts, any kind, and despite the other customers who were there insisting that it was very nice, I was still reluctant. In the end, the very nice and generous Mak Met filled one brown paper bag full and gave them to me to try. That was so very sweet of her and yes, I am truly blessed with all the wonderful people all around, praise the Lord! Yes, they were nice but then again, a lot of these local kuehs and delicacies are all very nice.

We have been caught up with things at home lately so we did not have time to cook and it was very convenient to just stop by here and buy some food home to eat. I tried their  bubur pedas

Bubur pedas 1

…and it was very nice (RM4.00)…

Bubur pedas 2

…nicer than others that I’ve bought elsewhere. I saw somewhere that this is a Sarawak thing, though I am not too sure about this, but for the uninitiated, this is something like sayur masak lemak (vegetables cooked with santan/coconut milk) but it has all the fragrant spices and herbs and leaves added so those certainly put it in a class of its own.

They also have other side dishes, all in plastic/glass-covered serving trays, that one can pick from, such as the kerabu paku

Kerabu paku

…and the sambal tempeh

Sambal tempeh

…and there was this botok ikan

Botok ikan

…mashed ikan tenggiri (mackerel) mixed with all the aromatic herbs and leaves, wrapped in leaf and cooked in santan (coconut milk)…

Botok ikan, inside

…I did buy it to try and boy, it was really so very very nice. I must go back one of these days to grab more!

For the mains, one can have a choice between their ayam penyet rice or their pecel lele ikan keli (catfish)…

Ayam penyet and pecel lele

…and that day, I bought the fish…

Pecel lele ikan keli

…and yes, it was so good! I really enjoyed that.

There is still time left in the coming week, so I would be going back for more, otherwise I would have to wait till next year’s Ramadan to enjoy all these local delights.

PENYET BANDONG/MAK MET’s BREAKFAST STATION (2.314192, 111.825581) is located in the first few lots on the right of the block of shops facing the main road & Bandong Walk at Jalan Bandong, somewhere opposite the primary schools and to the right of the surau in the vicinity.