Join us…

My uncle and his family wanted to go here for dinner the second night they were in town and since I was home alone – the ladies in the house had gone off some place for a few days – he asked me to join them and of course, I was only too glad to do that.

My cousins wanted the so-called Arthur Wee’s coffee and they loved their butter scotch prawns but what we were served that night…

Ruby Restaurant butter scotch prawn balls

…did not look quite the same as usual. I asked the lady boss and she confirmed that it was indeed prawn.

I think they have a problem getting the nice big ones these days owing to the bad weather and stormy seas at this time of the year and besides, the sellers may be hoarding the good ones already for Chinese New Year when they can slaughter the buyers and sell at astronomical prices. When I was here that day, I saw the people there peeling the prawns at the back of the shop. Normally, they would have those lovely ones – the guy told me that he would get them fresh from his regular supplier. That day, however, they had those red ones, the not-so-nice ones with the hard shell. I guess they are facing that same problem too.

My uncle had placed the orders already when I arrived and other than the prawns, they asked for the mixed vegetable soup…

Ruby Restaurant mixed vegetable soup

I had never had that before. Personally, I’m not a fan of the regular mixed vegetables dish, not even when it is served in the yam basket but the soup we had that night was really very nice. I sure would not mind ordering that the next time I drop by here.

This is another dish we had that my girl would be able to enjoy, spinach ching chao (plain fried)…

Ruby Restaurant spinach, ching chao

…and I also asked for the salted egg pork…

Ruby Restaurant salted egg pork

that we had not too long ago. They did not think so but personally, I thought it was rather salty that night probably because the salted eggs were salty. Some are indeed a lot saltier than others.

They also ordered their Thai-style chicken and I remembered they once had that dish where they just had chicken or fish deep fried and had some kind of Thai chili sauce poured over it. I did not think it was anything really exciting so I went to speak to the boss intending to change the order and go for their very nice pandan chicken instead. He told me it was the Thai-style mango chicken and only then did I remember that we used to order that dish and loved it a lot.

In the end, we stuck to the original order and everyone enjoyed it…

Ruby Restaurant Thai-style mango chicken

…but I thought the mango was a bit too sour and fat folks like me are not all that fond of sour things. Hehehehehe!

The food was to everyone’s satisfaction and as always, nothing beats getting together with one’s loved ones to chat and catch up with one another’s lives. I do not know how much it all cost that night because my uncle insisted on picking up the tab as I had treated them to dinner the night before when they arrived in town.

RUBY RESTAURANT  is located at No. 71, Jalan Kampung Nyabor right next to HOME COOK CORNER  (2.292756, 111.825335) with the AmBank Tunku Osman branch in the very next block.