On a Monday…

Last Monday, it was already quite late when we got back from my girl’s school, around 5.00 p.m. so we decided to stop some place for an early dinner before heading back to the house.

Unfortunately, quite a number of places here are closed on Mondays. We dropped by the branch of this place in Permai but it was not open and likewise, a number of shops in the vicinity were closed too. I do know for a fact that this place and also this one have their off days on Monday too.

In the end, we stopped by here


…and my missus had the bumbu ijo ayam (RM10.00)…

D'Santai bumbu ijo ayam

…while I had their bebek or bumbu ijo itek (RM11.00)…

D'Santai bumbu ijo itek

I found the duck a bit dry and hard especially by the sides like the penyet that I had the last time and did not quite enjoy and though it was not that bad inside…

D'Santai bumbu ijo meat

…I could not detect the lovely taste of duck in the meat. My missus said that her chicken was more or less like that and was not really nice either.

I do not know how true this is but I heard that the authentic Indonesian way of cooking these penyet dishes would be to boil the meat first and then fry. Maybe that was the reason why it seemed to have lost its taste.

Thankfully, my girl’s  keli penyet (RM10.00)…

D'Santai keli penyet

…was very nice and so was the terung berlado (RM7.00)…

D'Santai terung berlado

…which was really nice and to everyone’s liking.

After we had had our fill, we made our way home. It certainly had been a very long day.

D’SANTAI CAFE (2.305748, 111.863080) is located among the shops to the right of Star Mega Mall, visible from the main road, at No, 20 & 22, Lorong 2A, Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman (road to Sibu Airport), round the corner from the newly-opened TK Hardware store there.