Every Sunday…

This is becoming a routine for us every Sunday, stopping by here for breakfast after our morning service at the church close by.

That Sunday over a week ago, my girl wanted the thosai bawang (onion)…

Sri Pelita thosai bawang 1

…that I tried not too long ago. She seems to have a special liking for Bombay onions…

Sri Pelita thosai bawang 2

…so I would see her picking it out in my fried luncheon meat with egg or fried corned beef with potatoes and eating it. She loves onion rings a lot but of course, she can’t eat those now as they are coated in batter, not gluten free.

As always, Guna, the very nice and generous boss, went out of his way to pamper us. There was this dhal dip…

Sri Pelita dhal

…to go with the thosai and this fish curry gravy as well…

Sri Pelita fish curry gravy

…and as if those were not enough, there were these chutney and sambal nasi lemak

Sri Pelita chutney & sambal nasi lemak


No, that was not all! He also treated to his very lovely sambal petai udang (stink beans with prawns)…

Sri Pelita sambal petai udang

…which, of course, we enjoyed to the max!

The mum had their mee goreng

Sri Pelita mee goreng

…which she enjoyed very much – according to her, it was nicer than their mee mamak that she would order sometimes when we came here for something to eat.

I decided to try his bihun goreng Singapura (Singapore fried rice vermicelli)…

Sri Pelita bihun goreng Singapura

…which was nice, very spicy upon special request and I asked for one fried egg…

Sri Pelita telur mata kerbau

…to go with it. It was pretty obvious that he made sure it was done exactly the way I would like it!

You will never guess how much I had to fork out for all these, inclusive of drinks – only RM15.00, believe it or not! Seeing how my girl can’t have much else owing to her gluten intolerance and loves the thosai here, you can be sure that we will be back here every Sunday again…and again…and again.

SRI PELITA CAFE (2.293579, 111.820700) is located along Lorong Kampung Datu 11, off Jalan Kampung Datu, the first shop in the block to the right of Paramount Hotel.