This place is new…

The Kitchen BBQ & steamboat 1

…located round the corner from my house and when we came back from fetching my girl home from her school in the jungle last Wednesday, that evening, we went to check it out…

The Kitchen BBQ & steamboat 2

It opened over two weeks ago and I was planning to come over already that Wednesday as my girl was home too then but we were invited to a birthday celebration so all plans had to be put on hold until last week.

My attention was drawn to the cookware used for the steamboat and for barbecuing the meat. It was made of glass…

Glass cookware for steamboat & BBQ

…very thick, most probably some special tempered glass that is able to withstand the heat.

It was raining all afternoon and soon after we got there, it poured cats and dogs and since it was not hot that night, we opted to sit in the non-air-conditioned section. They do have one side that is air-conditioned…

The Kitchen BBQ & steamboat air-conditioned section

…and I like how they have those individual exhaust hood over each table so the place would not be filled with smoke and one would not leave the place smelling like what one has been cooking.

The prices are very reasonable…

The Kitchen BBQ & steamboat prices

…cheaper than here…or here and obviously they do believe in the age-old maxim that “it’s the early bird that catches the worm”. You can click the link to their Facebook page

The Kitchen BBQ & steamboat Facebook page

…and have a look at more of what they have there.

They did not have much in their pre-cooked buffet spread, just the F4 but no, not that one-time very popular Taiwanese boy band but fried rice and fried bihun

The Kitchen BBQ & steamboat fried rice & fried bihun

…and fried kway teow and fried mee

The Kitchen BBQ & steamboat fried kway teow & fried mee

…and there were some sausages and french fries and fried chicken wings in a food warmer. I did try the latter and thought it was pretty good. For dessert, they just had ice cream and watermelon, nothing much.

However, they did have a very wide range of choices in the sections for the barbecue and steamboat…

The Kitchen BBQ & steamboat some options

…and we loved the homemade chili dip…

The Kitchen BBQ & steamboat chili dip

– it sure was very good.

I did not take photographs of everything but we had a lot of seafood – the prawns…

The Kitchen BBQ & steamboat prawns

…and the cockles…

The Kitchen BBQ & steamboat cockles

…and the clams…

The Kitchen BBQ & steamboat clams

…and there were bamboo clams too.

The pre-marinated meat for the barbecue…

The Kitchen BBQ & steamboat meat

…was very nice. I liked especially the beef and the lamb, not so much the chicken and all in all, I would say that we had a really delightful BBQ & steamboat dinner…

The Kitchen BBQ & steamboat steamboat

…that night.

We sure would not mind going for it again soon.

THE KITCHEN BBQ & STEAMBOAT (2.309579, 111.844828) is located at No 19, Jalan Pipit, off Jalan Pedada. You turn left into the road after Starbucks Sibu, right before the Petronas petrol station and it is on your right at the other end of the blocks of shops where the Grand Wonderful Hotel and Italian Coffee are located.Β 

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

16 thoughts on “Glass…”

  1. Since it was a cold evening, I think you have made a right choice to have steamboat. Prices is reasonable as there is a wide selection of food to choose from. The glass cookware is a pretty new thing to me too.

    Yes, not bad. Would be good especially for people who can eat a lot. Never seen any place using that glass cookware before, first time.

  2. Gosh. I miss steamboat and bbq. Haha. I like the glass cookware. Dont think I seen such in market.

    My first time too and I must say I was impressed. Nice!

  3. It continues to amaze me how many new restaurants continue to open across Malaysia.

    Indeed! Like there’s no tomorrow…and they say the economy’s in a bad shape. I guess where most are concerned, it does not apply to food. These new places are always packed as if they are all eating for free!!!

  4. Sounds reasonable with all those food, especially seafood. Yeah, nowadays most restaurant has that exhaust hood especially Korean bbq ones. Have a good day !

    We have Omaya here – it has the exhaust hood too.

  5. I won’t go for the fried kway teow n bihun as it will makes me full, then no room for other foods…

    Yes, best not to go for those filling stuff. Pick the expensive ones, get your money’s worth.

  6. We went to a steamboat restaurant last month. It had been open for some time I think, but I’ve only just heard about it. It had quite a good selection of raw ingredients, but was quite expensive at $48 per head, if I remember right.

    If the selection is good, value for money, then it is ok to be expensive. Not if you see a whole lot of the frozen stuff – fish balls, imitation crab sticks…all those cheap stuff they sell at the supermarkets and they want to charge you RM30-40 for that. They’d better think again. I don’t even buy those to eat at home, all preservatives, artificial seasoning and what not so don’t expect me to go for those as this kind of places.

  7. Early bird must go at 4 pm…. question… having a meal at 4 pm, do you call it dinner?

    p/s: will be travelling and out of action for a while, will drop by again when I am back! don’t miss me okay πŸ™‚

    Oh? You’re going off somewhere? Take your time, don’t hurry back. We’ll be perfectly ok, don’t worry. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

    Breakfast and lunch is brunch, so tea and dinner is…tinner?

  8. Never seen this place before. Did it just open recently? There are so many new places opening nowadays – they come and go haha, so it’s a rush to try them all! πŸ˜€

    Yes, just around 3 weeks ago, and there’s a new hotel there too, plus the reopening of Italian Coffee – the old boss took it back and is running it herself.Somewhere behind Starbucks.

  9. Very good deal even at RM28.90 per head. Early bird always gets the worm indeed. I won’t mind having an early dinner, even at 4pm πŸ™‚

    I wonder if we will get the early bird discount if we go at 5.55…or must we finish eating by 6? Will ask them next time.

  10. ooo, new place. i want the cockles πŸ˜€ would you say at least 10 new restaurants open in sibu each month?

    Not that many, one or two perhaps…but there are some closing down too.

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