My girl was invited by her friend/coursemate who got married here recently to be one of her bridesmaids at the groom’s side of the wedding in KL and of course, she accepted and that was why she went over around a fortnight ago and since she was going, her mum tagged along for a short holiday. They had not gone anywhere since their trip to Korea in the middle of 2016.

Initially, they stayed at the hotel where the wedding reception would be held and when it was all over, they moved to the one in the mall where they would be able to shop and shop and eat and eat and would not see the light of day till the morning when they had to check out and fly home.

For one thing, when I was there before, I did not notice any Indian restaurant in the mall or the classier one next door. I remember a long long time ago before they had that adjoining other mall and hotels, there were some blocks of shops once one walked out the back door and there was a very nice Indian mamak/nasi kandar shop there. I used to go there for my meals, much cheaper than the places inside. It’s no longer there, of course.

Well, my girl and the mum ate at a lot of places while they were there and enjoyed themselves very much but no, they did not have Indian. I am sure my girl would have loved to go for their banana leaf – we do not have it at any place here. I guess that was why when they got back and we were out the very next day for lunch…

Pretty flower at Cafe Ind

…she asked to come here

Cafe Ind Christmas decor

I guess she missed the very nice Indian food from the true-blue authentic North Indian chef here and as always, she wanted the nasi bryani but this time around, she wanted it with their mutton vindaloo (RM21.00 for the set)…

Cafe Ind mutton vindaloo

As usual, the mum stuck to something on their Indonesia menu and she ordered their kalio ayam (RM14.50)…

Cafe Ind kalio ayam

…and I was glad that the curry was served in the traditionally-woven banana boat…

Cafe Ind kalio ayam curry in a banana boat

…and not in a bowl.

The servings here are generally rather huge so as always, she could not finish it all by herself and passed me one chunk of the meat and even though I was already so full with my own pick, I had to finish that off for her. I do think the next time we come here again, she could order something and share with somebody…or share something that the others want, maybe just have two orders shared by three instead of everyone going for their individual orders.

I had the chicken masala bryani (RM18.00)…

Cafe Ind chicken masala bryani

…which I thought was very good but between the two, I liked the vindaloo that my girl had more. She, on the other hand, like the gravy in my masala

Cafe Ind chicken masala

…and was happily helping herself to it but she stuck to her own mutton – I know she likes that a lot more than chicken.

We sure enjoyed the meal and the total came up to RM65.00 but the nice and generous boss discounted it to RM60.00. Like at Payung Café, he doesn’t charge us for iced drinking water (RM2.00 for bottled reverse osmosis water) everytime we come here to eat – I really get pissed off when I get charged for iced drinking water, not that we just sit there and drink water…like at one place, it is 50 sen a glass and the water probably came from the tap or the water filter with ice added. If they are really so hard up and would want even that, here, I’ll give them RM1.00 a glass next time. Tsk! Tsk!

CAFE IND (2.290813, 111.829294) is located along Laichee Lane, right behind one block of shops facing the main road (Jalan Kampung Nyabor) where the Bank Simpanan Nasional, Sibu branch (2.290561, 111.829071), is located.

Author: suituapui

Ancient relic but very young at heart. Enjoys food and cooking...and travelling and being with friends.

12 thoughts on “Missed…”

  1. I ever came across places where they do not serve water, want water, have to order bottle mineral water…

    We do have places like that here too, for instance, at those cheap coffee shops, I would always order bottled drinking water. Not free, of course. Even if you ask for ice or just tap water, it is not free at those places.

    I’m talking about the “classy” restaurants here and the not-so-cheap dinners at such places where meals can go up to RM200-300 even…and they want you to pay 50sen or RM1-2 for that miserable glass of water, dunno if it came from the tap or the water filter.

  2. Good for the ladies to take a short holiday. I like that too but need to wait for my kids to grow up. Haha. Used to bring my mum and sis for a short holiday in KL for shopping but no more.

    Vindaloo. I tried that once. Couldn’t say I enjoyed it though.

    Well, the one here was very nice! Never had it anywhere else so I can’t compare.

    Wait for your kids to grow up? My!!! That is a long long time! 😀

  3. Same over here, charging 30-50 cents for sky juice. I always have a small bottle in my bag whenever I eat outside.

    Can kah? They always put signs all over – Outside food and drinks are not allowed!

  4. Why don’t you tag along and drop by Penang too? 😀

    Gotta be around for my mum. If I do go away for some “important” reason, it will just be for a day or two and I would rush back.

  5. haha…I like choosing midvalley hotel for short gateway + shopping too! Very convenient…hahaha…
    “where they would be able to shop and shop and eat and eat and would not see the light of day till the morning when they had to check out and fly home.” <— HAHA!! So true la….
    You are right…don't see any Indian restaurant. Perhaps, at food court only can get it.

    Ya, dunno why especially when there are Indian restaurants all over but not in the mall.

  6. I want to see a pic of your girl in the bridesmaid dress! (Please) 🙂

    No bridesmaid dress, all the bridesmaids were dressed in kimonos – you know that Chinese thing where they make the guys do all kinds of silly things and pay a lot of ang paos to get to the bride.

  7. the way the kalio ayam is served in that leafy vessel is interesting, it reminds me of how thai and cambodian curry puddings (google amok cambodian recipe) are served … always nice to see the similarities in southeast asian cooking 🙂

    Yes, dunno the specific name but they do have those lovely Malay pudding-like kuehs in little “banana boats” like that here, rich in santan and some people add water chestnuts inside, nice.

  8. I notice that warm water is not charged in Indian and Malay eateries unlike Chinese shops, they do charge 50 or 60 sen per glass nowadays…

    Not sure, I would usually order drinks or bottled water at these places, not free, of course, but at the classier restaurants, I’d ask for iced water…and get charged for it. 😦

  9. In a bowl!!! Very cool!

    Banana leaf bowl, I like that. It somehow makes it kind of more special than if served in a regular bowl.

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