A few years…

It had been a few years since my girl met her course mate, originally from Sabah, now based and happily settled in Miri, not since their convocation in May 2013. She came to town with her hubby that day to attend the wedding of another course mate here and of course, when they came, we took them out for dinner.

We picked this place so they could enjoy the delightful Thai dishes here and yes, the course mate was thrilled to see the pad Thai (RM16.90)…

Flavours pad Thai

…and recalled how she used to enjoy that so much when they were in Wellington, New Zealand and she had not had it since.

We ordered the miang kam (RM19.90)…

Flavours miang kam

…for them to try, something they had not seen nor heard of before and they loved it to bits! Like I always said, you simply can’t stop at one, this bite-size snack – you will surely go on and on, one after another till you finish everything that’s in the plate.

We did not miss out the seafood tom yam (RM45.50) that my girl loves so much and we also had the paku (wild jungle fern) with santan/coconut milk (RM15.50) but the photographs did not come out well so I am not including them in this post.

We had the oyster omelette (RM19.50)…

Flavours oyster omelette

…and the cute waiter kept persuading me to order this dish of stir-fried lokan (RM28.90)…

Flavours stir-fried lokan

…with black fungus. Yes, it was very nice but unfortunately, there was soy sauce in the dish so sadly, my girl could not get to enjoy it.

The lap pla (RM78.00)…

Flavours lap pla

…was not cheap but yes, it was huge, the filleted barramundi cut into fingers and deep-fried served with some special Thai sauce (that’s what it says in the menu) on top but no, it was not what I wanted. I was expecting something like what we had previously like this…

Barramundi with special Thai sauce 1
*Archive photo*

…or this…

Barramundi with special Thai sauce 2
*Archive photo*

…when we had the fish a few times before and enjoyed it so very much but no, I did not think there was any sauce in what we had that night, just a whole lot of garnishing on top and my missus was grumbling that it was somewhat burnt so we did not really enjoy it. I think if I had ordered this same fish done the way when I was here with my friend/ex-classmate, Robert, that day

Barrumundi lemon grass
*Archive photo*

…without any sauce, we would surely have enjoyed it a lot more.

Needless to say, for dessert, we had their mango sticky rice (RM31.90)…

Flavours mango sticky rice

…and the total that night, inclusive of rice and drinks came up to RM268.10.

My girl insisted on picking up the tab as it was my birthday the following day and this would be a special birthday treat in advance from her. No, it was not cheap at all, that I must admit, and it was just too bad that the fish was not all that great but at least, we enjoyed most of everything we ordered and it is always great when old friends get to meet again after so many years.

FLAVOURS THAI KITCHEN is located on the ground floor of the ORCHID HOTEL, along Brooke Drive at its junction with Jalan Tunku Osman. You can use its main entrance at the back of the hotel building (facing Brooke Drive) or go through the lobby past the reception desk if you are using its hotel entrance.